Today In APIs: PushBullet API, Stormpath Identity Management API and 12 New APIs

PushBullet makes Platform play with API release. Stormpath Identity Management API moves out of beta. Plus: A Mobile API could be the basis for future mobile search results and 12 new APIs.

PushBullet opens up platform with API

PushBullet, the popular Android application that allows you to push files, lists, addresses, and more from your desktop browser to your Android devices has released its API. The API is sure to meet the demands of developers who would like to push the ability to notify themselves into various other applications. The PushBullet API is currently in preview, supports REST style and JSON data format for the response. Authentication is via HTTP Basic Auth and requires the use of an API Key. A few scenarios for Integration include get a notification on your phone when a torrent finishes downloading and sign up for notifications from your favorite sites, instead of emails.

Identity API Stormpath Announces General Availability

StormpathStormpath, a cloud-based API service to manage users and ease authentication and access control within applications has announced that it is moving out of beta period with more than 1000 users. The company is solely focused on providing a console to manage users, groups, security workflows and provides an API for identity management from your application. Client libraries are available for Java, PHP and Ruby. To fuel its growth, Stormpath also closed on $8.2 million in Series A financing.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a home buying service, a consultation and engagement service, a danish history map service, a hotel prices search engine, a billing service for australia and new zealand and a surrey county historical Resource service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Buyfolio PartnerBuyfolio Partner API: Buyfolio was designed to facilitate and streamline the New York City home buying experience where listings and data can be stored in one place. The Buyfolio Partner API allows users to integrate Buyfolio with websites and apps. The API can create a new client folio, add additional email addresses to existing folios, retrieve a broker's full client list, and add property listing to a folio. An account is required for use.

CitizenSpaceCitizenSpace API: CitizenSpace is an international consultation management service developed in collaboration with the UK Government. The API allows users to link consultation records with other sites and management software, embed media from sites into consultation records, and take the RSS Feed that Citizen Space publishes and add them to third-party websites to provide an up-to-date list of consultations. An account is required with service.

Danish Historical AtlasDanish Historical Atlas API: The Danish Historical Atlas is a map-based digital project intended to breathe life into local history. The atlas includes data on archaeological finds and ancient monuments as well as more contemporary history on farms, churches, villages, shipwrecks, and more.
The Danish Historical Atlas API provides developer access to the project’s collected metadata describing maps, institutions, photos, and more. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

DealAngelDealAngel API: DealAngel is a hotel rate search engine. DealAngel allows users to search for hotels by location, retrieving pricing and reservation information for booking hotels.

The DealAngel API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of DealAngel with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email for API information.

DebitsuccessDebitsuccess API: Debitsuccess is a full-service direct debit initiator that provides billing services to over 1200 clients throughout Australasia. The company's APIs enable users to create a seamless interface between websites or software and the Debitsuccess Total Billing Solution.

The Data Transfer API enables users to submit client billing data to Debitsuccess and to retrieve client and transaction information from them, as well. The Extended version of the API allows users to integrate with all aspects of the Debitsuccess Total Billing Solution. Both versions of the API operate via SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Exploring Surrey's pastExploring Surrey's past API: Exploring Surrey’s Past is a historical resource for Surrey County in Southern England. The site includes browsable pages about people, places, and times, as well as searchable databases of archival documents, archeological sites, and museum objects.
The Exploring Surrey’s Past API provides developer access to the site’s metadata. The API currently supports RSS formatted responses only.

FriendSurfFriendSurf API: FriendSurf is a Hungarian social network, allowing users to connect with others and share photos, videos, music and more. The FriendSurf API allows developers to create applications using FriendSurf functions and taking advantage of the FriendSurf user base. Requests require a user token. Responses are JSON formatted.

HobbyKingHobbyKing API: HobbyKing is a radio control product manufacturer and dealer for hobbyists. The HobbyKing API allows merchants to integrate real-time data on products and orders into their websites. Users can query product stock, shipping weight, cost, and descriptions, as well as order status and tracking numbers.

IDT Oligo AnalyzerIDT Oligo Analyzer API: Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is a company that manufactures and sells oligonucleotides (short, single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules). On their website, they provide the Oligo Analyzer service, which can be used to examine an oligonucleotide (oligo) in a variety of ways. This service is primarily available through a web interface, but the Analyze, Hetero-Dimer, and Self-Dimer functions are also available as SOAP functions.

The Analyze service returns physical properties of a given oligo sequence. The Hetero-Dimer examines possible duplexes when one oligo is combined with another. The Self-Dimer reports possible duplexes and their stabilities when an oligo hybridizes with itself.

KrakKrak API: Krak is a Danish search engine for looking up companies, people, maps, brands, and products. The website is designed to be compatible with computers, phones, and tablets. Krak provides information on all Danish companies and more than two million products. The Krak website is given exclusively in Danish, though the API documentation is in English. Krak's SOAP-based API allows users to search for companies in Denmark using an array of different search parameters.

StatProStatPro API: StatPro is a portfolio reporting and analytics service for companies and organizations. StatPro allows users to access and analyze various data, such as investments, portfolios, and stock market.

The StatPro API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of StatPro with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here for more information:

TryPaperTryPaper API: TryPaper is document printing and mailing service. TryPaper provides an API to print and mail letters, invoices, and other documents.

The TryPaper API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of TryPaper with other applications. Some example API methods include sending files to print and mail, managing printing and mailing, and batching files to print and mail at the same time.