Today in APIs: Qucit Offers Predictive Bikeshare Availability API

Qucit offers predictive bikeshare availability API for the town of Bordeaux. SAP HANA launches API and other cloud tools. Plus: LinguaSys launches natural language API Portal for developers, and Code Chica to hold a hackathon for teen girls this weekend.

Qucit's Bikeshare API Offers a Ticket to Ride

What's the new Bordeaux? Most people think wine when they hear that question. But if Qucit's API gets on the map, we may start thinking what's new is that the city is the home of predicting the availability of bicycles. The city of Bordeaux already has a bikeshare program. Qucit aims to let riders know when and where they will be available, with the world's first predictive API for bikeshares.

As Louis Dorard explains in the Rude Baguette, it works with an app called La Bonne Station:

The app uses the API to power a visualization of predicted bike availability over 12 hours in the future, at any given station of Bordeaux’s public bikes network. The technology behind the API comes from 3 years of Research & Development effort and will continue its development in collaboration with the Labri and the IMB research institutes in Bordeaux. It is based on custom Machine Learning techniques applied to 4 years of historical data on bikeshare usage, enriched with additional contextual data such as weather conditions.

Currently the team looking to extend its impact by working with the group maintaining the bikes to improve load balancing. (That's load balancing as in managing demand, not as in making sure the cyclist stays upright.)

SAP HANA Releases Cloud Tools and an API

SAP SE has released an update SPS09 to its SAP HANA Platform, along with an API, all focused on helping businesses run their ventures in real time. New features include multi-latency and dynamic tiering As the company commented, the API is still in beta, which is

...allowing business leaders to share digital assets and enable developer communities to utilize these assets in new channels, devices and user interfaces. Built on the Apigee Edge digital acceleration platform, SAP API Management will allow customers to provision APIs with Integration to SAP applications and services, such as SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Gateway technology, on premise or in the cloud via SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

As with every upgrade, increasing convenience for developers is key. The SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services now enables developers to do their work in the cloud, and then integrate seamlessly with either cloud-based on local systems.

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