Today in APIs: Rackspace Backed by OpenStack Marconi Project, CustomMade Increases Payment Transaction Activity with WePay, and 10 New APIs

Rackspace Cloud Queues is now backed by K.A.A.W’s message queue API (See Editor's Note below) the open source project, Marconi. WePay API now powers ecommerce for handmade goods marketplace, CustomMade, and 10 new APIs.

Rackspace Cloud Queues Backed by Marconi API

Rackspace recently announced that K.A.A.W’s message queue API, Marconi, backs Rackspace Cloud Queues. Marconi is an open source API message queue implementation the utilizes a RESTful API. Marconi eliminates the need for a sender and receiver of a message to interact with the message queue at the same time.

CustomMade Marketplace Utilizes WePay for Ecommerce Payments

Handmade goods marketplace, CustomMade, has increased its ability to process ecommerce payments by integrating WePay payment processing to its ecommerce site. Previously, CustomMade shoppers arranged payments directly with sellers. Matt Zisow, CustomMade COO, explained the previous difficulty:

“This was a pain point for many of our makers and our customers, as makers were spending their time working on invoicing, while customers wanted a more seamless payment experience.”

CustomMade integrated the WePay API with its ecommerce website to relieve CustomMade’s former point of contention and has already seen increased payment transaction activity.

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a building information modeling service, an online payment service, a list management service, a national university of singapore module information service, a gif retrieval service, a phylogenetic tree creation and sharing service and a text analysis service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

bimsyncbimsync API: Bimsync is a secure storage and distribution service for building information modeling. Bimsync offers complete revision control of all building models in a project along with intuitive 3D visualization in the cloud so that everyone involved in a project has access to all of the models at any time.

A REST API is available for access to bimsync services. All API access is over HTTPS and responses are returned as JSON. Authentication is based on the OAuth 2.0.

GrooskerGroosker API: Groosker is an online shopping solution that eliminates the hassle of entering credit card information by using QR codes to handle payments. Shoppers need only scan the Groosker QR code with their mobile phone, verify the details and accept. Groosker helps merchants lower transactions costs and offer loyalty rewards to customers.

Groosker offers a REST API to merchants and web developers. Example methods include request payment, await payment, accept payment, and decline payment. An API key is required.

ListiamoListiamo API: Listiamo is a list management, creation, and sharing service. Users can create lists, work on lists with other people, and search lists.

The Listiamo API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Listiamo with other applications. Some example API methods include searching lists, retrieving lists, and returning list items.

NUSModsNUSMods API: NUSMods (National University of Singapore Modules) is an unofficial API for consolidating NUS module information. Modules are the NUS equivalent of courses. Information used in the NUSMods API is taken from the Centralized Online Undergraduates Registration System (CORS), the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE), the NUS website's bulletin, and their examination time-table. The NUSMods API is still under development, and suggestions are welcome.

Open GifOpen Gif API: Open Gif is an open source REST API for retrieving the JSON files for animated GIFs located at Users can search for GIFs by tag, file weight, width, or height. Users may also request the most recent GIF or a random GIF. Alternatively, users can simply retrieve data for all of the stored GIFs. Open Gif is still under development, and pull requests are welcome.

PhyloBoxPhyloBox API: PhyloBox is a service for creating and sharing phylogenetic trees online. Trees can be viewed anonymously without signing in, but users who do sign in can save and return to their phylogenetic trees, invite collaborators to fork trees into new versions, and track how many times their trees have been viewed. Forking a phylogenetic tree results in a new tree with a new UUID that does not to disrupt the original. The entire history and lineage of a tree's forking and contribution is maintained, and the first author is always the original author.

TextalyticsTextalytics API: Textalytics is a meaning extraction service that produces meaningful data from social media content, contracts, news, and other documents. The Textalytics API allows users to integrate the analysis portion of textalytics into other applications to allow real-time linguistic information production and text tagging. The service uses REST calls, and a license key is required for use. Textalytics has provided SDKs in JAVA, PHP, and PYTHON to facilitate integration.

TypeformTypeform API: Typeform is a survey creation service that can make surveys that adapt to any device. These surveys feature a user-friendly UI that is designed to improve user enjoyment and completion rates. The Typeform application is currently available in English and Spanish with more languages to come. In the meantime, users can still create surveys in many different languages. The Typeform API allows developers to create surveys from within their own applications or systems.

VRPSolverVRPSolver API: VRPSolver is a web service that addresses the Vehicle Routing Problem. Specifically, VRPSolver was designed as part of a delivery planning system to address capacitated routing with a single depot. The service is built around genetic algorithms. VRPSolver is implemented as a SOAP web service. Access is free but does require a client key.

ZOMBIEHOR.DEZOMBIEHOR.DE API: ZOMBIEHOR.DE is an attention getting URL shortener. ZOMBIEHOR.DE provides programmatic access to its shortening functionality through a simple API. 3rd party applications can simply post a URL to the API and receive a generated ZOMBIEHOR.DE URL in response, or can submit a URL plus a custom ZOMBIEHOR.DE URL to create a link between the two.

Editor's Note (9/5/2013): Some statements were redacted from our coverage after Rackspace notified ProgrammableWeb that they have not partnered with K.A.A.W.


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