Today in APIs: Rackspace Buys an API, Walgreens Dogfoods and 7 New APIs

Hosting company Rackspace has acquired the Mailgun API as another tool in its infrastructure arsenal. Walgreens launched a Facebook app using its photo department API. Plus: Twitter API changes ripple to the users, Craigslist testing maps and 7 new APIs.

Rackspace Buys Mailgun

Mailgun joins one of 7 Rackspace APIs and is the first outside of the Rackspace brand. Mailgun, which offers transactional email via API, as Techcrunch explains:

Mailgun provides a service that brings out email’s value, giving young developers an API with new functionalities that they know how to implement.

For example, Mailgun is used by Picplum to Parse photos that customers send to their accounts. Mailgun reads the incoming emails and routes them to the appropriate place. Everyblock uses Mailgun to help send emails to its users and to track the analytics behind all of the outgoing messages. Other customers include 37Signals, Parse and the Financial Times.

There is already a Rackspace Email API, but the functionality is pretty different. The current service is used to onboard email accounts, as opposed to sending or receiving email.

Walgreens Launches "Photos by Walgreens" on Facebook

Walgreens QuickPrintsWalgreens is now mashing up its own Walgreens Quickprints API with the Facebook API to create a new service it calls "Photos by Walgreens." End users can choose Facebook photos from their albums and have postcards printed and mailed from the photo, according to the press release.

Earlier this month we wrote that Walgreens toe-dip into APIs was a sign of extending the reach of APIs into brick and mortar.

Craigslist to Add Its Own Maps?

Multiple reports point to Craigslist developing its own maps. The screenshots, such as the one in this post suggest that individual housing listings will show the location on a map. The display style is unlike PadMapper or the original map mashup HousingMaps, both of which showed multiple listings on a map. Still, it could be a sign of Craigslist testing out the waters.

There have been a handful of developers exploring OpenStreetMap since Google started charging. In March we wrote about how foursquare went OpenStreetMap.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

7 New APIs

Today we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory including an enterprise social analytics Platform, adaptive learning platform, marketing and advertising service and medical practice managment software. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AttensityAttensity API: Attensity is a social analytics provider. The enterprise class platform is used to listen, analyze, relate and act on customer conversations happening across social networks as well as within the organization. For conversations within the organization, Attensity can understand and analyze unstructured data such as text documents and call center notes. The Attensity API allows developers to integrate the platform's functionality within existing applications and systems. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

CCKF RealizeItCCKF RealizeIt API: CCKF is the developer of RealizeIt, an adaptive learning system for teachers, students and parents. The system is designed to adapt to the learner; to learn about the learner and about itself in service of enhancing personalized learning. RealizeIt is meant for use by publishers seeking to future-proof, enhance and transform their learning platforms as well as learners looking for a learning path that is adapted to their needs. The system exposes its functionality via an API that allows developers to integrate with their own online offerings. Public documentation is not available. API: The API allows developers to enhance their HTML5 games with features like leaderboards, achievements, data storage, payment processing, social Integration and more. The emphasis of the API is its payment features, giving developers the option to require payment for game access or free game access. offers a JavaScript installation and responses are formatted in JSON.

Fanggle QRazorFanggle QRazor API: Fanggle provides cloud applications across various industries including retail and CPG, Non Profits, Automotive, Libraries, Media and Publishing, and more. The QRazor API, provided by Fanggle, is an advertising and marketing service designed to cover all web delivery venues. The service will generate QR codes, UPC, EAN 13, Code 38 and more. It has a built in Redirector and URL shortener, analytics to evaluate success, and enables users to brand and customize QR codes. Access to the API is available after joining the Licensing and Partnership program.

FanggleCastFanggleCast API: Fanggle provides cloud applications across various industries including retail and CPG, Non Profits, Automotive, Libraries, Media and Publishing, and more. The FanggleCast API is a web messaging service that facilitates message sending and tracking over multiple facets including email, social media, and sms. The service allow users to send messages to multiple endpoints, create and schedule messages, target groups, and access response analytics. Access to the API is available after joining the Licensing and Partnership program.

Practice FusionPractice Fusion API: Practice Fusion is a provider of a web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) application aimed at physicians. Practice Fusion is currently being used by over 150,000 physicians and practice managers in 50 states. The EHR is used by practice managers to schedule appointments, complete medical charts, send prescriptions, do complete billing and more. The API allows developers to integrate EHR functionality into existing systems and applications. Full documentation is not publicly available.

TransIPTransIP API: TransIP is a domain provider focusing primarily on the needs of power users and domain resellers. The TransIP API allows users to fully automate their interaction with TransIP, including services such as checking and registering domains, changing domain settings, ordering web hosting, and looking up domain details.