Today in APIs: Radius Launches API Performance Monitoring Solutions, and 9 New APIs

Radius has launched a new API Performance Monitoring Solution. Runscope landed another round of funding to develop tools targeted at the enterprise. Plus, Apigee develops its Big Data analytics story and 9 new APIs.

Radius Launches an API Performance Monitoring Solution

Radius; service provider for enterprise mobile, cloud, data, and API solutions; has launched the Radius API Performance Monitoring Solution. The solution will allow API owners and operators to access the speed of their APIs. With billions of connected devices entering the fray over the next decade, enterprises are exposing themselves with APIs to better connect with customers, suppliers, and partners. The need for API optimization is critical.

Radius Managing Director, Anders Brown, commented:

"We are very excited to announce our new API performance monitoring solution....With this new solution, we continue to grow our portfolio of capabilities across mobile, cloud, data and now API technologies to help Fortune 500 companies worldwide build systems to capture, manage and extract value from their growing volume of enterprise data."

A recent study revealed that more than 65% of OAuth APIs operate at sub-optimal level. Such statistics will not suffice if more enterprises are to participate in the API economy. The new Radius tool set will help remedy poor performance and bring such statistics to an acceptable level.

Runscope Lands New Funding

Runscope, a startup focused on API debugging tools, has landed a series A round of funding. The new funding will allow Runscope to offer on premise services that sit behind a company firewall. Such an offering will be critical for enterprise adoption of modern software development techniques. Moving into the enterprise is always a major step for a startup. Enterprises need more than a simple, single purpose app that users can operate on a mobile device. Rather, enterprises have a need to connect massive services and data sets into an easy to consume and understand process to streamline operations. Runscope believes APIs are the key to such transitions and Runscope believes it can make sure such APIs run smoothly.

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including an interactive global locater map, an online food delivery service, a telephone number mapping and information service, an artist identity Platform and a bitcoin and usd trade ticker information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AtomJump Javascript 3D EarthAtomJump Javascript 3D Earth API: AtomJump has created a JavaScript 3D global map that developers can embed on their websites to mark global locations, and that end users can click to spin the globe and find those locations. It is compatible with most browsers, tablets, and mobile devices, and the look of the globe is also customizable.

Eat24Eat24 API: Eat24 is an online food delivery service. They include over 25,000 restaurants in over 1,000 cities.

With the Eat24 iOS SDK, developers can embed Eat24's online food ordering into their existing iOS applications. This allows users to store their purchasing information as well as access their order history, and enables easy re-ordering.

Lleida ENUMLleida ENUM API: Lleida is a service for turning email and SMS communications into legally binding contracts, but it also provides an ENUM service, which uses DNS queries to map phone numbers to the internet communication servers responsible for servicing them. The Lleida ENUM API allows users to find out which operator owns a given telephone number, check a number's status on the network, see how many times a number has been ported from one operator to another, and more.

OpenAuraOpenAura API: OpenAura is a platform for artists to control their digital identity, curating with photos, artwork, information, etc.

The OpenAura API can be used to create visual music experiences. The visual content can be aggregated and used to build music apps and other experiences.

This API is currently in Beta.

Prelude by MoolahPrelude by Moolah API: Prelude is a product of Moolah, a cryptographic payments platform. Prelude's Public API allows users to retrieve ticker information for trades made in U.S. Dollars (USD) or Bitcoins (BTC). The information available for such trades includes the highest and lowest trades made in the last 24 hours, the 24 hour volume, all buy and sell orders for a pairing, the last executed trade prices, the last 10 executed trade values, and the last executed trades for all pairings.

RoostRoost API: Roost is a service that allows users to send Safari push notifications to their subscribers. From their dashboard, users can send notifications, invite new subscribers, and track their current subscribers. The Roost API allows developers to send push notifications, get registration data, and get information on recently disabled registrations.

ThinkEcoThinkEco API: ThinkEco is a green technology company that creates cost-effective energy efficiency solutions. They have a modlet, self-installable solution that enables device-level energy management to the home and office. Their cloud based software, that is accessed through the modlet, allows users to view energy use, costs, and savings. Additionally, the have a SmartAC dashboard to control electronics from any computer.

The ThinkEco API allows developers to integrate the modlet data with a building or energy management system. The API also allows for pulling of energy data and controlling modlets from your own system.

TouchTunes JukeboxTouchTunes Jukebox API: TouchTunes is an interactive music and entertainment platform. The network supports a portfolio of location-based digital solutions and is featured in over 60,000 bars and restaurants in North America.

The TouchTunes Jukebox API provides access to TouchTunes out-of-home digital music network and allows developers use of this music data for apps and services. This could be used to find a local TouchTunes Jukebox, view recent activity, and to browse the catalog.

UnisonUnison API: Unison is a collaboration service that allows users to create "rooms" as workspaces for each of their teams or projects. Rooms allow users to store and share their files, questions, and ideas all in one place. Unison's rooms instantly sync across all devices and can be used to track team member's activities and see what posts they've read. Users can turn a room into an audio conference instantly by clicking a button. One-on-one audio and video calls are also available.