Today in APIs: RxREVU Announces Medication Optimization API, and 9 New APIs

RxREVU has announced a medication optimization API to reduce costs and improve outcomes. Aylien launched a Text Analysis API. Plus, WSO2 releases white paper on building an ecosystem for API security and 9 new APIs.

RxREVU Announces Medication Optimization API

RxREVU, medication research review and suggestion provider, has announced a medication optimization API. RxREVU's team of physicians conducts research into medications to provide lower cost alternatives. The API provides access to what RxREVU calls a medication optimization process. The process allows RxREVU to mine massive amounts of data from medical journals and peer-reviewed studies to find cost effective alternatives to medications.

Carm Huntress, RxREVU’s Chief Executive Officer, commented:

"We felt a great deal of validation this week as Aetna's Chairman and CEO, Mark Bertolini, led off the HIMSS14 conference discussing the need to bring cost and quality transparency along with better experiences in the consumer health technology marketplace. This is exactly what RxREVU brings to the table. By giving physicians and patients access to evidence-based quality information with cost data, we will significantly bend the cost curve, provide better quality care and deliver better patient experiences.”

Aylien Launches Text Analysis API

Aylien, ever aimed at making the web more useful, has launched a Text Analysis API. The API allows developers to pull data from the headlines and the body of text, and then offers summary, language detection, sentiment detection, and concept extraction. The service returns calls in a JSON format, and it is free up to 1000 calls per day. Aylien is currently in start up mode and its next project is a News API.

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a font conversion service, a nigerian bulk sms service, a nigerian sms Platform, a site search service and a pdf highlight extractor. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Everything Fonts API: EverythingFonts provides a font conversion tool, a directory of fonts, a font marketplace for having font work done, and other font tools. The Everything Fonts font conversion API allows users to switch fonts from one format to another, font-face, font subsetting. The API supports major formats including ttf, otf, svg, woff, postscript formats and others.

Kev SMSKev SMS API: Kev SMS is a Nigerian bulk SMS messaging service designed to fulfill a variety of different usage scenarios. Users may choose to employ Kev SMS's bulk SMS services themselves or to resell them. Users can connect to the Kev SMS messaging gateway via API, allowing them to deliver SMS or check their account balance from within other applications.

Metro Global SMSMetro Global SMS API: Metro Global SMS is a Nigerian company that provides SMS and voice SMS services. Users are only charged for messages that are successfully delivered. Developers can integrate with the Metro Global SMS messaging gateway via REST API. This allows them to deliver messages and check their balances from within their own websites or applications. API: is a website of search tools that allows users to add search tools into third-party websites, as well as add sitemaps. The API allows users to access site maps, feeds, URLs, Account details, and manipulate assorted searcher and searching resources. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and uses API Tokens for Authentication. The first 1,000 calls are free then $0.33 per 1,000 of each.

SumnotesSumnotes API: Sumnotes is a PDF and note taking service that allows users to upload PDFs and the site will extract any notes or highlights into a separate document. This API allows you to extract annotations and notes from your PDF files. Output format is JSON. The service offers 24/7 dedicated support.

Text2AfricaText2Africa API: Text2Africa is a Nigerian bulk SMS provider that focuses on serving the area around Nigeria and Ghana. The service promises to deliver customers' text messages in 3 seconds or less. Text2Africa can be used directly or resold by the user. Text2Africa comes with REST and SMPP APIs so that other applications and systems can access its services programmatically.

Vias Groups Bulk SMSVias Groups Bulk SMS API: Vias Groups is an India-based bulk SMS service for users and resellers. Resellers can create their own SMS gateway, brand their Portal as they like, pick their own SMS prices, and claim themselves as the developers. Resellers can even subsequently offer their services to other resellers. Users can create and manage multiple sub-accounts and allot credits, validity, etc. to those accounts. Accounts can be integrated with third-party applications programmatically via API.

VIP Bulk SMSVIP Bulk SMS API: VIP Bulk SMS allows users to send SMS online. From the website, users can compose SMS, review sent messages, review chat history, review transaction history, manage their personal settings, and more. Users can integrate the VIP Bulk SMS messaging gateway with their own websites or applications via API, allowing users to deliver messages and check their balances programmatically over REST calls. API: provides India-based bulk messaging services. It includes features such as an easy-to-use control panel, a built-in mobile database, real-time DND (Do Not Disturb) number scrubbing, multi-language messaging (via Unicode), duplicate number removal, etc. Users can integrate the messaging gateway with their own application or website using REST, SMPP, or FTP.