Today in APIs: SAMI for Samsung, and 18 New APIs

Luc Julia, former boss of Siri development at Apple, is now demonstrating SAMI, or the Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions. Plus: AppGyver integrates Appbackr Xchange API for porting apps, how APIs facilitate open source branding, and 18 new APIs.

Samsung Demonstrates the Next Big Thing, Built by the Former Boss of Siri

Luc Julia, who oversaw Siri's development at Apple, is now working on SAMI, Samsung Architecture for Multimodal Interactions, that links the Internet of Things. Samsung's interest makes sense; it sells a lot of things that are or can be digitally connected. SAMI is a Platform that collects data from multiple devices and makes them available to other devices. But there's a twist, the data will be normalized and available as a Feed, kind of like Twitter.

By delivering the normalized data through an API, it makes it possible for developers to work with just the SAMI API and skip the APIs for each individual device.

As James Niccolai reports in MacWorld, Julia gave a demo at the MEMS Executive Congress in Napa, California:

"To demonstrate the service, Julia showed how SAMI might be used to build a personal health service. He donned a Fitbit and a wearable heart monitor, weighed himself on an Internet-connected scale, then ran around the stage a few times by way of putting himself through an exercise routine.

He showed how data from the devices, which is normally viewed in standalone apps, can be collected by SAMI, processed, and then presented to the user in the form of a single app."

Like Siri, it can communicate via voice, in this case letting him know he had reached his daily fitness goal. SAMI differs from Siri in a profound, if expected way. Siri works only for Apple, while SAMI is designed to work with many partners. To date partners include Fitbit, Pebble, Withings, and Vital Connect.

API News Your Shouldn’t Miss

18 New APIs

Today we had 18 new APIs added to our API directory including an online training business management platform, an sms marketing service, a cloud-based saas, a saas metrics dashboard, and a new zealand vehicle dealership listings information manager. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AdministrateAdministrate API: Administrate is a business management platform designed specifically for online training providers. Administrate's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows users to maintain relationships with their students and suppliers, manage sales, put together reports, and handle course bookings. Users may employ whichever external accounting software they prefer and link it to the Administrate platform. Administrate also provides an LMS (Learning Management System) for creating online, SCORM-compliant training portals.

Administrate's REST API allows developers to access all aspects of the Administrate system for Integration and app-building purposes.

AvidMobileAvidMobile API: AvidMobile is a company that offers white-label mobile marketing and advertising services. AvidMobile provides a SOAP API that gives developers programmatic access to their SMS marketing services. Its functions include sending and receiving SMS, creating keywords and responses, converting RSS feeds to text, getting usage data, and more.

Bizowie Bizowie API: Bizowie is a cloud-solutions technology company. Bizowie offers cloud-based software-as-a-service platforms for enterprise, companies, governments, and more.

The Bizowie API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Bizowie with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should contact

Blippex FirehoseBlippex Firehose API: Blippex is a search engine. Blippex indexes only pages that have been seen by real people and rank the pages by the time people spent on a page.

The Blippex Firehose API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Blippex with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving a live stream of all URLs getting indexed, searching and retrieving links, and accessing rate limits.

ChurnBeeChurnBee API: ChurnBee is a Saas metrics dashboard for startups. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, the service provides a visual representation of how a startup is progressing from day to day so that owners can focus on making the very best business decisions.

The ChurnBee dashboard is integrated via API. ChurnBee offers a REST API as well as ready made JavaScript and PHP libraries. An initial signup with the service is required.

DealerBaseDealerBase API: DealerBase provides resources for vehicle dealers in New Zealand, especially (but not exclusively) clients on AutoBase, a major vehicle dealership listings website. The DealerBase SOAP API allows users to remotely and securely access their vehicle stock information in order to add vehicle images, perform searches, determine how stock is sorted for potential buyers, etc.

DuduDudu API: Dudu is a multilingual social network that offers a translation technology that allows users speaking different languages to communicate freely by translating phrases from one language into another in real-time.

Dudu offers a simple API for the integration of Dudu services into other applications. Example API methods include FriendsList, worldEventCreate, changeAvatar, setPageTitle, and more.

Good Technology Good Dynamics Shared Service FrameworkGood Technology Good Dynamics Shared Service Framework API: The Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework is a set of APIs that allows applications on the same device to securely interact and share capabilities such as printing, emailing, and file sharing. This allows mobile workers to complete complex tasks securely without having to constantly switch between applications. The Shared Services Framework can also be used to create unique services (e.g. connecting services for popular CRMs) for other apps to use.

Gracenote EyeQGracenote EyeQ API: Gracenote provides music, video, and auto applications. Gracenote also provides applications that connect devices to interactive programming. The Gracenote EyeQ provides an interactive programming guides for entertainment content, such as TV shows.

The Gracenote EyeQ API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Gracenote EyeQ with other applications. It allows TV provider, channel, and program lookups, as well as text-based lookups of movies and television series.

InterSwitch ConnectInterSwitch Connect API: InterSwitch is an integrated payment and transaction processing company based out of Nigeria. InterSwitch provides advisory services, technology integration, transaction processing and payment infrastructure to government, banks and corporate organizations.

InterSwitch Connect is a payment platform for developers and merchants. The platform aims to make it easy for developers to get started with integration and provides tools for creating payment related products and solutions. The InterSwitch Connect platform offers REST APIs for their QuickPAY, Autopay and Loyalty services. The QuickTeller API allows Merchants to make payment on the QuickTeller platform and is available Interswitch Partners. The Autopay service enables mass payments to multiple recipients or beneficiaries. The loyalty API enables consumers to track and manage Reward Money balances and transactions.

KeepconKeepcon API: Keepcon is a content moderation solution. Users can integrate Keepcon into their content management systems and websites to moderate content via Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing.

The Keepcon API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Keepcon with other applications and systems. Some example API methods include managing accounts, retrieving content, and searching for semantics.

MinuumMinuum API: Minuum is a mobile application keyboard that can be used with smartphones and wearable devices. Minuum is a smaller keyboard, with more ways to type on mobiles and wearable devices.

The Minuum API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Minuum with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here:

MobipaycashMobipaycash API: Mobipaycash is an e-commerce integration company that serves business to business clients and as well as business to customer clients. The site offers airlines booking, hotel bookings, bus booking, fund transfers, e-commerce integrations, and bill payment services. Mobipaycash offers APIs to utilize each of the travel recharge, finance, e-commerce, and educational services. An account is required with service.

PagelimePagelime API: Pagelime is a CMS (Content Management System) that allows users to manage their sites' content using a web application or FTP API. This service was designed for use by web designers, web agencies, and web developers. Pagelime will Function regardless of where a user's site is hosted or what scripting platform (if any) is employed. It requires no changes to be made to the site's underlying architecture.

Users can mark up their web pages using CSS classes to let Pagelime know which parts are meant to be editable. When users make edits from the Pagelime web application, these edits are published to the CSS-marked areas via FTP. Pagelime's FTP- XML API allows developers to separate a site's content from its HTML code by mirroring the HTML content in XML, rather than using CSS mark-up. The resulting XML files can then be accessed via FTP.

PagevampPagevamp API: Pagevamp is a service that allows users to automatically update and maintain their websites from their Facebook pages. Pagevamp essentially makes it possible to update both a Facebook page and a website at the same time, all through Facebook.

The Pagevamp API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Pagevamp with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here:

ProProfs Quiz MakerProProfs Quiz Maker API: ProProfs is an online Quiz maker tool. It offers tool to create and share two types of namely scored and personality quizzes. The site provides the option to upload any documents including videos that can be referred before taking the scored quiz by quiz takers. It offers a choice of question types including multiple choice, check boxes, and matching. The API allows users to capture learner's data for a database of website. Example usages include inserting lead capture into a database such as name, email, or quiz taker or insert a name and information for people that take certain test. An account is required with service.

RagicRagic API: Ragic is a data management solution for teams and companies. Built like a database but with the interface of spreadsheets and/or forms, Ragic allows users to manage, share, and edit their data.

The Ragic API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Ragic with other applications. Some example API methods include creating forms, editing forms, and retrieving data.