Today In APIs: SAP Mobile Developer Program, CBS Fantasy Football Challenge, VCs bet on API Management and 17 New APIs

SAP announces their new mobile developer program. 2012 Fantasy Football Challenge is accepting submissions. Plus: VC's bet on API Tech Management, Sticher unveils API for the Connected Car and 17 New APIs.

SAP woos Mobile Developers

SAP has made a strong push to help developers build B2B and B2C applications on their Platform. The new SAP Mobile Apps Partner program includes a free 30-day trial of SAP Mobile and ERP platforms in a hosted mode, a free hosted environment on AWS where you pay only for the hosting charges and support to get your application listed on the SAP Store.

CBSSports announces Fantasty Football Challenge invites developers to take part in the 2012 Fantasy Football Challenge. You can build any app that works with Fantasy Football games. The total prize money is $75K and the winning app will take home a cool $60K. Application ideas include Roster Management, Results, Content Delivery apps and more. The Developer documentation contains details on the APIs available. Refer to the official rules for more information.

API Tech Management Companies get major boost

MasheryBehind every App there is an API. And behind every API is a suite of tools that help manage them. Both Apigee and Mashery, which provide API Management tools have garnered significant rounds of venture capital recently. This not only validates the business problem that they are addressing but also sends a clear message across to organizations looking to introduce APIs about tapping into the tools and services that these companies provide to help get your API strategy right.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

17 New APIS

Today we had 17 new APIs added to our API directory including a URL shortening service, u.s. coastal wind conditions information service, high-frequency radar imaging service, network traffic management service, domain registration and hosting service and aviation sectional chart service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Broken Storm Short URLBroken Storm Short URL API: provides a Url shortening service on its regular web page. This feature is also available as a simple REST API that responds to GET or POST requests to shorten the submitted URL. The shortened URL can also be used to track click statistics such as unique visitors, visiting countries, and browsers.

CORDC COAMPS Winds ModelCORDC COAMPS Winds Model API: The service from the U.S. Coastal Observing Research and Development Center (CORDC) provides current estimates of wind conditions for locations along and near U.S. coastlines. For a specified location, it reports both current and forecasted values for wind speed and direction, along with related weather conditions such as barometric pressure, temperature, sea level and pressure, etc.

API methods support retrieval of wind data for a location specified by either latitude and longitude or geographic boundaries. Methods also provide general meteorological data for ocean conditions, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, and related values.

CORDC HFRADAR MapsCORDC HFRADAR Maps API: The service provides access to data for high-frequency radar (HFRADAR) vectors to be incorporated with mapping applications based on the Google Maps API. Data come from buoy sensors maintained by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The service provides access to input from this network, formatted to display on Google Maps.

API methods support specification of location and time frame, along with many other variables relevant to displaying the data as map images. Specifications provide control of image zoom, opacity, and color scale, for example. Resulting images show conditions detected by weather radar at a wide range of resolutions for coastal locations monitored by NOAA.

ESnet OSCARSESnet OSCARS API: The service provides indicators and management fundtions for traffic on the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet). It supplements that network infrastructure by dynamically assigning secure circuits that guarantee bandwidth needed to support computation-intensive processing and large data transfers. This traffic management helps to prevent disruption to researchers' processing tasks due to limits on network capacity.

API methods support creating, listing, reviewing, and updating reservations for network capacity within the ESNet infrastructure. Methods also provide information about the available network topology and allow definition of data-transfer paths.

EuropeanNICEuropeanNIC API: EuropeanNIC offers domains and registrar Services for internet providers and domain wholesaler companies. Domain registrations can be processed through an API and can use a customized interface to offer customers. It is an accredited ICANN and EURid Registrar.

FileStormFileStorm API: offers a free and a premium file hosting service. Using the FileStorm API requires users to have an API Key. This can be obtained by creating an account. The API allows users retrieve file information or upload files themselves. To access any information on the site, other than very basic API info, an account must be created.

FlyagogoFlyagogo API: The service provides interactive sectional aviation charts showing information about terrain, ground features, and other conditions that important to aircraft pilots and aviators. It offers free availability of its charts to blogs and websites focused on aviation-related topics, including flying club sites. Sectional charts provided updated information about features recognizable from flying altitude as well as those relevant to takeoff and landing.

API methods support display of sectional chart images for locations specified by JavaScript variables in the request. Location is specified as latitude and longitude, along with image width and height in pixels and default zoom level. Methods allow adjustment of zoom level, location, and other variables for a previously defined chart.

FreeStockChartsFreeStockCharts API: The service provides data and charts about stock market activity that can be incorporated in other sites. It Builds charts and communicates data using Microsoft's Silverlight application. Charts and data functions work through widgets functional in all major browser platforms.

API methods support embedding financial data streams such as stock tickers, reports of market index activity, foreign exchange market statistics, and charts of individual securities or market indexes. All are implemented as Javascript widgets places in webpage HTML code.

Hoiio FaxHoiio Fax API: Hoiio API provides developers access to voice and SMS services. The Hoiio Fax API allows developers to send and receive faxes to 200+ countries. The API allows developers to create an Internet Fax or email-to-fax service.

The API utilizes RESTful HTTP GET and POST protocols. The data format utilizes JSON.

MyELearningSpace Web AccessibilityMyELearningSpace Web Accessibility API: The service provides review and validation of a website's accessibility for all users, including those with impaired eyesight, hearing, and motor skills. It helps designers to make content available to users despite obstacles posed by blindness, deafness, and difficulty controlling a mouse to interact with site navigation and controls.

API methods support submission of a validation request specifying the page URL to be checked and the standards to be applied (included as a code within the request URL). Methods also allow resubmission with a request to re-evaluate a validation decision, usually after some change has been made.

MyHurricaneMyHurricane API: MyHurricane allows users to track current and past hurricanes and typhoons. The MyHurricane API enables users to add the the same map and tracking data to websites and mobile applications. The API is Javascript and free to use. requires that its logo remain on the widget once installed.

ResearchrResearchr API: The service provides a citation database with references to scientific papers and other publications. It serves the needs of researchers to find published sources on topics and by authors of interest to them. The site collects citations, shares them across scientific communities, and provides for reviews of findings by other researchers.

API methods support search against the citation database for term or author name matches in references to papers from scientific journals and conference presentations. Methods also support generation of bibliography listings.

RideUTARideUTA API: The service provides real-time information about status and scheduling within the Utah Transit Authority systems. Information covers multiple transit options, including buses and commuter trains. Its data structure is an implementation of the SIRI (Service Interface for Real Time Information) standard for consistency with other providers of similar data.

API methods support monitoring of a specific vehicle, either bus or train, or monitoring service along a specified route or at a particular stop. Methods also can provide the closest transit stop to a location specified as latitude and longitude.

StayClassyStayClassy API: The service supports online fundraising for charities, foundations, churches, schools, and other not-for-profit organizations. It seeks to help maintain and strengthen relationships with supporters so they help to achieve fundraising goals. The company also recognizes accomplishments of not-for-profits in its annual philanthropic awards show, the Classy Awards.

API methods support search against a directory of charity organizations to retrieve location, size, contact information, and funding levels. Methods also provide information about projects and events sponsored by a charity, both past and upcoming. The API provides listings of top fundraisers for an organization and other measures of successful outreach.

StormSwiftStormSwift API: is a mobile video distribution platform that can be used to send consumers video messages to their mobile devices. The StormSwift API allows users to retrieve video information from including the title, description, the publishing date, and other information. The API returns JSON format and is accessible with API tokens.

StormWeightStormWeight API: StormWeight is a collaboration and brainstorming workspace that allows ideas to be ranked, categorized, searched, and commented on. The StormWeight API operates using HTTP GET calls and is accessible through an XML API and a CSV API. The API will return rankings, group rankings, ideas, and other content from the user's account.

Swiss Public TransportSwiss Public Transport API: Swiss public timetable data may be utilized to build applications to map stations, arrival times, and to plan routes and establish travel connections. This information can be used for transmitting data by means of the web, the desktop, or for mobile applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.