Today in APIs: Semantria API 3.5 Supports Mandarin, XenMobile Ramps up Productivity, and 4 New APIs

Semantria's new API 3.5 comes with Chinese language support (Mandarin). Citrix updates XenMobile, adds support for Amazon, iOS 7, Knox, and more. Plus: Google developers now have the Google Cloud Console to manage APIs, Act-On opens its APIs, and 4 new APIs.

Semantria Updates API to Include Support for Mandarin

Leading sentiment analysis company Semantria has updated its API 3.5 to support auto-categorization. That is, it classifies content into over 4,000 automatically generated categories based on Wikipedia’s taxonomy. This erases curating of sample key words. Notably, it is the first of its kind to rely on the context of text. For example, what does "windows" mean? Is it an operating system or something that we look through? Using context is crucial for such analysis.

As the company points out in its press release, you can't carry out sentiment analysis unless its developed by native speakers, making the addition of Mandarin a game changer:

The latest version of the Semantria API 3.5 will support text and sentiment analysis in Mandarin. This is Semantria’s sixth fully supported language, in addition to English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. Unlike other providers, Semantria relies upon native language packs and technologies developed by native language speakers in each language. Using native language packs delivers more accurate sentiment and the ability to catch linguistic nuances that are often lost when performing sentiment analysis using machine translation.

Sentiment analysis relies on classifying words as positive or negative to illuminate the feeling behind the words. For more, see

Citrix Updates XenMobile 8.6: A Stitch Online Saves Time

Citrix Online GoToAssist Remote Support

Citrix has just released its update to XenMobile (8.6), adding support for mobile device management of gadgets from Amazon, Apple iOS 7 and Samsung's Knox security Platform. Looks like you can login everywhere.

Daniel Robinson at notes that a key advantage is that you can now login via pin, rather than a combination of username and password:

Available from November, XenMobile version 8.6 adds numerous enhancements, but Citrix is pushing User Experience improvements as the key changes, such as eliminating the need to enter long passcodes to get into online meetings or work apps.

Is this a leap forward? At any given login instance, the inconvenience is so slight that it's unnoticeable. But we've all been at a login point where we realize that, over the years, we'll spend significant time wrestling with that little UN/PW combo; this could chop that down.

API News Your Shouldn’t Miss

4 New APIs

Today we had 4 new APIs added to our API directory including a user profiling tools service, a bitcoin payment service and a crypto-currency trading platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Behavioral Media Networks Cognitive InsightsBehavioral Media Networks Cognitive Insights API: Behavioral Media Networks (BMN) is a spin-off of MIT’s Mind Machine Project focused on predicting behavior from text and other unstructured data sets.

BMN’s Cognitive Insights API infers user personalities, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles from user generated texts including social posts, SMS, emails, cover letters, blogs, and more.

BitcoinMonitorBitcoinMonitor API: BitcoinMonitor is a Bitcoin payment solution that doesn't require access to Bitcoin wallets but only facilitates transactions from payer to payee. The BitcoinMonitor API allows users to access several resources on the BitcoinMonitor site including agent resources, address resources, and notification resources. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON, and is free to use.

CryptoTraderCryptoTrader API: CryptoTrader is a an algorithmic trading platform for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. The site features backtesting for strategy development and robot driven trading over a VPS cloud. The CryptoTrader API allows users to implement and test fully featured algorithmic trading strategies, as well as automate trading. An account is required with service.

Yumpu DocumentYumpu Document API: Yumpu provides document conversion and publishing services, allowing organizations of all types to turn PDF documents into web optimized e-Papers. The Yumpu Document API provides a RESTful interface for managing documents, collections, and conversions.