Today in APIs: Sendicate's Designer Emails and Exposing User Information

Sendicate Builds a better email. Making user data available via an API. Plus: Vodafone India and Aepona API monetization, Kippt strengthens Platform.

Sendicate API and Designer Emails

Sendicate makes it possible for businesses to put out nicely designed emails. Its API integrates the service with other apps. A good example of this partnering is guest'd. They provide a customizable guestbook app for your iPad that keeps track of customers. Using Sendicate, you can email them--with emails that make you look good.

As Techcrunch's Anthony Ha reports, Sendicate is aimed at companies that want to send out great looking emails but can't afford the high end products designed for large companies:

"One of the main points being emphasized is the ability to try out your newsletter with a wide range of customizable design templates, with the content being tweaked to match each template. It also has a slick, simple interface for managing your messages and subscribers. As for pricing, there’s a self-serve option that’s free for customers with fewer than 500 subscribers, with an increasing monthly fee that reaches $499 for more than 75,000 subscribers."

In addition to the templates, the company also offers the ability to customize designs.

Exposing Users Through APIs? Some Guidelines

Where is the line between enhancing the end User Experience--by sharing their information with third parties--and giving away valuable information on your customers, or worse, exposing them to scams? In How to Expose User Information, Bruno Pedro writing on the APIUX blog has some guidelines to think this through. Among the key points: conceal your user's billing information, email address, and mailing address and phone. But, it's okay to provide the name, language, timezone and country.

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