Today in APIs: Should AWS Implement Live Migration?

Live migration is predicted to be coming to AWS. Walgreens announces API developer contest. Plus: Marketing IoT, and the IoT World Forum will be hosted by Cisco.

AWS Needs Live Migration to Keep Pace With Competitors

Last month the cloud rebooted--at AWS, Rackspace and IBM, creating disruption (not the good kind). There is widespread debate over whether this could have been avoided with live migration, a process created by VMWare to migrate virtual machines between hosts without shutting down. But regardless of whether these interruptions could have been avoided by live migration, it's becoming increasingly clear that this will be an essential feature in the not too distant future.


As Barb Darrow writes in Gigaom, it wasn't the downtime at AWS that's pushing Amazon into live migration:

...even people who think live migration would have been of limited use to AWS (or Rackspace or ... IBM SoftLayer) last month, they pretty much agree that AWS is working on it. Why? Because Google has it. When Google announced plans for Google Compute Engine live migration last year (demonstrating it in March), it was pretty clear that AWS would have to respond. A year ago, Gartner analyst Lydia Leong blogged about how critical it is for large cloud providers to bring live migration to market and how she hoped Google’s move would raise the bar.

Her guess is that they might be ready to announce something as soon at next month at the ASW Re:Invent conference. Netflix, a user of AWS, indicated two years ago this was imperative; with a heavy hitter like that for a customer, it's easy to imagine that this is a done deal.

Walgreens Announces API Developer Competition Through November 28

Walgreens is hosting an ongoing developer competition through November 28, with the winners to be announced at their conference in DC, December 7-11. Three winners will be announced for: best overall app, the Henry Ford Health System Patient Engagement Award, and a people's choice award. As Michael Guarente writing for industry trade magazine reports, it's easy to see what led to this step:

Two years ago, Walgreens unveiled its QuickPrints API, allowing smartphone users to send pictures from photo apps to Walgreens for printing. This proved to be a substantial boon to its then struggling photo-printing business. The company’s digital print revenue rose from 1% to 40% in its transition to mobile from 2012 to 2014.

The point is to reward consumers for their healthy choices, the company stated. Prizes range from $3,000 to $7,000. So far, wellness apps integrating with the API include GenieMD, HoMedics, LifeTrak, Lose It!, Misfit, Nudge, Omron Fitness, and RunKeeper.

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