Today in APIs: Sita Creates API for Wearable Boarding Passes

Sita launches foray into latest wearable, the boarding pass. Google folds Maps Coordinate into its Maps Engine Pro. Plus: attackers install DDoS bots on Amazon, and extracting data using

Sita Takes Wing With API for Wearable Boarding Passes

Sita, which makes a range of APIs focused on air travel that track everything from luggage to travel routes, has now developed one for the Android set of smart watches. The level of convenience gives a window into just how useful such watches will be: boarding checkin will be done with the flick of a wrist.

sita boarding pass

The API is now available through its developer site. As the company commented,

A simple alert via Android Wear technology will remind the passenger of their flight at the appropriate time and location. A quick swipe reveals the boarding pass and a second swipe displays the barcode allowing the passenger to get through the airport checkpoints and board the plane.

It's hard to tell just when airlines will take advantage of the API; presumably they are waiting for wide adoption. But it's clear from the graphic above, where several airlines are making boarding passes available through smart phones that they will likely pounce once smart watches are popular. Is this the end of boarding calls by seat row over an intercom? Let's hope so!

Google Maps Coordinate Now Free with Maps Engine Pro

We last covered Google Maps Coordinate when it was launched in the fall of 2012. The key idea is to help people working out in the field--technicians, sales people, anyone who is working away from the office and traveling--to coordinate efforts with both others in the field and the home office. The key features revolve around creating and managing jobs. As Robert Lawson in Tech Times reports,

These are paid services via Google Maps Pro, a professional package designed for businesses. Maps Engine Pro is a $5 per month/user service. Coordinate did cost $24 per month/user, but now Google has included it in the former and cheaper service at no additional cost.

Maps Coordinate offers real-time visibility. Maps Engine Pro lets users import spreadsheet data and overlay that on Google Maps.

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