Today in APIs: Skycore Launches Mobile Marketing API, and 24 New APIs

Skycore launches mobile marketing API with SMS and MMS capabilities. MobileDevHQ, now free, launches API. Plus: 24 new APIs.

Skycore API Integrates Customized SMS and MMS Messages

Skycore helps businesses deliver customized SMS and MMS (Multimedia message service) messages to everyone from employees to customers. The Skycore REST API allows users to create message templates whose customization can be automatic for the recipient. It joins a list of 331 messaging APIs in our API directory.

According to the API documentation, there are some 27 API methods, as well as post back notification systems. Skycore has three tools for creating MMS messages: Composer, Video Transcoding for multiple devices, and Merge Tags for personalization. Merge Tags are perhaps the most interesting, at least in terms of the potential for making the message fit the recipient. The user uploads a set of variables tagged to the phone number of the receiver, and the Skycore Platform does the rest. Control is fine-grained; you can inject personalized messages at the time of sending.


MobileDevHQ is in the App store optimization business, helping app developers get their apps in front of users, where they compete with hundreds of thousands of other apps for eyeballs. The keywords are key--how do you come up on top in a search by customers on the App stores? Now the company has made both its indie plan and its pro plan free. ASO reports, Top Charts, and search rankings are now offered through a REST API. Responses are available in JSON or XML. Public Documentation is not available.

The company notes that the API is seeing two main use: importing ranking data and pulling data to run custom analysis.

According to Sarah Perez at Techcrunch, it's pretty clear what moved MobileDevHQ to offer services for free:

"The decision to make most services free was touted as being due to the growing enterprise customer base, but MobileDevHQ is also operating in a very competitive space – the company is one of many services targeting app marketers today..."

Pricing is based on number of requests per month.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

24 New APIs

Today we had 24 new APIs added to our API directory including a bollywood movie information service, a travel reservation services, a chatbot api service, an australian medical billing service, an ip camera universal api for cctv video and a digital signage provider. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

BollywoodBollywood API: Bollywood API is an API that allows users to search and retreive Bollywood-related data. The Bollywood API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of Bollywood API. Some example API methods include retrieving movie titles, searching and retrieving cast members, year of release, songs, singers, and more.

Booking ExpertsBooking Experts API: Booking Experts is a Dutch company that helps clients manage hotel and other rental bookings. The Booking Experts platform is able to manage booking, payment, and outside services such as cleaning.
The Booking Experts API allows partners to integrate the platform. The API is able to deliver information on properties and tours, including prices and availability. The API, which can communicate in three languages, is also able to handle booking and confirm reservations

BOT libre!BOT libre! API: BOT libre allows you to create your own artificial intelligent chat bot, train them, and share them with others.

The BOT libre API allow you to chat with your bots over REST.

You are free to use this API for personal, commercial, or recreation usages. API: is a health care Integration technology service that aims to design and build infrastructures for developers to use when working with the complex Australian healthcare system. The API aims to reduce development time, increased stability, improve customer experience, and reduce claim rejection.

EvercamEvercam API: Evercam is a service that allows users to write code and connect to over 1,600 IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs to make the cameras more useful and integrated with applications.

The Evercam API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Evercam with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving camera models, managing users, and connecting to cameras via IP.

FlatTurtle ReservationsFlatTurtle Reservations API: FlatTurtle provides digital signage that visualizes location-based data for office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings and other customers. The FlatTurtle Reservations API allows customers to programmatically reserve things such as meeting rooms, amenities, or buildings.

Geodata Service Demographics Web ServiceGeodata Service Demographics Web Service API: GeoData Service helps customers target specific markets through demographic, geographic, and lifestyle data. The GeoData Service Demographics Web Service is a REST API providing programmatic access to comprehensive U.S. demographics data. Sources include U.S. Census, Federal crime statistics, Business statistics, and more.

Health of IcelandHealth of Iceland API: Health of Iceland is a site dedicated to real-time monitoring of various metrics important to Icelandic society. These metrics include radiation levels, on-line services availability, public transport status, and much more. The site monitors about 500 hosts and 1000 services.
The Health of Iceland API allows developers to programmatically monitor Icelandic metrics in real-time. The API is able to deliver JSON formatted status updates of various metrics, as well as links to graphs of these metrics.

MozeoMozeo API: Mozeo is a mobile marketing platform that allows users to create mobile websites and to send SMS and email messages. Mozeo users can create multiple users for a single account and control their access to different parts of the platform. The messaging aspect of the service comes with contact list cleaners, reporting functions, and APIs for integrating SMS and email messaging capabilities into other applications. Mozeo's API documentation is not publicly available.

One Way SMSOne Way SMS API: One Way SMS is a simple bulk SMS service that can be used to communicate with one or many mobile users. Developers can integrate One Way SMS's capabilities into their own applications or systems via REST API. Sample Code for the API is provided in .NET, Java, PHP, and VB6. One Way SMS comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

PageOnePageOne API: PageOne is a company that provides mobile communication solutions to organizations throughout the UK. Their SOAP API allows users to enable their applications to send and receive SMS in over 300 countries. The API supports text, binary SMS, and Flash messaging and provides delivery acknowledgement after sending. It can also handle location-specific functions like targeting recipients in a given area, providing local information, and tracking resources or equipment. Additional methods of connecting to PageOne's messaging gateway include REST, SMPP, SMTP, and SCP.

RedSMSRedSMS API: RedSMS is an SMS marketing service. Developers can use the RedSMS API to integrate many of the service's functions into their own systems, including the ability to send SMS messages, send WAP push messages, schedule messages for delivery, receive messages, get delivery receipts for sent messages, manage contact lists, and review their account balance. Users must contact RedSMS for the full API documentation.

Robust LinksRobust Links API: Robust Links indexes online knowledge repositories such as Wikipedia or the U.S. Census. Robust Links offers several services derived from this indexed data, some of which are exposed via API. Examples of the Robust Links API’s functionality include returning the number of Wikipedia articles a given term occurs in, predicting demographics from specified traits, or delivering cross-network data for a given social network user handle.

SendinBlueSendinBlue API: SendinBlue is a platform for managing online marketing campaigns, transactional emails, and SMS messages. It includes tools for designing custom emails or uploading designs from elsewhere. Users may send emails or SMS to all of their subscribers at once or to a subset on a contact list. SendinBlue provides users with statistical reports in order to track and improve their email marketing efforts. Many of the platform's functions are made programmatically accessible via REST API. The SendinBlue website and documentation are available in both English and French.

SilverstreetSilverstreet API: Silverstreet is a company that offers high volume SMS over more than 800 networks. Their Mobile Connect program allows users to integrate bulk SMS services into their existing technology via REST or SMPP API. These APIs let users customize how they send and receive SMS and can even return real-time status reports for previously sent messages. Customizable features of the service include the format of SMS messages, ringtones, logos, and more.

SkycoreSkycore API: Skycore is a mobile marketing solutions provider that offers its users both SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service) capabilities via REST API. Users can also create message templates that are automatically customized for the recipient. The Skycore API includes methods for sending and receiving messages as well as for getting delivery reports on previously sent messages.

SlipSMSSlipSMS API: SlipSMS is a bulk SMS messaging service intended for use by small start-ups. It can send messages internationally to over 200 countries for a flat monthly rate, and its gateway can be accessed programmatically via REST API. The SlipSMS gateway allows users to handle administration, blacklisting, user creation, and more.

SMS BroadcastSMS Broadcast API: SMS Broadcast is an Australian SMS provider. One noteworthy feature of the service is that users are not charged for any undeliverable SMS messages. Users can integrate SMS Broadcast's capabilities into their own applications using the SMS Broadcast API for no additional charge. Possible uses for the API include providing notifications to customers, verifying customers' phone numbers, sending SMS to end users when they log in, and simply sending and receiving messages.

SMSEagleSMSEagle API: SMSEagle is a hardware-based SMS gateway. It can be used to send and receive SMS messages cheaply as well as to control servers and services with alerts and network monitoring features. To set it up, users have to buy SMSEagle, insert a SIM card, and connect it to their computer network. The SMSEagle API allows users to use SMSEagle to send or receive messages from an external application or system.

SMSPinoySMSPinoy API: SMSPinoy provides 2-way SMS services that users can integrate into their own applications via JSON API. Users may schedule messages to be sent out at a later date and time. SMSPinoy also allows users to send tweets and update their Facebook status via SMS. A PHP SDK is provided for the API.

Sparrow SMSSparrow SMS API: Sparrow SMS is based in Nepal and can act as a messaging gateway into the country for global enterprises. Developers can use the Sparrow SMS REST API to send SMS over four of the country's major mobile networks, receive SMS from mobile devices, get a mobile phone's number and operator, and view the status of previously sent message. API: provides an online SMS gateway that users can integrate into their own systems via API. Through the API, users can send and receive bulk SMS, get delivery reports for sent messages, send long messages, and customize their Sender IDs. Sample code for the API is available in Java, PHP, C#, and VB.NET.

txt4evertxt4ever API: txt4ever provides an SMS management platform for storing records of sent text messages, contact lists, and a history of SMS purchases. txt4ever users can send messages worldwide, customize their sender IDs, and add or remove contacts through the txt4ever API. Users can access txt4ever's messaging functions programmatically and get either confirmation of delivery or failure status via REST or SMPP calls. API documentation is only available to txt4ever members.

VoxoxVoxox API: Voxox is a company that provides communication services over mobile devices and PCs. They offer a variety of VoIP telephony services, including SIP Trunks, hosted PBX, carrier services, and SMS messaging. The Voxox API provides developers with methods for sending, receiving, and tracking the status of SMS messages programmatically via REST calls.