Today in APIs: Skype API Shutdown Provokes Petition, Firefox Web Audio, and 10 New APIs

Microsoft plans to terminate the Skype API, provoking developers to launch a petition. Goo Technologies demonstrates Firefox web audio. Plus: TM Forum launches proven API ecosystem, Google updates CardDAV API, and 10 new APIs.

Skype API to End, Angry Developers Petition Microsoft: Can You Hear Me Now?

Microsoft is shutting down the API for Skype, prompting developers to launch a petition drive on to reverse the decision.

As Chris Merriman reports in the Inquirer, Microsoft is retiring the API because it was built long ago--in 2004--and doesn't support mobile app development. Sounds like a slam dunk decision, if there ever was one. But developers are upset because it makes using Skype unworkable:

"The API runs a range of services, including call recording clients, and in some cases third party hardware including certain headsets. Its discontinuation will most likely see problems for third party instant messaging (IM) services that rely on the API to aggregate IM services, as Skype does not use the Jabber protocol."

Merriman points out further that Microsoft's decision is "bewildering." Although everything is going mobile, Skype remains a favorite on desktop platforms, overshadowing its mobile use.

To sign the petition, click here.

Firefox Web Audio in Limelight of Goo Technologies

What's the big deal if the sound of the web gets improved in a browser? Sometimes changes that appear tiny on the surface have surprising ramifications. Goo Technologies is out to show you just how profound Firefox's web audio will be.

As Goo notes in its press release, this means the web is now a great Platform for games, while simplifying development at the same time:

“We collaborated with Mozilla to highlight the significant improvements in audio experience possible with their latest browser release,” said Martin Berg, head of product development at Goo Technologies. “All the music was recorded specifically for this demo by a dedicated jazz band and music producer here in Stockholm. We really wanted to get high fidelity audio into this production to show the difference of Web Audio in action. The end result shows the potential of building interactive applications on the Goo Platform, not just for visual graphics but for audio as well.”

Marcus Krüger, founder and executive chairman of Goo points out that this easier development for the web could be a revolution in games because the web is now becoming every bit as good as other venues. Songs of Diridium is available as a demo now.

API News Your Shouldn’t Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a bitcoin information service, an australian battlefield tour travel agency, a bitcoin exchange service, a customer messaging service and an egyptian diving trip booking service.  Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

BitcoinAverageBitcoinAverage API: BitcoinAverage is an open-source data service that provide the weighted average for various bitcoin statistics using data collected from the major exchanges. The BitcoinAverage API, using REST calls and returning JSON or CSV, allows users to query for the full data contained within the site. The API includes calls to get ticker data for bitcoin and other crypto-currencies as well as fiat currencies, get exchange volumes, pricing and historical data as well as make other calls.

Boronia Travel CentreBoronia Travel Centre API: Boronia Travel Centre is an Australian travel agency that specializes in battlefield tours to locations like Gallipoli and the Western Front. It is also the official travel agent for the Australian War Memorial Battlefields tours. Developers can use the Boronia Travel Centre API to retrieve information on types of holidays, types of hotels, and regions.

CoinkiteCoinkite API: Coinkite is a bitcoin service that provides an exchange and bank for bitcoin and other crypto-currency use. Coinkite also both online banking and a debit card with which to transact in bitcoins offline. The Coinkite API allows users to utilize the exchange to deposit funds into Coinkite accounts. The Coinkite API uses REST calls, and an account is required with service.

CRMTextCRMText API: CRM Text is an SMS platform company that connects developers to the world of short code SMS and 2 way text messaging. CRM Text Solution' API allows users to establish real-time, two-way text messaging using reliable short codes. CRM Text's short codes are hosted by Twilio and allows developers who are sending more volumes of messages than long codes may allow a secondary option of using our Stack of short codes. Our Rest API allows for simple opt-in, opt-out management and complies with all Mobile Marketing Association and Federal guidelines to keep you compliant.

Deep VoyageDeep Voyage API: Deep Voyage is an Egyptian dive operation, created and run by experienced divers. Divers will travel on the ship, Liberty, which has a maximum speed of 12 knots, a spacious dive deck, and fully air conditioned cabins. The Deep Voyage API allows users to send booking requests and subscribe or unsubscribe from the Deep Voyage mailing list.

GoDoGoDo API: GoDo is an activity booking service for Australia and New Zealand. Site visitors can choose from over 2000 activities such as cooking classes, tours, sky diving, and kayaking. Activities are sorted by category, sub-category, price, and region, making it easier for users to browse or search for their preferred activity. Developers can retrieve information on GoDo's offerings programmatically via SOAP API.

Open DesktopOpen Desktop API: is an online community where developers, artists, and users can share applications, tools, wallpapers, sounds, icons, themes and more for the open desktop. provides developer access to its site through its Open Collaboration Services API. The REST based API allows applications to manage user accounts and relationships, retrieve data, manipulate folders, upload files, and much more.

SecurePayTechSecurePayTech API: SecurePayTech provides businesses with an online payment gateway for authorizing and processing credit card transactions. It also comes with a reporting service that can provide information on both individual transactions and trends over time. Users can access the payment gateway programmatically using either REST or SOAP methods. Sample Code is available for PHP, ColdFusion, and ASP.NET.

University of Toronto EASIUniversity of Toronto EASI API: ROSI, the University of Toronto's Repository of Student Information, stores student information where it can be accessed by the university's students and staff. Developers can extract information from ROSI in a secure manner using the EASI web services. These services can be accessed via SOAP calls. Code samples are available for PHP, Python, .NET, Java, and Perl.

World Weather Online Ski and Mountain World Weather Online Ski and Mountain API: World Weather Online provides global weather content and forecasts businesses, travel industry, and websites. The World Weather Online Ski and Mountain API method allows developers and programmers to access accurate and reliable weather forecast for Top, Middle and Bottom Elevations. The API uses REST calls and returns weather data in XML and JSON format and contains weather elements like Chance of Snow, Total Snowfall amount, temperature, precipitation (rainfall), weather description, weather icon and wind speed. It could be used for personal as well as for commercial purpose.