Today in APIs: Skype Desktop API Plans Shifting, Matrox Maevex PowerStream API, and 9 New APIs

Skype is still axing Chat on its Desktop API, keeps recording and device capability--for now. The Matrox Maevex PowerStream API is available to manage Maevex H.264 encoders and decoders. Plus: LinkedIn adds restrictions on APIs, Pebble SDK hits 2.0 with new APIs, iOS 7 support, and 9 new APIs.

Skype's Desktop API: Chat to be Silenced, Recording to Stay, Maybe

Having previously announced plans to kill the Skype desktop API, Microsoft is now walking that back, kinda. It will now keep the API with call recording and compatibility with hardware devices. This may ease some of the controversy. But it keeps things up in the air, in Microsoft's own words, "until we determine alternative options or retire the current solution."

In The Next Web, Emil Protalinski notes that Microsoft's indecision is leaving developers in the lurch:

"Skype is still killing off the Chat functionality, which is what many developers and users have been particularly vocal about. Furthermore, the company has only touched upon what is happening with the Desktop API for now, as opposed to outlining potential plans for a desktop and mobile replacement API."

Skype's argument is that this API works only on Windows and Mac desktops, excluding new mobile technology. Change is hard but the company has a point; APIs should embrace mobile solutions. But still, why can't the creators (or at least the owners) of a killer communication technology communicate decisively?

Matrox Maevex Gets New API to control Maevex H.264

Matrox Maevex Series H.264 encoders and decoders extend low-bandwidth, Full HD quality 1080p video and audio over standard IP networks for less. The API makes it possible to manage the PowerStream software feature set with customization to define resolutions, bit rates and more.

According to AVNetwork, the API provides an extensive list of calls:

“The Matrox PowerStream API opens up new control options for video over IP customers looking to integrate all or parts of PowerStream’s feature set within their Maevex-driven infrastructures,” said Ron Berty, business development manager at Matrox Graphics. “The Maevex API Documentation available today provides details on the calls that will be available which allows customers to plan their implementation ahead of the API 1.0 launch. Matrox is also open to adding additional features at this point and is inviting developers to share their requirements.”

Preliminary documentation is available directly through Matrox. The API will be available CQ1 2014.

API News Your Shouldn’t Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a daily catechism service, an image processing service, a JavaScript code Encryption service and a nonprofit fundraising and membership Platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CatechizeMeCatechizeMe API: Catechisms are learning tools for Christians that teach core religious tenets by phrasing them in the form of questions and answers. CatechizeMe provides daily catechisms along with a publicly available collection of catechisms. The CatechizeMe API allows developers to integrate daily catechisms or any/all of the catechisms available on the website into their own sites and applications.

ImageFlyImageFly API: Imagefly is an image processing service that allows users to pull a processed and resized image different screens using a single source file. USers can also crop, and resize images to alter the focal point, and switch between images by changing a URL. The ImageFly API allows users to utilize REST calls to submit and transform images into scaled resources. An account is required with service.

JScramblerJScrambler API: JScrambler is a service that encrypts JavaScript code used in a site or application to make it appear incomprehensible. The code will still Function exactly the same, but will be much harder for anyone to copy. JScrambler has been tested with all major browsers, mobile devices, and JavaScript frameworks.

The JScrambler API allows developers to automate requests to encrypt JavaScript projects, delete projects, download encrypted projects, and retrieve information for managing encrypted project versions.

NeonCRMNeonCRM API: NeonCRM is a web-based platform for managing fundraising and membership for nonprofit organizations. The platform allows users to automate and streamline common tasks and processes. It also provides a powerful CRM (Customer Resource Management) database for managing any communications, documents, notes, payments, people, or organizations that are important to the nonprofit's mission.

Developers can integrate the NeonCRM platform into their websites using either SOAP or REST APIs. This allows the website to automatically Feed data into the CRM database and access the NeonCRM platform's functions. This API is currently in Beta.

NutribuNutribu API: Nutribu aims to transform nutrition into a social experience. The Nutribu API provides developer access to food and nutritional data. Exposed resources include metadata describing users, products, ingredient groups, and more.

ShareMojoShareMojo API: ShareMojo allows users to share products and offers that they like by using a ShareMojo share button or referral link. If someone buys a product by clicking a user's referral link or share button, then the user will earn money for the purchase. The share button can be installed on a webpage using either JavaScript or PHP.

TagniFiTagniFi API: TagniFi provides on-demand access to standardized financial statement data with metadata including source transparency and links to SEC filings. Collected filings include 10-K, 10-K/A, 10-Q and 10-Q/A. Data types included annual, quarterly and year-to-date. The TagniFi API allows users to make Web API calls to search tags, get filings, get companies, and get transparency. The API returns JSON, an account is required with service, and an API Key and SSL are used for Authentication.

VicmapVicmap API: Vicmap is a map that contains official spatial data on the State of Victoria, Australia. It forms the foundation of the state's geographic information systems and includes data such as addresses, administrative boundaries, elevations, hydrography, and more.

The Vicmap JavaScript API provides a map viewing service that can be embedded on any website. Businesses and other entities that operate within the State of Victoria can display any relevant spatial information they wish on these maps.

YouTracker QR GeneratorYouTracker QR Generator API: The YouTracker QR Generator is a free Web Service allowing applications and websites to generate QR Codes. The API requires only a simple HTTP call, specifying the URL-encoded data, and the image scale.