Today in APIs: Slicktext New SMS API, Printful's Custom Printing API, and 11 New APIs

Slicktext SMS API integrates new functionality. Printful's API prints for you and ships, too. Plus: Telecom API revenue opportunity projected to be $157 billion, APIs as the key to maximizing the cloud, and 11 new APIs.

Slicktext Adds SMS API for Integration

Text message marketer Slicktext has just released an SMS API so that developers can integrate the Function into their apps.

According to the press release, Slicktext plans to provide SDKs shortly to facilitate use of the API:

"The API consists of a pre-defined a set of rules which, when followed, will allow programmers and other companies continue to do what they do best while relying on Slick Text’s powerful system to handle the text messaging for them."

As Slicktext notes, text messaging can be an incredibly effective tool for advertising, with 97% of all text messages read within the first 5 minutes. Programmableweb's own Amy Castor described in detail how Slicktext works, along with covering the release of an earlier API in June.

Printful's API Aimed at Printing and Shipping so You Don't Have to

One of the last things you want to worry about as a start up is coordinating a printing and shipping operation. Especially if it makes sense to print, ship and mail one item at a time. Got T-shirts, posters, framed prints or canvasses? Printful, a company started by the Draugiem Group who also launched motivation startup quote maker Startup Vitamins, will get it done fast.

As Steve O'Hear of Techcrunch points out, Prinful is aimed at one-off printing of a wide range of items.

"Targeting small businesses or any website that wants to sell bespoke merchandise, the specific problem that Printful is setting out to solve is not being able to automate drop shipping and printing for one-off orders. Through its API and own facility in Los Angeles, it wants to provide those Long Tail producers and brands with the opportunity to set-up-shop without the financial risk of large pre-orders — printing and fulfilment is on-demand and one-off orders are openly encouraged — or without creating too much additional overhead/labour."

Obviously, the API is critical--you want to be able to sell on your site, have the order all handled by Printful in a manner that the customer experiences as seamless--and as you. Some API documentation is available, and contacting the company for further details is necessary.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a daily deals aggregator, a crypto-currency exchange service, an electronic device remote monitoring service, a bulk sms service, an anti-spam software and a bitcoin trading service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CityDeals API: CityDeals is an online retailer that provides discounts and deals from hundreds of local and national businesses on a daily basis. You can use the their online marketplace to search for deals at businesses in your area.

City Deals offers a RESTful API for retrieving current daily deal information. API methods include deals, divisions, Authentication, signup, order, category, and coupon. Responses are returned in JSON or XML formats. An API Key is required.

Coins-ECoins-E API: Coins-E is a crypto-currency exchange that allows users to purchase, store, and trade in an assortment of crypto-currencies. Coins-E is a The Coins-E trade API allows users to place and buy, sell, and many other orders in over 30 different crypto-coins. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON. An account is required with service.

electric impelectric imp API: The electric imp is a tiny hardware module that can be installed in an electronic device. Once installed, it connects the device with the imp cloud, allowing it to interact with software, third-party services, and external servers. The imp can help users monitor the health and activity of their electronic devices anytime, anywhere. The electric imp API enables developers to access local hardware and remote cloud functionality for an imp device.

KAP Computer SolutionsKAP Computer Solutions API: KAP Computer Solutions is a bulk SMS provider based in India. Their messaging Platform allows users to send SMS from the website, Excel SMS plugin, or REST API. Users can upload contact lists from a text file or Excel spreadsheet. Messages can be delivered instantly or be scheduled for future delivery. Sent message history is tracked, and users can retrieve delivery status reports for their SMS. Free demo accounts are available so that users can try out the service.

Lionhardt LionyticsLionhardt Lionytics API: Lionytics, from Lionhardt Technologies, delivers embeddable anti-spam barriers. The Lionytics API allows developers to include this functionality in almost any application. The API supports HTTP GET calls and all passed data must be encoded and escaped. Responses may be JSON or XML format.

LocalBitcoinsLocalBitcoins API: LocalBitcoin is a Bitcoin site that facilitates the purchase, sale, and trading of Bitcoins with nearby people. The site services over 244 countries and enables the private and secure trade of the crypto-currency. The LocalBitcoin API allows users to automate routine tasks involved with the maintenance of advertisements and/or trading, or create applications that utilize the LocalBitcoin service that can earn the user money. The service uses REST calls and returns JSON. The API requires an API key and uses OAuth 2 for authentication. API:, part of Micronet Infocom and Logistics, provides SMS services with a focus on SMS marketing in India. offers customers an API able to send SMS, generate reports, check account balances, and change passwords.

Pool-XPool-X API: Pool-X is a Litecoin mining service that allows a group of user to share the computing power of multiple computers to solve blocks of Litecoins. The users then split the coins that are generated form solving the block and can sell them or trade them for other currencies. The Pool-X API allows users to query for the name of the pool being mined, check a hash rate, check workers, share this round, get info on the last block, as well as query for info about individual mining statistics. The services uses REST calls and returns JSON. An API key is required with service.

SeculertSeculert API: Seculert is a a cloud-based security service that provides targeted and timely information related to a company's exposure to cyber threats. Seculert provides an additional layer of security on top of a companies on-premise security products by collecting external threat intelligence from cybercrime servers and botnets, providing a comprehensive coverage of malware.

The Seculert API allows you to leverage Seculert data with your other security solutions, such as SIEMs, firewalls and proxies. Integrate the API with your existing on-premis security products and Seculert will update them with newly detected advanced malware. Requests are sent via HTTP and XML, CSV, and JSON formats are supported. An API key is required.

SpaceSpace API: Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places where people can meet and work on their projects. The Space API defines a unified specification across all hackerspaces that can be used to expose information to other applications. Information provided by hackerspaces includes data like contact information, door status, and sensor data such as the temperature or number of computers that have currently leased an IP. The directory currently lists 73 participating Hackerspaces.

WhatsNew?WhatsNew? API: WhatsNew? is a service that allows bloggers to automatically show their readers what new content and/or features have been added since their last visit. The service works using the blog's RSS Feed, and tracks users using cookies. WhatsNew? also provides analytics including overall numbers a well as breakdowns by post.

WhatsNew? offers a JavaScript API that allows you to customize the WhatsNew? widget. Options include customizing overlay content, customizing greetings, customization of the notification style, and more.