Today in APIs: SmartBear & Doran Jones Offer Testing, and 9 New APIs

SmartBear teams with Doran Jones to offer the best in testing. Microsoft's API strategy seeks disunity, but rarely. Plus: mydoorhandle's new API, Google Maps fans take on the geography of Game of Thrones, and 9 new APIs.

SmartBear and Doran Jones Team Up to Deliver Testing

We covered SmartBear last week when it released its SOAPUI 5.0. Now, SmartBear has teamed with technology consultancy firm Doran Jones to offer software testers the tools to ensure their software releases meet the highest quality.

As the company commented, both companies are strong advocates for disciplined testing:

“As strong advocates for the discipline of software testing, both Doran Jones and SmartBear find mutual benefit for their customers who need testing services and/or tools,” says Keith Klain, COO of Doran Jones. “We continuously look for partners who are thought leaders in the industry and who understand the progressive way we are training testers. SmartBear puts testers in the center of the testing process and provides them with state-of-the-art tools."

Among the tools is TestComplete, which empowers both beginning and advanced testers to create, manage and run automated tests for mobile, web, and desktop applications. Another tool is SoapUI, which is an API testing tool that has been downloaded 6 million times.

Microsoft at Build: The Case for API Unity (Mostly)

At the recent Microsoft Build conference, the company discussed its strategy for platforms and devices, making a striking point about APIs. Unity ain't always best. But most of its strategy is driving in that direction, perhaps one day to go so far as to combine app stores for windows and windows phones.

As Steve Guggenheimer "Guggs" told Techcrunch's Alex Wilhelm, that API harmony between Windows and Windows Phone had reached 90%:

Regarding how much higher the 90% figure could go, Guggs indicated that Microsoft may not want 100% API unity, due to different device use cases: “[D]o you ever put printer drivers into a phone? Maybe. I don’t know yet. Do you ever put high-end camera support into a laptop? Maybe. I don’t know. So some of the things are logically not in the overlap API sets because they don’t make sense.”

With the few exceptions mentioned, API unity is clearly the trend and has been for years. The commercial advantage--that Microsoft can pitch one build to app developers, is a powerful driver of that unity, likely to severely restrict differentiation.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a service to instantly pinpoint the exact location of any address in canada, a customer contact information validation service, an obtain geolocation information from website visitors service and an identify mobile phone numbers to remain compliant service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

StrikeIron Canada Geocode Information API: Pinpoint the exact location of customers, prospects or competitors with geocode data.

The Canada Address Geocode Information Web Service uses geocode technology from DataFlux to provide a powerful enhancement solution that transforms ordinary addresses into robust information that can support improved logistics and refined demographic reporting.

StrikeIron Contact Record Verification SuiteStrikeIron Contact Record Verification Suite API: Validate, verify, correct and enhance your customers' contact information in real-time with the Contact Record verification Suite.

The suite provides instant access to email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers and more. The end result is cost- and time-efficiency for your organization.

StrikeIron Geo IP LocationStrikeIron Geo IP Location API: The StrikeIron Geo IP Location Web service allows high precision localization of website visitors. The Web service provides geographic information such as IP Address ranges, IP Address Owner, latitude, longitude, time zone, and a map representing the location, for a given IP Address.

StrikeIron Mobile IDStrikeIron Mobile ID API: Identify U.S. mobile numbers quickly and easily to effectively reach your customers and prospects. New regulations require organizations to be diligent with their mobile marketing practices. StrikeIron's Mobile ID solution gives you the ability to improve sales and marketing efforts by ensuring that mobile phone numbers you are using are accurate.

The Mobile ID solution is available in both batch and real-time modes. This provides you with the ability to
- Clean up your legacy phone data
- Instantly detect whether a number is a landline or mobile number at the point of data capture.

StrikeIron Phone Number ValidationStrikeIron Phone Number Validation API: Save time and money by ensuring your customers’ phone numbers are correct with StrikeIron’s Phone Number Validation solution. You can easily integrate this cloud based solution into any website, web form, or other business application to improve customer contactability by 90% or more.

This solution verifies the NPA and the NXX (area code and prefix) of all North American Numbering Plan (NANP) phone numbers in the US and Canada. In addition this solution will return each zip code where this NPA/NXX combination exists. It will also give you the number of phone numbers in each of these ZIP codes. We update our data at least every 30 days to ensure we provide the most accurate solution.

StrikeIron Real Time Telephone VerificationStrikeIron Real Time Telephone Verification API: This technology guarantees that your customers provide you with a working, traceable telephone number.

An automated telephone call is placed to the web user, who is told a unique security code. The user then enters that code into their computer, which completes verification. TeleSign authenticates your customer’s telephone number and effectively ensures that “bad apple” web users are routed out before they can ever inflict damage to your online business.

StrikeIron US Geocode InformationStrikeIron US Geocode Information API: Pinpoint the exact location of customers, prospects or competitors with geocode data.

The US Address Geocode Information Web Service uses geocode technology from DataFlux to provide a powerful enhancement solution that transforms ordinary addresses into robust information that can support improved logistics and refined demographic reporting."

WattTime ImpactWattTime Impact API: WattTime collects power grid energy usage information from many sources and puts it in one place in a standardized format. Users can retrieve this data and use it to shift their energy consumption to when the grid is using greener energy sources. The WattTime Impact API allows users to integrate real-time energy cleanliness data from the website into their projects or applications.

You Don't Need a CRM!You Don't Need a CRM! API: You Don't Need a CRM! helps sales team members track and close deals. The process of creating new leads is simplified so that team members can spend less time filling out paperwork and more time pursuing leads. The You Don't Need a CRM! API allows users to create, update, and retrieve data from their accounts. It also allows users to receive notifications via webhooks. You Don't Need a CRM! is designed to serve small businesses with fewer than 200 employees.


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