Today in APIs: SOA Software Releases Catalog for Internal APIs

SOA Software releases API catalog for internal use by enterprise. Google launches Google Maps for Business Imagery. Plus: Microsoft, and Box offer Office 365 users unlimited storage, and AWS promises more price cuts.

SOA Software Releases Cataloging Capabilities for Internal APIs

SOA Software is aiding growth of internal API communities at enterprises by releasing a cataloging tool for APIs as part of its API management Platform. The growth of internal APIs at many companies can vastly outstrip what is offered publicly, making organizing and cataloging them an imperative for enterprise efficiency. The ability to search, offer selective visibility, and provide security are among the issues SOA Software is addressing.

SOA software catalog

As Richard Harris points out in App Developer Magazine, the enterprise needs for internal APIs have some parallels with their public brethren:

To foster re-use, speed, efficiency, and agile application development, enterprises need to be able to publish their internal APIs in a searchable catalog. They need all the capabilities of an external API Portal combined with the kind of security controls and visibility restrictions often required for internal scenarios. Modeled on open API developer communities but adapted for the enterprise, the API catalog features an internal Developer Portal. Services can be imported directly into the API catalog from existing repositories. From the portal, developers can engage with one another, learn about available APIs, make agreements to use them, and integrate them into the application development lifecycle (ALM.)

In addition to search capabilities, the API catalog includes comprehensive Documentation, develops communities of interest and group support, and leverages existing identity systems. It also supports a wide range of API types and services ( SOAP, AMQP, MQTT, POX, in addition to REST/ JSON). Finally, among other aspects, it manages the consumption of external APIs, where an enterprise needs to subscribe only once while allowing different developers to leverage it internally.

Google Earth Images Available to Business

Google imagery has long been available when using Google Maps, but now it can be used cost effectively by businesses to create new maps, analyze data and other uses. Currently covering only the US and available only to US customers, Google promises the imagery will be accurate, cost effective, up-to-date, and can be consumed flexibly. Gone are the days when businesses have to collect their own aerial photography.

google imagery

As Rachel King notes in ZDnet, the Google Maps API is already used by over 1 million websites and apps. Now for the images,

Organizations can implement the content in a variety of ways, including Integration with a company's Google Maps v3 JavaScript API web application as well as for viewing on native mobile apps and websites.

As Vinay Goel, Product Director, Google Maps for Business, describes in a Google Enterprise blog post, there are several options: it can be viewed on a desktop GIS system via WMS, included with an API web application, overlaid within Google Earth, and viewed on native mobile applications and websites.

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