Today in APIs: SOA's API Gateway Assists Australia's Health Service

SOA teams up with Australia's Healthdirect to move from SOAP to REST. VMware jumps on the Docker Container bandwagon. Plus top 20 free web services, and 7 mistakes with APIs.

SOA's API Gateway Helps Australia's HealthDirect Deliver Data

SOA, an API management company, is making it possible for Australia's health directory service known as Healthdirect to provide health data within the country. HealthDirect creates the National Health Services Directory that contains services from doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. The critical information has to be available digitally at all times.

health direct

The EVP of SOA Software, Roberto Medrano outlined how they defined and approached the problem:

Healthdirect was in a classic data distribution bind faced by many large organizations. They needed to make data available anywhere, on any device or client context with RESTful APIs, but the data itself could be found on SOAP services that would have been cost-prohibitive to replace. We’ve helped make the SOAP to REST connection very economical with our API Gateway.

Yet maintaining security was tricky--the information had to be delivered according to rigorous requirements. These were met by using SOA's API Gateway on private cloud infrastructure using Amazon Web Services.

VMware Partners with Docker, Google and Pivotal For Container Adoption

We last reported on Docker at the end of January. Now VMware is partnering with Docker, Google and Pivotal to make it easier for enterprises to adopt containerized applications on VMware platforms and cloud. As the company commented,

By offering a common Platform, developers will gain the speed and agility they need while providing IT teams with the control they require. Additionally, VMware will bring to bear its compute, management, storage, networking and security capabilities to container environments. By running containers within virtual machines on- or off-premises, enterprises will benefit from high performance, security isolation, dynamic virtual networking, software-defined storage and the broad ecosystem of third-party products built for virtual machines.

The planned collaboration is ambitious, including enabling Docker Engine on VMware workflows, along with collaboration on open-source projects from Docker such as libswarm and libchan. Docker's libcontainer project will also be enhanced to incorporate Linux Container technology developed by VMware.

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