Today in APIs: SOA's API Management for DataPower,'s TGConnect API, and 13 New APIs

SOA Software launches API management for DataPower. Travelguru's TGConnect API for Hoteliers launched. Plus: Nevatech's Sentinet 3.3 SOA/API management Platform, the new age of digital letterpress, and 13 new APIs.

SOA Software Uses Security, Data Features in Launch of API Management for DataPower

SOA Software announced its API management solution today for the IBM WebSphere DataPower family of SOA appliances. These appliances have the advantages of speed, security, and ESB Integration. This provider of enterprise API management and SOA governance products now enables mobile and web solutions for internal mainframe and WebSphere MQ based services.

The central question is, how do you manage the APIs in a time of rapid technological change? Part of the solution is a Developer Portal, included in the management package, according to the press release,

"APIs present a challenge to IT organizations today," said Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software. "SOA Software's unique approach to API management on DataPower allows IT organizations to keep pace with technology advances presented by next generation mobile and web applications while benefitting from the same rich enterprise support we already offer customers today. Our solution makes managing secure, integrated APIs easy, whether a mobile app needs to securely access mainframe data or a web application needs to initiate a business transaction using WebSphere MQ."

Out of necessity, the DataPower solution supports all the API standards, including REST, JSON, OAuth and OpenID. It supports SOAP and diverse security solutions including SAML, Kerberos, LDAP, X509 and WS-Security. SOA Software notes that you can manage DataPower appliances as a single entity, and centrally apply policies that are then distributed across multiple appliances.

Travelguru's TGConnect API for Hoteliers: Now You Can Sleep at Night

The TGConnect API has been released for hoteliers, Indian-based Travelguru has announced. It's main focus is a supply solution for online sites focused on travel in India.

As Rashy Varshney reports in, the TGConnect API is

"an extranet (private network) API for hotel partners and channel managers–the API helps them exchange automated real-time updates on hotel rates and inventory. It also enables hoteliers to access updates on bookings and availability."

The API provides access to over 1,000 of TravelGuru's 9,000 hotel partners across India. Major partners have already jumped on board, including Axis rooms (already online), and Rate Tiger, Rate Gain, Maximojo Eazy Yield and Staah all soon to follow. The winner, not surprisingly, is the customer, who gets (through whatever app they are using) up to the minute inventory and rates at their finger tips. It's an advantage worth sleeping on.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

13 New APIs

Today we had 13 new APIs added to our API directory including a top 10 travel guide publications, a lead generation service, a collection management service, a global financial information service, a gps device location mapping service and an international hate speech repository. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

DK Top 10 Travel GuidesDK Top 10 Travel Guides API: Pearson's DK Top 10 Travel Guides provide travel information in a top 10 format, allowing readers to identify the top 10 things to do at a location.

Pearson's DK Top 10 Travel Guides API allow developers to access and integrate the content of the travel guides with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include retrieving lists, retrieving available data, and retrieving various datasets.

DoublePositiveDoublePositive API: DoublePositive is a marketing service designed to find and capture good leads for clients. These leads are competitively priced and custom filtered according to the client's specifications. DoublePositive makes contact with potential leads and confirms their interest before transferring them to the client's sales professionals. Clients are only billed for callers who opt to speak with the sales team and stay on the phone for a significant period of time. Integration with DoublePositive's services is accomplished via SOAP API.

eHiveeHive API: eHive is an online collection management system used by museums, galleries, and other collecting organizations to manage their collections. The service allows users to create records, search and tag content, and publish records to be shared online.

The eHive API allows users to share information with other websites, applications, and devices. The API is RESTful, uses OAuth 2.0 for Authentication, and returns responses as JSON objects.

FinDataFinData API: FinData is a company that provides financial information services to personal investors. The company is working on becoming a global information Resource, and its information covers both local and international stock markets. The FinData API enables users to retrieve information from the site using SOAP calls. Available information includes stock symbols, stock quotes, and exchange rates.

Fresh Logic Studios Atlas GPSFresh Logic Studios Atlas GPS API: The Atlas GPS service created by Fresh Logic Studios allows users to register up to 10 GPS devices and track their locations using Atlas. This tracking is done in real-time and can be viewed on a map on the Atlas GPS website. A demo of the mapping service is provided. The Atlas GPS API allows users to retrieve their registered GPS devices and update a device's location.

HatebaseHatebase API: Hatebase is an international repository of multilingual, structured, usage-based hate speech. The database was developed to help government agencies, NGOs, and other organizations use hate speech as a predictor for regional violence.
The Hatebase API provides authorized users with developer access to Hatebase data. Supported queries include data on vocabulary and sightings. The read-only API returns XML or JSON formatted responses.

Humbug AnalyticsHumbug Analytics API: Humbug Telecom Labs offers enterprise-class telecommunications traffic analysis and fraud detection. Their service allows you to get real-time traffic insights and security alerts for your telecom network/PBX.

The Humbug Analytics API which allows you to connect any application or PBX to their service for in-depth reporting and fraud alerting. Use the API to authenticate phone numbers during call setup, submit PBX events for analysis, submit call detail records for analysis, and more. Advanced integration enables you to remotely configure alerts, and add or remove sub-API keys for drill-down reporting.

NVMSNVMS API: National Vendor Management Services (NVMS) is a property inspection and preservation company that deals with both residential and commercial properties. The NVMS API allows clients to add an order or to request the cancellation of an order with NVMS. Clients can also retrieve information and images associated with an order. This API relies on SOAP calls to retrieve data in either XML or DataSet format.

PastPlacePastPlace API: The PastPlaces API offers access to information from A Vision of Britain Through Time, a database that compiles the data from historical surveys of Britain. The database is part of the Great Britain Historical GIS Project and offers historical information from the years 1801 through 2001. Data includes maps, statistical trends, and historical descriptions. API requests are sent via HTTP. Example queries include place by name, place by location, and units by name.

Royal Albert Memorial MuseumRoyal Albert Memorial Museum API: Located in Devon, England The Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery (RAMM) houses over one million individual objects and specimens from around the world in areas such as zoology, anthropology, fine art, geology, and archaeology.

The RAMM offers a RESTful API that allows you to use their data and images in your own applications. Basic API usage includes getting a list of available sites, retrieving a list of available categories for a specific site, and retrieving a paged list of objects for a specified category, site, or keyword. The API can return data in JSON or XML format.

SolarPlotsSolarPlots API: SolarPlots is a service that provides plots of the sun's position over time for locations in the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. These calculations are approximate and are not intended for engineering, navigation, or scientific applications. Times used to retrieve information from SolarPlots should be given in terms of one of the time zones used in the lower 48 states and factor in Daylight Savings Time. Sun plot data can be retrieved using the SolarPlots SOAP API.

The City AdminThe City Admin API: The City is a social and data management platform for church communities. Using The City, church communities can manage church data, create and manage groups, communicate through a single platform, simplify and enrich children’s ministry check-in, and modernize church giving.

The City Admin API provides a RESTful interface designed to provide programmatic access to the same data and functionality available via The City’s Admin site on the web. The API uses a HMAC signature scheme for authentication. Data is JSON formatted.

TouchcastTouchcast API: Touchcast is a web video platform. Touchcast offers features for users to create interactive videos for web and mobile devices.

The Touchcast API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Touchcast with other applications. The main API method is embedding Touchcast videos in other applications and websites, allowing for playback.