Today in APIs: Social Money Launches Private Beta API, AccountingSuite Announces Real-Time Cloud Accounting API, and 10 New APIs

Social Money launches CorePro, a core processing system that integrates savings accounts into third party platforms. AccountingSuite announces its first realtime API at API World Conference. Plus: StackMob unveils a service partner program and 10 new APIs.

Social Money Opens its First API in Private Beta

Social Money, goal savings application provider, has opened up its first open API: CorePro. CorePro is a simple, cost effective core processing Platform that allows prepaid card companies, merchants, payroll companies, startups, PFM, and more to integrate savings accounts into online and mobile solutions.

Social Money Co-Founder, Michael Ferrari, commented:

“We refer to this as our next generation of core processing—a platform that literally allows any company, any developer to essentially build in savings account technology to whatever they’re building—and that’s pretty exciting.”

AccountingSuite Unveils Real-Time Cloud Accounting API

AccountingSuite, business software developer, presented a real time cloud accounting API at API World 2013 Conference & Festival. AccountingSuite believes that legacy, on-premise accounting packages have served well in the past; however, cloud delivery through APIs will present the only viable solution moving into the future. AccountingSuite Sales and Marketing Director, Kurt Kunselman, told the audience how the API eliminates double entry of transactions, moves companies away from Excel, and provides instant updates.

APIs You Shouldn’t Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a free web hosting for static sites service, an application deployment service, a mobile work management service, an enterprise search platform and a mobile app engagement platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

BitBalloon API: BitBalloon is a free hosting service optimized for static sites. In addition to performing asset compression, image optimization, CDN Integration, and perfect caching, BitBalloon provides a REST API capable of deploying sites, managing form submissions, injecting JavaScript snippets, and intelligently updating HTML documents.

ContinuityAppContinuityApp API: ContinuityApp is a fully hosted application integration and deployment service. Users write the code and ContinuityApp runs the tests suites and deploys the projects. The service allows developers to test and deploy apps without having to worry about servers or systems administration.

ContinuityApp offers a REST API for the integration of ContinuityApp services. The API uses HTTP basic Authentication and OAuth2 and all responses are returned in JSON.

FotoNotesFotoNotes API: FotoNotes is a mobile work management solution. It can be used for project management, task management, work order management, issue reporting, and inspections. Users can access work information anywhere and make existing processes, tasks, and forms mobile-friendly so that everything can be done on-the-go. FotoNotes can capture, store, and share information securely in the form of data, photos, voice notes, GPS, time stamps, and more.

Users can integrate with FotoNotes using its RESTful API. The API can move data to and from the FotoNotes application and extend other existing systems to mobile devices via the FotoNotes platform.

KimolaKimola API: Kimola is a Backend as a Service platform that enables business to rapidly build search based or search enabled applications. In addition to providing common search features, Kimola creates an environment that allows users to browse and search whole content online.

Kimola offers a REST API for access to Kimola features over HTTP. Current API methods include Search, Get Phrases, Get Suggestions, Get Part Spaces, Delete Part Spaces, and Index Document. Responses are returned in JSON. An API Key is required.

NetmeraNetmera API: Netmera is an app engagement platform that helps developers build relationships with users. The service offers communication and engagement tools such as push notification services and pop-up messages and enriches them with detailed targeting tools.

Netmera's REST API allows developers to interact with Netmera by sending HTTP requests. The API allows developers to easily register and unregister devices, send notifications, and get notification and device info. An API key is required.

PencePayPencePay API: PencePay is an online payment and mobile billing platform for merchants. The PencePay API allows customer applications to integrate mobile billing functionalities. The API supports Premium SMS and Direct Carrier Billing Methods. API: is a recipe search engine. Users enter ingredient lists and returns a list of relevant recipes. The API allows applications to perform recipe searches. The API allows calls to specify a particular meal (e.g. breakfast) and is capable of suggesting ingredient matches for partial or misspelled names.

Silanis e-SignaturesSilanis e-Signatures API: Silanis e-Signatures allows companies to use electronic signatures for banking, insurance, government contracts, and fulfilling the requirements of various regulated industries. Users can customize the e-signing process to suit any situation - including mobile e-signing - and improve user satisfaction and conversion rates. Silanis also focuses on providing electronic evidence that is comprehensive, secure, accessible, and reliable so that it is easy to prove the legality of e-signatures.

The Silanis e-Signatures API allows developers to integrate e-signatures into their applications via REST calls.

SplitwiseSplitwise API: Splitwise is a bill splitting and IOU tracking web application built to make it easy to split bills with family and friends. The Splitwise API exposes its backend, allowing applications to access and manipulate data types such as currencies, users, groups, expenses, and friends.

XloudiaXloudia API: Xloudia is an image recognition service for mobile devices, designed for use with augmented reality applications. It can recognize one image out of millions in 0.2 seconds with a false positive rate of less than 1%. It provides excellent tracking capabilities and can adapt to environmental conditions, including clutter and partial occlusion. Xloudia can handle massive database searches and real-time database expansion.

Users can connect Xloudia’s data directly to their systems using the REST API. Xloudia's user dashboard is available in English, Japanese, and French.