Today in APIs: Sony Launches Camera API, E-Control Systems Fusion Live API, and 10 New APIs

Sony opens camera API for remote access. E-Control Systems gives Fusion Live an API. Plus: Facebook launches Keyword Insights & Public Feed APIs, open APIs are key to connecting with customers, and 10 new APIs.

Sony Offers Camera Remote API for its New Smartphone Camera Lenses

On the heels of releasing its innovative lens that fit onto smart phones and can also be controlled remotely through a Sony app, Sony has now released an API for developers to take that remote control to even more innovative uses.

As Nishtha Kanai points out in tech2, Sony's API represents an innovative direction for remote control APIs:

"We could even be looking at apps that will let you shoot images to be uploaded straight to photo-sharing apps like Instagram. This, besides apps like Time Lapse Control and Auto Uploader makes the prospect of this API in the right hands mouth-watering."

The API is Platform agnostic, making it easy to develop for iOS, Android and Windows.

Fusion Live Gets an API from E-Control Systems

As its name implies, E-Control Systems is about controlling temperature, but don't think household thermostat. E-Control does specialize in building temperatures, but is more specifically focused on labs, food service, transportation and life science temperature control.

As the press release points out, the API is a standards-based Web-API with XML to make Integration a snap:

"Developing a good API is an important service to customers. It opens up the system to work in conjunction with a company’s software infrastructure, instead of separate and apart from it. Having an API is also a good way to support unanticipated future uses."

Looking at E-Control System's business, Benjamin Franklin might have remarked that temperature control is money, not so much from the point of view of saving energy cost, but of saving inventory--vaccines and medicines whose efficacy requires precise storage temperatures.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a Unicode standard character data service, an external ip address viewing service, a courier delivery service, an automated email response service and a name data parsing and screening tool. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CodepointsCodepoints API: The Codepoints website provides information on all characters defined in the Unicode Standard. Unicode currently defines 110,181 code points which map characters that include basic Latin letters, dingbats, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and more. The Codepoints site is designed to make it easier to find a given code point by offering a variety of search options. If the user already has the character they're inquiring about, they can paste it in the search box and go directly to its page. Developers can access Codepoints' data remotely via REST API.

ExternalipExternalip API: Externalip is a website that allows users to see what their external IP address is. This service also exists under the name Exip, but both versions use the same backend and have the same creator. Externalip also provides a REST API that lets users get their IP address from another application or service. Use of this API is currently free and unrestricted.

FastwayFastway API: Fastway provides local, short-haul, and national courier services in key regional and metropolitan locations in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and South Africa. Fastway's RESTful API allows third-party developers to integrate with its systems using both public and restricted methods. The public API methods allow users to determine the cost to ship goods between two locations and to track goods in transit. Restricted methods provide access to additional information and functionality. Developers can request access to these methods by email.

mailZmailZ API: Mailz is a real-time email response system that allows you to connect and manage customer communications using automated email responses from your own app or system.

MailZ offers an API to for the integration of mailZ services. Use the API to enable immediate reactions to the online behavior of your customers. Available API methods include ping, send, status and statistics. An API Key is required.

Melissa Data Name ObjectMelissa Data Name Object API: Melissa Data creates data quality and address management solutions for websites and businesses. Their services standardize, verify, and enhance global contact data, including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

The Melissa Data Name Object API allows customer applications to Parse names into distinct components, and indicate gender. The API is also capable of screening names for possible vulgar words, fake names, and company names, as well as create salutations based on parsed information.

Melissa Data Phone ObjectMelissa Data Phone Object API: Melissa Data creates data quality and address management solutions for websites and businesses. Their services standardize, verify, and enhance global contact data, including Melissa Data creates data quality and address management solutions for websites and businesses. Their services standardize, verify, and enhance global contact data, including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
The Melissa Data Phone Object API allows customer applications to parse and validate a 7-digit or 10-digit phone numbers. Additional supported functions include identifying phone numbers as land lines, wirerless, or VOIP, distinguishing between residential and business numbers, and adding area code based geographic data.

MiniCloudMiniCloud API: MiniCloud provides a cloud-based hosting service that can scale up or down depending on site traffic. Users only pay for what they use and are given full control over networking options, programming languages, custom error pages, and more through MiniCloud's web console. To enhance security, all computing environments are isolated from each other and from public networks. Users can choose to run their sites from multiple data centers in different geographic locations to increase performance and reduce downtime, even in extreme weather or power outages.

Open Bank Project OBPOpen Bank Project OBP API: The Open Bank Project provides an open source developer friendly API for banks that enables financial institutions to quickly and securely enhance their digital offerings. Developers can use the OBP API to build innovative applications and services that help account holders interact with banks based on their transaction data. OBP uses a secure, enterprise ready technology Stack and supports secure Internet protocols such as OAuth. API: is a Norwegian company that offers an online Portal for electronically signing documents using BankID. BankID is a digital identification service that can both confirm who a person and sign documents. offers an REST API for easy development of services based on the platform. Methods include Document, DocumentProvider, ExternalLogin, ExternalSign, Message, Receiver, Statistics, and Status. An API key is required.

The X ToolkitThe X Toolkit API: The X Toolkit (XTK) is a lightweight toolkit for visualizing scientific data. It can read a variety of formats for surface models, volume files, tractography files, scalar overlay files, look-up table files, and 2D texture files. XTK can perform a variety of operations with 3D image data, including volume rendering, thresholding, and cross-sectional slicing. It also provides support for constructive solid geometry, label maps, color tables, and surface overlays. New users can learn to use XTK by looking at demos or following along with the lessons provided. XTK can be integrated into websites using JavaScript code.