Today in APIs: Speaktoit Launches API to Bring Siri-like Power to Your App

Speaktoit aims to provide its Siri tools as an API. launches Bitcoin API called Plugchain. Plus: gaming to keep API coding skills sharp, and developers embrace the Traitify personality API.

Speaktoit Offers Speech Personal Assistant Tools as an API

The race to beat Siri and Cortana and... everyone else is on. Or rather, it's a race to commodify these personal assistant voice tools and make them available to every app developer cheap. Speaktoit, which has had a Siri-like personal assistant for Android and iOS for a couple of years now, could be in the lead, with it's release of api. AI. The API has six main features: high performance (millions of requests processed a day) conversation support, knowledge libraries, it's complete solution, cross- Platform, and it learns by example.


As Sam Weirema writes in The Next Web, Speaktoit cracks the tough nut of context:

The API solves the matter of contextless questions in a smart way, allowing you to set specific contexts based on previous interactions. If you were to follow up your previous question with “What about The Next Web?” the context isn’t readily apparent (i.e. that we’d want the latest news). By defining a context (“we’re talking about tech blogs”) in the previous interaction with the API you overcome this issue and get the response you want: the latest news from The Next Web.

Up next: now available for Android and iOS, a web SDK is in the works. Launches Bitcoin API for Cryptocurrency Apps

The race is on to deliver the best API for Bitcoin apps. With chain and gem already out of the gate, now comes Plugchain from the team at As Nermin Hajdarbegovic reports in Coindesk, one advantage the Plugchain API has is speed:’s “block chain Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)” platform enables developers to build cryptocurrency apps in Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, Visual Basic, Groovy, Objective-C and SWIFT, Apple’s new language for iOS. Relying on permanent block chain parsing, the API is designed to deliver fast server response times: fetching an address in as little as 60 milliseconds and retrieving blocks in 250 milliseconds.

The Plugchain API casts a wide net, covering wallets, merchant apps and any app that relies on real time information and blocks.

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