Today in APIs: SpeechOne API Enables Verbal Communication with Digital Devices

SpeechTrans releases the SpeechOne API that allows verbal communication with digital devices. Plus, how Marvel’s API will change cultural criticism and why graphics programmers will love the PS4 API.

SpeechTrans Launches SpeechOne API

SpeechTrans, advanced translation technology solution provider, has launched the SpeechOne API. The API allows verbal communication with digital devices. The API enables real-time speech services including translation, transcription, and voice recognition features. Conversations are unlimited in length and currently available in 44 languages.
SpeechTrans SpeechOne API enables real-time speech services like translation, transcription, and voice recognition
The technology was originally designed to assist the hearing impaired; however, SpeechTrans later realized the wider usage potential. Yan Auerbach, SpeechTrans COO, explained:

“The API technology actually comes from SpeechTrans Ultimate for Hearing Impaired, which allows the hearing impaired to make phone calls without assistance from a human operator….Now, our partners are discovering uses for it that we never considered. The most advanced applications could transform the way we interact with everything from cars, airplanes and industrial equipment to home appliances, vending machines and much more."

HP has been one of the early testers of the SpeechOne API. HP plans to integrate the API with its virtual meeting offering: HP MyRoom. To learn more, visit the SpeechTrans to contact the team.

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