Today in APIs: Spotify, Gnip, ESPN and 11 New APIs

A timeline traces Spotify's path from music listening app to "OS of Music." Gnip adds some tweet filtering operators. Plus: will ESPN come to Siri, FullContact's pricing two-step and 11 new APIs.

Spotify's Attempt to Become the "OS of Music"

The company behind the Echo Nest API has a great timeline tracing Spotify's path toward what it calls the OS of Music:

11/22: predicts that Spotify would become a music Platform for apps at its upcoming press event.

11/30: Spotify officially becomes a music platform, launching its first round of apps that run within the desktop version.

11/30: Spotify-powered apps are free (and still are), but the company is working on a commercial API that will let developers charge for them, sharing revenue with Spotify.


12/2: Spotify UK managing director Chris Maples calls the company’s app platform "arguably our biggest announcement since we launched."

APIs provide an opportunity for many companies to own their niches with platform plays. As this post concludes, Spotify is well on its way in a popular category that could hardly be called a niche.

Gnip Filters on Retweets, Sample Size

GnipGnip added two filters based on customer feedback. One lets developers using its Gnip API to retrieve only a sampling of matching responses, while another returns only retweets:

To use the Retweet operator, simply add is:retweet or –is:retweet to any rule.

Examples Include:

  • Receive only Retweets mentioning Apple using a rule like: apple is:retweet as a way to measure engagement of the brand’s fan base


  • Get only Tweets with unique content about Apple using a rule like: apple -is:retweet to monitor conversation about the brand and ignore the tremendous volume of retweets generated by the brand

Gnip was the first company licensed to sell Twitter data. While its pricing is still not disclosed, it's safe to bet the cost is above the casual developer's price range.

ESPN Scores on Their Way to Apple's Siri?

ESPNAn enterprising developer has discovered that Apple's AI-driven virtual assistant, Siri, might soon know sports scores. Hacking away at a jailbroken feature, Evan Coleman found evidence that Siri acknowledges team names.

Via Douglas Crets

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a random cat picture service, movie discovery and search service, movie poster service, biochemical reaction database, prototype creation and development platform, phylogenetic tree database, cinema and movie information service and video game news and information site. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Aden Forshaw's The CatAden Forshaw's The Cat API: The Cat API is a simple service that lets users pull random pictures of cats. Users supply a call specifying the return format, the number of cat pictures to return, the type of picture file to return, and the category of picture. The API uses RESTful calls and response are formatted in XML, HTML or the src to use in an img tag.

JinniJinni API: Jinni, powered by the Jinni Entertainment Genome, is a service that tags and categorizes video content. Jinni offers a content discovery solution applied to movies that lets users search for movies and recieve recommendations based on their preferences.

The RESTful Jinni API exposes some of the functionality, broken into three sections, of Jinni to developers and works on catalog and other data supplied by customers and partners. Functionality includes powering search, content discovery and content recommendations.

MoviePosterDBMoviePosterDB API: MoviePosterDB is an online database of movie posters with over 400,000 posters for over 75,000 movies and TV shows. Users can download a 300 pixels wide jpeg file for free and are asked to upload a poster in return. The API allows developers to use posters from the site in their own web site or application. An API Key is required and users must contact the provider with details of planned use of the API.

MyGene.InfoMyGene.Info API: MyGene.Info provides a simple REST-based API to retrieve gene annotation data. Such data is currently available for seven species: human, mouse, rat, fruitfly, nematode, zebrafish, thale-cress, and frog. MyGene.Info was designed to power web applications which need to query genes and obtain common gene annotations.

Neuroscience Information FrameworkNeuroscience Information Framework API: The Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) is a dynamic inventory of web-based neuroscience data, materials, and tools. A unique feature of the NIF is its ability to issue direct queries against multiple databases simultaneously. Its methodology allows it to retrieve content that is largely hidden from traditional search engines. The NIF allows users to search for resources that match a given keyword or concept via REST-based APIs.

openModelleropenModeller API: openModeller is a program for performing species niche modelling simulations. It does so by building a representation of the ecological requirements for a species and extrapolating those requirements into a geographical region. openModeller makes its ecological niche modelling functions available as a SOAP-based API to facilitate standardized online use.

SABIO-RKSABIO-RK API: The System for the Analysis of Biochemical Pathways - Reaction Kinetics (SABIO-RK) is a web-based application that uses the SABIO relational database. This database contains information about biochemical reactions, their kinetic equations, the equations' parameters, and the experimental conditions under which these parameters were measured. The SABIO-RK API provides SOAP-based access to this information in XML format. API: is an online platform that is open and free for users to develop, create, and try out devices, applications, and prototypes. also has testing capabilities for users to test their products and ideas.

The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include managing user information, creating and managing events, and retrieving device and event information.

TreeBASETreeBASE API: TreeBASE is a database for information on phylogenetic relationships. It contains phylogenetic trees and data matrices, along with information about relevant publications, taxa, morphological characters, sequence-based characters, and published analyses. TreeBASE provides a REST-based API that allows users to search for and retrieve desired phylogenetic information programmatically.

Unofficial AlloCineUnofficial AlloCine API: AlloCine is the leading European provider of cinema information and e-commerce services. Originally based in France, the site is also known as Screenrush in the UK. This unofficial API exposes the data stored on the AlloCine site. This data includes movie information, listings of showtimes, movie reviews and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON or XML.

Unofficial JeuxVideoUnofficial JeuxVideo API: JeuxVideo is a French website dedicated to video games on both PC and consoles. It offers news, previews, tips and tricks, forums and more. The unofficial API provides users with access to the information stored on the site. This information includes search, game details, game previews, video footage of games, lists of tips and mroe. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.