Today in APIs: The SpringSense API, Yangaroo Launches DMDS API and 9 New APIs

The SpringSense API has reclaimed the title of “World's Best Accuracy”. Yangaroo has launched a new Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) Platform API. Plus: EroAdvertising introduces 'Secure API' for exporting stats data and 9 new APIs.

The SpringSense API Leads the Industry

SpringSense Meaning DetectionSpringSense is a search tool that turns keyword based search into meaning analysed search. The company uses a patent-pending natural-language algorithm to achieve outstanding results. In a recent press release SpringSense announced that their Recognition API v2.0 has reclaimed the title of “world’s best accuracy” in a crucial industry benchmark.

“The latest version of the SpringSense Meaning Recognition API is now even more accurate with a score of 83.4% in the industry benchmark SemEval 4/7.”

The SpringSense API is RESTful and return data formatted in JSON. Make sure to check out the full API profile.

Yangaroo Launches DMDS API

Yangaroo is a digital media management company that just announced their first API. The Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) platform API is designed to allow “...advertising agencies and broadcasters to digitally transport the data from their media and traffic management systems into DMDS.”

API News You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a uk cinema information, a digital repository of scholarly articles, a barcode tape label generator, a digital repository of scholarly articles and a bitcoin payment service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CineworldCineworld API: Cineworld Cinemas is a major UK movie theater chain. The Cineworld API provides developer access to Cineworld theater, movie, and schedule data. The basic HTTP call returns a list of all cinemas with programmed performances. Results can be filtered by adding film, date, and cinema parameters. The API returns JSON formatted responses and supports JSONP Callback parameter.

Harvard DashHarvard Dash API: DASH is Harvard University’s digital repository for scholarly articles, dissertations, theses, and other literature generated by the Harvard educational community. Bibliographic data from DASH is available for all uses.
The Harvard DASH API provides bibliographic data from the repository via two standards: opensearch and OAI-PMH. OpenSearch is a RESTful interface that returns query results as RSS or ATOM feeds. The OAI-PMH standard is an application-independent Framework based on metadata harvesting. It returns XML formatted data.

My Tape LabelsMy Tape Labels API: My Tape Labels allows users to generate barcode tape labels for LTO Ultrium Backup Libraries. Labels are given in PDF format and should be printed onto adhesive paper. The service is available on a subscription basis and requires an API Key. My Tape Labels can be used directly through a web interface or programmatically via XML- RPC API.

Rutgers University Community RepositoryRutgers University Community Repository API: Rutgers Community Repository (RUcore) is the University’s digital repository of educational materials and digital research created and used by the Rutgers community and its collaborators. The RUcore API provides a RESTful interface for interacting with the repository framework. The API adheres to the OAI-PMH standard for metadata harvesting. The API returns XML or JSON formatted responses.

StrongCoin MerchantsStrongCoin Merchants API: Strongcoin is a hybrid wallet Bitcoin service. The wallet is browser encrypted to prevent anyone from having access to the Bitcoin address except the owner. The service does not require a specified Bitcoin address format, so users can move coins to and from to other services without needing to alter an address. StrongCoin merchant API allows users to accept Bitcoins as payments on merchant websites. The API functions allow users to create orders and handle payment notifications.

TradervueTradervue API: Tradervue is a journaling and analytics tool for active equity traders. Users can track trades, quantify trading performance, and share trades with the Tradervue community. The Tradervue API provides developers with a RESTful interface for importing trade data. Authentication takes place via HTTP Basic Authentication over SSL. Responses are JSON formatted.

TweetVueTweetVue API: TweetVue is a tool allowing users to share twitter conversations or tweet steams. The TweetVue API provides developer access to the creation and sharing of twitter conversations. TweetVue has separate endpoints for applications that cache full tweets and those that retain only tweet IDs. The API supports HTTP GET/POST calls and returns JSON or XML formatted responses.

TXODDSTXODDS API: TXODDS is a London-based sports betting odds comparison service, delivering pre-game and in-running odds from bookmakers, betting exchanges, and handicappers. The TXODDS API provides developer access to dynamically updated odds data via customizable XML feeds. Data can be filled by data type and market segment.

WalletBitWalletBit API: WalletBit is a Bitcoin storage site that allows users to create a digital wallet where they can store their Bitcoins. The site also offers a point of sale platform for using Bitcoins as payment at merchant sites. The WalletBit API allows users to send information to Walletbit accounts or Bitcoin Addresses, generates a Bitcoin address to load coins and forward to sms or email, lookup and deposit to a Bitcoin address, generate new butcoin addresses. The Service r