Today in APIs: Street Repairs API Puts Britain Back on Track, and 5 New APIs

Street Repairs API makes service of spotting problems easy, popular. AdStage launches Platform API. Plus: API design tooling, SeriousBit launches NetBalancer, and 5 new APIs.

Britain's Street Repairs API Steers Crews to Potholes

Street Repairs says "let's fix Britain together," and has launched an API to do just that. The company reports that its service is wildly popular. The API is free.

The API can provide a view of the reports made, local trends, issues resolved and more.

But this is more than just crowdsourcing the report of potholes on streets. As the company explains,

Street Repairs are committed to making it as easy as possible for local people to report local problems to their council. We then work with the council to get these issues resolved, while keeping the original informant up-to-date with the progress being made. ...Since its launch just a few months ago, Street Repair's popularity has exploded among members of the public via social media. It now has thousands of Facebook fans and is receiving hundreds of detailed reports from concerned members of the public.

By installing the free API plug-in on their website, newspapers, community organisations, cycling groups, and other interested website owners, can encourage their audience to engage with local authorities, to improve their neighbourhood and community.

The API features simple Integration, Google maps, geolocation, photo uploading, storage, and more.

AdStage Launches Platform API and New App Partnership Program for Advertising

Adstage has announced a new API that integrates the ability to mange, monetize and market apps to thousands of advertisers on Adstage. The company has also announced an all in one marketing partnership program. The cost is $99 per month after a free month's trial period.

As Richard Harris reports in App Developer Magazine,

The AdStage advertising platform is a self-serve cross-network online advertising platform with management and analytics across search, display, social and mobile ad networks like Google, Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform, with an integrated app system, for advertisers of all sizes.

AB testing is easy through one of three optimization apps. Other apps offered by the platform include: creation apps such as Ad Variants, and partner integration apps like Facebook Retargeting and Banner Ad Builder.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

5 New APIs

Today we had 5 new APIs added to our API directory including an indian bulk sms service, a nigerian bulk sms service, a bulk sms service and an ethiopian mobile bulk sms service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

24X7SMS API: 24X7SMS is an Indian SMS Portal that provides bulk SMS and voice chat solutions to customers around the world. 24X7SMS can connect with more than 800 mobile operators worldwide. Recipients don't have to pay for SMS received through 24X7SMS. Support is available at all times over chat, email, or phone calls. 24X7SMS provides two SMS APIs: one for sending texts within India, and another for sending texts internationally.

donbulkSMSdonbulkSMS API: donbulkSMS is a Nigerian bulk SMS portal. It provides flexible billing packages and supports both numeric and alphanumeric sender IDs. Users can integrate donbulkSMS with their own website or application programmatically via API, enabling users to send SMS or check their account balances over REST or SMPP calls.

GenesisBulkSMSGenesisBulkSMS API: GenesisBulkSMS is a Nigerian bulk SMS provider that caters to businesses, organizations, and private individuals. Users can integrate with the GenesisBulkSMS gateway using the service's REST API, allowing users to send SMS and check their account balances from within third-party websites, systems, or applications.

GMT SMSGMT SMS API: GMT SMS provides bulk SMS services. Users can customize their sender ID, schedule SMS, receive inbound SMS, make Network Query (NQ) requests, and more. An online customer portal allows users to access their delivery reports at any time. Users can integrate with GMT SMS programmatically via REST or SMPP API. Sample Code is available in PHP, ASP, C#, and other languages.

WebSprixWebSprix API: WebSprix is an Ethiopian provider of MVAS (Mobile Value Added Services). Their services include bulk SMS, voice broadcasting, call conferencing, SMS marketing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), SMS-based Polling, etc. Developers can integrate WebSprix's bulk SMS services with their own applications or systems via API. Ready-made scripts are available in PHP and Java.