Today in APIs: Survey Reports API Security is Key Concern, and 11 New APIs

CA's Layer7 survey reports split over whether security or usability is biggest API issue. AnyPresence wins top API infrastructure award. Plus: API design security and usability remain key, Broadcom's open network Function virtualization Platform, and 11 new APIs.

CA's Layer7 Survey Shows Split Over API Security/Usability

In a survey of over 180 API management professionals, concern over security edged out concern over usability. Over 60% of respondents use a mix of public and private APIs in their programs.

As CA Technologies Senior Vice President for Security Strategies and co-founder of Layer7 Dimitri Sirota commented,

What’s striking about this survey is that it underscores the fact that APIs are not just for external developers. APIs play a critical role across diverse developer communities both inside and outside an organization. Enterprises use APIs for different purposes spanning mobile, Web and Integration needs, and they demand flexible solutions that can accommodate a variety of use cases and protocols.

Designers are also split over preference for JSON and XML, while 78% report that they build prototypes before launching. Almost 25% provide an SDK, a figure that seems destined to rise with 35% pledging to do so in the future.

AnyPresence Wins Top API Infrastructure Award at DeveloperWeek 2014

Backend as a service company AnyPresence won the top API infrastructure award for its "meta-platform" solution that provides developer ecosystems for faster mobile app development. The idea is that you can skip API Documentation and coding from scratch, to grab sample mobile apps with corresponding Source Code.

As Susan Miller, the Chief Strategy Officer commented,

Winning the API Infrastructure Award at DeveloperWeek 2014 provides further recognition of AnyPresence’s unique technology differentiators and leadership in the enterprise mobility space,. Our meta-platform offering provides an innovative way to enhance the existing investments companies have made in API management, by enabling developer ecosystems to build cross-platform mobile apps in minutes.

The AnyPresence Designer API can generate customized mobile apps for HTML5, iOS, and Android--all within any Developer Portal. The source code is nonproprietary so that it can be edited in many SDKs, sparking developer efficiency.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including an icelandic public information service, a hacker events in belgium service, a customer service text service and a belgian parliament open data service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. API: is an Icelandic Web Service that scrapes open data from public websites, providing developer access to various types of Icelandic data. Examples of available data include Icelandic company directories, cinema showtimes, earthquakes, international flights, vehicle registry, bus system information, and much more.

Belgium Hacker AgendaBelgium Hacker Agenda API: Belgium Hacker Agenda is a calendar of events in Belgium that may interest Hackerspaces and a few other web resources. Events are parsed from The Belgium Hacker Agenda API provides developer access to JSON formatted event data. Data includes event titles, dates, locations, as well as relevant URLs.

Business TexterBusiness Texter API: Business Texter is a customer support and advertising service that allows companies to automate responses to general inquiries that users submit.
The Business Texter API provides the basic categorization of inbound messages so that user systems can auto reply with appropriate responses. These responders trained using Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning techniques from data sets coming from the Android App called BizTexter built by

Dieren TheaterDieren Theater API: Dieren Theater is an independent web service delivering structured data scraped from the website of the Belgian Parliament (La Chambre De Kamer). Available data includes information relating to Deputies, Parties, Commissions, law projects, annual reports, and more.

Kimono Sochi OlympicsKimono Sochi Olympics API: Kimono is an API creator that turns websites into APIs by extracting the data based on patterns, not by Screen Scraping. The Kimono Sochi Olympics API allows users to access to up-to-date athlete, country, sport and medal data. The API uses REST calls, and allows users to query to get information by country and sport as well as specific data like age, birth date, gender, height, id, image, name, weight, medal gold, medals silver, medals bronze, medals total, sport, and country.

LayerVault Designer NewsLayerVault Designer News API: LayerVault is a site for creative professionals that provides hosting and other cloud services. The Designer News feature of the site provides a Feed of the top design related stories in the news. The Designer News API provides tools for interacting with Designer News and allowing applications to access user information. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. For Authentication, the API uses OAuth 2.0 and SSL. An account is required with service and usage limits are defaulted to 300 calls per hour.

MiddlecoinMiddlecoin API: Middlecoin is a digital currency mining pool that automatically mines the most profitable type of coin and then exchanges those coins for Bitcoins when it pays out. Payouts occur automatically on a regular basis when the user has earned a sufficient balance. No registration is required. Individual payout reports can be retrieved programmatically via REST calls.

RigorRigor API: Rigor is a real-time performance monitoring service for websites, applications, and APIs. It monitors user flows and business transactions, enabling users to identify issues before their end users encounter them. It can monitor every page, picture, link, and file on a website for errors and provide real-time alerts when failure occurs. Rigor allows users to compare their website's performance with the sites of competitors and track current and historic performance statuses.

SolidShopsSolidShops API: SolidShops is a cloud-based e-commerce CMS that handles updates, backups, and security on behalf of the user. Users can easily build and customize themes for their website as well as customize invoices, emails, and other materials. Products and orders can be managed and tracked via mobile devices. SolidShops comes with built-in SEO features and allows users to build stores on Facebook to attract more customers.

ToshlToshl API: Toshl is a personal spending tracker that helps users monitor what they're spending their money on. Expenses can be entered in any currency through mobile apps or the Toshl website. Users can create budgets for specific categories of spending and get reminders for recurring monthly expenses. Users can view summaries of their spending using fun graphs and visualizations, and they can also export financial calculations in CSV format. API: is a human translation service that users can integrate into their own applications and services. When users publish their content, they can send it to where at least two people will work on translating it into the desired language. Once the translation is complete, will publish it wherever the user wants. To translate text on a large scale, users may employ the JSON API.