Today in APIs: Teamleader Pulls API Together, and 7 New APIs

Teamleader launches API for its CRM, invoicing and project planning Platform. Security firm Cyber Squared launches Threat Connect API. Plus: getting ready for APIs, WSO2 technical webinar, and 7 new APIs.

Teamleader API Serves up Productivity Data

Belgium-based Teamleader is a cloud productivity platform that provides CRM, project planning, notes, opportunities, invoices, subscriptions, products, tickets, time tracking, and tasks. The Teamleader API brings this user data to third party apps.

From quotation creation to managing agendas, Teamleader aims to encompass all the productivity tools related to CRM. The API documentation is divided by subject, covering each of the categories listed above, from CRM to project milestones. An account is required for an authkey.

Cyber Squared Launches its Threat Connect API

Cyber Squared, recently in the news over negotiating a contract with Health and Human Services to protect the personal data involved in Obamacare, has launched its Threat Connect API. This premium offering is, like so much of security, all about speed: how fast can clients develop an understanding of cyber threats they are facing? To do that, they have to be able to assess everything from real-time data indicators to integrating their own knowledge and leverage crowd sourced intelligence.

According to the press release, accessing information fast is only part of the battle. Another critical dimension is accessing the right information, leaping past data that is less relevant:

"Through the use of community sourced tags, confidence ratings, and attributes, the ThreatConnect™ API delivers more integrated products and lets users make more intelligent decisions based on their data. The watchlist capability is very useful as users can get updates on only what’s new about a particular threat, which means they don’t get bogged down in details and information they are already aware of."

Another important feature of security data is context--information has to be embedded in context to be meaningful. To that end, the API allows users to query indicators and their associations, query groups and associations, query any data from a common tag and more.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

7 New APIs

Today we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory including a north american air quality information service, a restaurant discovery application, a phone call tracking service, an anti-piracy and content monitoring service and a public holidays directory. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AirNowAirNow API: AirNOW is a U.S. EPA program that provides forecast and real-time air quality information across North America. AirNOW collects data from more than 2,000 monitoring stations and forecasts for over 300 cities.
The AirNOW API allows developers to programmatically access air quality forecasts and real-time data. The API is able to deliver data for a specific zip code or a set of geographic coordinates, as well as historical air quality observations.

ApricotApricot API: Apricot is a restaurant discovery API. Apricot allows users to lookup restaurant IDs for Foodspotting, Yelp, Foursquare, CitySearch, Urbanspoon, Google Maps, Instagram, and Facebook.

The Apricot API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Apricot with other applications. Some example API methods include looking up restaurant venues and retrieving restaurant information.

CallRailCallRail API: CallRail is a phone call tracking, recording, and analytics service that helps companies understand which marketing sources are driving phone calls -- online and offline. The CallRail API provides access to data about calls placed through the CallRail call tracking platform. Some example API methods include listing calls, retrieving call information, and retrieving company information.

Topple TrackTopple Track API: Topple Track is an anti-piracy and content monitoring service. The Topple Track API allows users and partners of the Topple Track anti-piracy system to create, send, and retrieve data relative to the content in their accounts. Most often, the API is used to 'white-label' the Topple Track technology in other content management platforms.

Trogsoft Public HolidaysTrogsoft Public Holidays API: The Trogsoft Public Holidays API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Trogsoft. The main API method is listing public holidays by year and in customisable date formats, for a variety of regions and countries.

Trogsoft UK PostcodeTrogsoft UK Postcode API: The Trogsoft Postcode API allows developers to access and integrate the data of Trogsoft Postcode. Some example API methods include returning UK postcodes in latitude and longitude, calculating the distance between postcodes, and retrieving the distance between latitude and longitude.

Trogsoft UK WeatherTrogsoft UK Weather API: The Trogsoft UK Weather API provides a variety of weather information for the United Kingdom. Some API methods include retreiving: up to five day forecast, current observations every hour, lookup forecasts and observations by latitude and longitude, lookup forecasts and observations by large town or city name, and access to historical observations.