Today in APIs: TED Talks, YouTube Music Licensing and 12 New APIs

The elite conference with wide open access to its videos is finally welcoming developers to its API, but only 50 of them. YouTube partner Rumblefish added an SDK to its developer offerings to make it easier to use its Rumblefish API for music licensing. Plus: the API Economy, domain owner verification, Netflix taming Amazon and 12 new APIs.

TED Talks API Available to 50 Special Developers

A year after TED announced its API, the company behind the innovative conference has given more information. On May 16, it will share its API with 50 developers "whose vision and plan we believe will set the standard for new ways to power ideas worth spreading."

ReadWriteWeb explains:

The selection criteria is made up of five categories, from "awesomeness" to "strategic." Basically, the TED folks are looking for apps that are much like their talks. They want to see original apps that are high-quality and likely to catch on. As the site says, "extra points for using open Source Code" in building the app.

Easy Music Licensing in Your iPhone Apps

The makers of FriendlyMusic, launched in 2010 with YouTube as a partner, now has an SDK to license music.

Here's a quote from the press release about the company's intention:

"We admire companies like Instagram and Aviary, who've fueled an explosion of creativity in amateur photography with easy-to-use image filters. Soundtracks are as meaningful to videos as filters are to images -- they open up an entirely new dimension of creativity and self-expression that we've seen users get very excited about," noted Rumblefish founder & CEO Paul Anthony.

We're seeing many SDKs like this that are wrappers for pre-existing APIs. And many more that are wrappers for private APIs. Making things simpler for developers is good, but it's best to give them a choice, as Rumblefish has here.

See the company's full announcement for more details on the SDK and other features of FriendlyMusic.

API Economy Webinar From Forrester

A free webinar on Thursday will explore how APIs in the enterprise. Forrester analyst Randy Heffner will be a guest speaker. If you're interested, be sure to register to attend the webinar.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a B2B marketing automation Platform, Hungarian zip code service, U.S. national digital weather forecast service, digital image service, online credit card payment service, neighborhood lifestyle data service, robo-calling and telemarketing service, restaurant staffing and scheduling service and a social location-based platform. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AppHarborAppHarbor API: AppHarbor is a cloud based Platform as a Service solution for .NET. that can be used to deploy and scale any standard .NET application. AppHarbor is used to host blogs, web sites and high traffic web applications.

The AppHarbor API allows developers to write apps and scripts that create, manipulate and monitor applications on AppHarbor. The API can be used for integrating functionality such as application management into an AppHarbor hosted application. Resources such as applications, collaborations, service hooks and more are available. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

C6 HuzipC6 Huzip API: The C6 Huzip API allows users to search for the zip code of any Hungarian city, or of a specific place or street. This service references the official code list issued by the Hungarian Post Co. Ltd. The C6 Huzip API is free, but users must apply for a license key.

The site and all Documentation is provided in Hungarian.

Cheeso's Zipcode Lookup ServiceCheeso's Zipcode Lookup Service API: Cheeso's Zipcode Lookup Service API allows users to input a zip code and receive its latitude/longitude location or the names of one or more cities within it. Users may also input a city name and receive its latitude/longitude location or one or more valid zip codes for it. This API uses the XML data format over SOAP.

HASTUschonHASTUschon API: HASTUschon is a German marketplace with over 10 million products that can also bought through Bitcoin Payment. The site also lets users participate in auctions such as normal bid oder fixed price auctions. The API is for accessing site data on shopping, bitcoins, product information, etc. This data can be integrated into third party web sites and applications. The API uses HTTP calls and responses can be formatted in XML, JSON and Text.

Documentation available as an open Google Doc at:

MarketoMarketo API: Marketo is a provider specializing in revenue performance management. Marketo offers revenue-focused, B2B marketing automation software. Marketo offers an API that lets developers integrate Marketo with multiple third-party applications and enterprise data repositories. The API provides support for Integration with both Back-end and Front-end allowing organizations to integrate any application, service or non-standard CRM system with their Marketo solution. Documentation is not publicly available.

National Weather Service NDFDNational Weather Service NDFD API: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides the public, government agencies, and commercial enterprises with XML data from the National Weather Service's (NWS) digital forecast database.

This API is available through SOAP or REST protocols, and provides an array of parameters allowing users to create customizable queries to the digital forecast database. Users can search the database by specific latitude/longitude, time, unit of measurement, and weather parameters. This service is provided free of charge by the U.S. government.

Users interested in REST implementations of this API can find documentation [[ here]].

NYPL Digital GalleryNYPL Digital Gallery API: The service allows applications to access digitized images from the New York Public Library collections. Searches can retrieve photos, maps, posters, illuminated manuscripts, ebooks, and other content from a repository of over 300,000 scanned images. Much of the material documents rare and historic resources from the NYPL collections.

API methods support submitting a search query with a keyword to match against collection records, with optional parameters to limit the match to image captions, subject descriptors, name of the creator or other person involved, etc. Search can be limited by to specific albums, books, etc. within the NYPL collection. Images can also be retrieved by NYPL call number or by provenance (all images from a specific source).

PaymentVision PayPaymentVision Pay API: The service processes online payments, either one-time or recurring charges by credit card, debit card, or ACH charge against buyer bank account. It provides real-time authorization for payments processed. A token-based system for scheduled payments prevents the need to store card numbers or bank account data, maintaining PCI security compliance and preventing liability through data loss.

API methods support completing one-time, same-day payments as well as scheduling recurring payments for time-based contracts. Methods also allow verification of bank account information and user update of payment account information.

PicketReport LifestylePicketReport Lifestyle API: provides detailed information about lifestyle, schools, neighborhood, crime and safety for people who are moving and looking to choose the best neighborhoods to live in. Over 100 million pieces of data are aggregated to gives users complete lifestyle based information. Developers can integrate the Lifestyle API into their applications. Contact the provider for more information and documentation on the API.

RobotalkerRobotalker API: The service provides robocalling for political campaigns, broadcast 911 announcements, billing reminders, debt collections, and similar bulk telephone communications. Calls are completed via the AT&T network for extensive geographic coverage. The service estimates a call completion rate averaging 98%.

API methods support creating and deleting messages, scheduling calls and message delivery, specifying recipient lists, and managing verification reporting. Methods also allow management of mp3 or wav files containing call content.

ScheduleflySchedulefly API: The service provides hiring, staffing, and shift scheduling specifically intended for restaurants and similar establishments. It provides tools for managing job postings, listing current staff and employee categories, and assigning shifts to employees.

API methods support retrieving listings of staff, staffing categories, and scheduled shifts assigned to current staff. Methods also support management of job postings created through the service and retrieval of job applications submitted for posted openings.

UberlifeUberlife API: Uberlife is a location-based socializing application. Users share when and where they want to hang out with their network and discover other hang outs happening near them. The API lets users access data stored by Uberlife. Methods include HangoutIdea, CloseFriends, Venues, Messages and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.