Today in APIs: Teleco.IO Launches Telecom Asset Management API

Teleco.IO has opened access to its telecom asset management API. Europeana has added a new API method to its Europeana API. Plus, hackers, hipsters, and hustlers represent the dream team of innovation.

Teleco.IO Opens Access to its Telecom Asset Management API

Teleco.IO, telecom asset management solution developer, has opened access to its telecom asset management API. The API enables users to manage, order, provision and search telecom assets across multiple network operators regardless of lifecycle position. Previously, such a wide range of functions required separate actions across disparate access points. The API provides a single point to address all such functions which should greatly streamline management and increase efficiency. 


The API provides critical visibility into telecom assets. With insight into trends, usage, and predictive analytics, users can gain a competitive advantage by utilizing the API. For more information, sign up for access. 

Europeana Adds New Method to API

Europeana, online database of cultural heritage objects, has added a new translation method to its Europeana API. Europeana content has always been multilingual in nature, and the team has long desired to provide simple search across the various languages through metadata in different languages. The new method, translateQuery. JSON, utilizes the Wikipedia API to engage user-defined languages to return suggested translations.  

The new method should greatly improve search capabilities as users can now search for the same term across multiple languages. For examples of how to deploy the API, visit the blog announcement or visit the changelog

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