Today in APIs: Teleporter's Addictive Google Maps API Integration, and 7 New APIs

Teleporter's Google Maps API Integration will take you away. Preview available for Microsoft Office 365 API tools. Plus: PagerDuty API lets you hack your on-call status, Microsoft to compete with Amazon cloud to cloud, and 7 new APIs.

The Teleporter's Google Maps API: To Boldly Go Where You've Never Gone Before

Forget throwing darts at a map. Jim Andrews has created a teleporter that will land you randomly somewhere on earth, thanks to a clever integration of the Google Maps API and Streetview. Using it is so simple that it could put Star Trek's Scotty out of work. You start in a Tardis out of the Dr. Who show in London (first graphic). Then... click teleport and get this: and another click and so on... According to Adele Peters at Fastcompany,

“The Tardis is a little unreliable--you’re not quite sure where or when you’re going,” says creator Jim Andrews. Like the Tardis, when a person clicks the “teleport” button on the Teleporter, he could end up anywhere--the algorithm calculates a random latitude and longitude somewhere on Earth, and then finds the closest panoramic photo in Google’s archives.

But how random is it? In two tests where I clicked teleport 15 times each, I had two photos appear in each test. And at least one photo was the same one I had seen in other reports on the integration. Given that randomness does include clusters, it would take a lot of testing to determine just how random these cyberspace dart throws are. But it sure is fun--and an interesting use of Google's Streetview. I feel like I've had a mini vacation--could this disrupt the tourist industry?

Microsoft Office 365 Gives Preview of API Tools

Microsoft is releasing a preview of its APIs for Office 365. That means they are available for comment but not for production. They will change based in part on feedback by developers. With the APIs, developers can consume Office 365 services, add libraries, classes for Authentication, add Sample Code that demonstrates best practices, and is designed for adding Office 365 APIs to existing applications. It is available for both C# and VB.NET projects, MVC Web Apps and Windows 8.1 apps, and can configure new services at any time. According to Microsoft's blog for Office developers post,

Office 365 APIs enable developers to integrate Office resources (such as calendars, contacts, mail, files, and profile information) directly into their custom applications. For example, with Office 365 APIs, a native WinRT application could add calendar appointments directly into a user's Exchange calendar or send mail on behalf of the user. Similarly, a web application with export functionality could now offer a "Save to OneDrive" option, saving a user's files directly to their SharePoint "My Documents" folder.

The blog post offers a set-by-step walk through of all the features listed above. A followup post is promised that will discuss how a code generator tool generates code, and how it can be used.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

7 New APIs

Today we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory including a telecom company's login authentication service, a website monitoring service, an sms messaging service that accepts bitcoins and an in-browser graphing calculator. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. 42com42com API: 42com is a telecommunications company that offers a range of services that virtual network operators can use when designing their own products. 42com comes with an online authentication API, the latest version of which uses a keyed-hash message authentication code (HMAC) rather than a username-password combination for login. The 42com website is available in both English and German. AlertraAlertra API: Alertra is a website monitoring service that notifies users via phone call or SMS when an outage or slowdown occurs with their websites, servers, or routers. It also has with the unique ability to quickly detect hard connection failures, equipment lockups, and OS failures. Additionally, Alertra can identify problems with the user's authoritative name server immediately without having to wait for the TTL (time-to-live) to expire. Users can integrate with Alertra via REST API. The available functions allows users to get uptime statistics, download detailed check data, set up new devices to be monitored, and automatically suspend monitoring when server backup begins. Users are invited to request additional API functions as needed. BitTargetBitTarget API: BitTarget is an SMS messaging service that only accepts payments in Bitcoins. The service allows users to send SMS around the world using a REST API. Code samples are available for the API in PHP, Python, and Shell Script. Users can test BitTarget by having it send a free text message to their cell phone. DesmosDesmos API: Desmos provides users with a free in-browser graphing calculator built on HTML5 technology. This calculator is capable of quickly plotting any equation, from the simple to the complex. Additional features allow users to add sliders to their graphs and to organize data into data tables. Users can embed the Desmos calculator within their own web page using JavaScript. MasterXchangeMasterXchange API: MasterXchange is an online exchange for MasterCoin, a type of cryptocurrency. This type of MasterCoin is not the same as the one traded on Cryptsy, and the two are not interchangeable. The MasterXchange API provides functions that allow users to get the last 500 trades, see the 500 best bids and asks, and get the current number of MasterCoins in existence. OptimoRouteOptimoRoute API: OptimoRoute is a web-based service for planning delivery routes and scheduling field service appointments. Optimizing routes allows users to save time, money, and fuel. Users can import addresses from Microsoft Excel and routes from Excel, a GPS device, or a smart phone. The OptimoRoute API allows users to integrate methods for creating orders, deleting orders, getting planned routes, and getting scheduling information into their own applications. Qconf- Quick Conference CallQconf- Quick Conference Call API: Qconf (Quick Conference) is a large conference call Platform that allows dozens of people from around the world to meet in a virtual conference room. There are no long-distance charges for international conference calls. The Qconf API allows users to access all aspects of the platform programmatically. Its specific functions include sending email invitations, sending SMS reminders, recording conference calls, and much more.

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