Today In APIs: TomTom launches Platform, Maluuba's Siri-like API and 19 New APIs

TomTom throws open its platform to developers with location services API. Maluuba announces Siri-like API. Plus: how the Government can take hints from the App economy to give its platform a boost, seven keys for building a successful API and 19 new APIs.

TomTom announces Platform API

TomTom, a leading provider of Mapping Services has opened up its platform. The Developer portal, powered by Mashery invites developers to start building location applications using the TomTom API. Developers have also been provided with mobile client SDKs for iOS, Android and for web developers, there is the JavaScript SDK.

Maluuba announces Siri like API

Maluuba, which has a Siri-like application for Android has released its Natural Language API that allows developers to build in Siri like functionality in their apps. API access is available on request and currently Maluuba provides Ruby, Java and Python wrappers around its API. Visit the Developer Portal to get started now.

App Economy and the Government as a Platform

Mark Headd makes a great point between the App economy and the Government as a Platform. He mentions that the Government finds itself today in the same position that Apple had, when they decided to throw up the App Ecosystem and the rest was history. He suggests that the Government can reap the benefits by acting an as API guardian and controlling the process of issuing keys to help curate the kind of applications that can be built on the Government platform.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

19 New APIs

Today we had 19 new APIs added to our API directory including a uk research archive, a search engine, a photo 2 avatar : 3d reconstruction service, a social network for tattoo enthusiasts, a cloud-based messaging service, a polish online supermarket, a horseracing tipster proofing service, an IT service management application service and a south korean social network. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Archives HubArchives Hub API: The Archives Hub provides a gateway to thousands of the UK’s archives. The Archives Hub enables users to search across archives held at over 220 institutions across the UK. The Archives Hub is used to find unique and often little-known sources to support research. The API uses an SRU protocol for searching the Archives Hub, descriptions of archives held across the UK.

Automatton Instant AnswersAutomatton Instant Answers API: Automatton is a search engine that allows users to search for answers to their questions without being tracked. Automatton provides a free open API to access the service with not API key required. The API allows users to pass in their queries and specify the number of answers to be returned. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

CG General Store Auto 3D HeadCG General Store Auto 3D Head API: CG General Store sells time saving products to 3D computer graphics professionals and students. These products include High Dynamic Range (HDR) Panoramas, Automated 3D Head Reconstruction, Maya-rigged 3D heads and other 3D models.

The Auto 3D Head API is a neural net based 3D Reconstruction REST API. Users can submit one or more photos of a person and retrieve a 3D animation rigged, photo-real 3D Avatar of that person. The API also does facial photo analysis such as "find face" and recovering skin, hair, and eye colors.

The system has three different geometry targets, and can be trained to output proprietary geometries as well. Also generates skin tone color corrected full body texture maps, so avatars complete bodies match their real world ethnicity. Great for gaming Apps as well as fashion and eCommerce: incorporate user's likeness in the product catalog, and show the consumer experiencing the product and enjoying. System is fast, under a second to generate a new avatar, plus data transfer time from our big fat pipe. The actual API endpoints are private. Each licensee receives their own endpoint, with custom data handling specific to their needs.

Custom TattooCustom Tattoo API: Custom Tattoo is a social networking and photo sharing site for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. The Custom Tattoo API provides RESTful developer access to Custom Tattoo data. Available calls include friend list access, message updates, user data requests, and adding and retrieving photos. Responses are JSON formatted.

DynmarkDynmark API: Dynmark is a cloud-based system that powers mobile messaging services. It enables users to send single or batch SMS messages, send delayed messages, receive SMS messages, forward messages to email, search message archives, and even set hours appropriate for receiving messages. Dynmark's Cloud Portal is highly customizable and can be readily configured to include the desired widgets and information. The service can also be used and configured programmatically via SOAP API.

FoodiniFoodini API: is a Polish grocery shopping service that allows customers to order their shopping lists online and have everything delivered directly to their homes. Groceries are carefully packed and delivered in specialized vehicles equipped with refrigeration units. Registered customers can create saved shopping lists and define any number of favorite products. offers frequent promotions and a loyalty program to make shopping more affordable.

The SOAP-based API enables users to access the website's services programmatically and integrate them with other systems and services. The website is offered solely in Polish. Tipzone Tipzone Pro API: is an online community for horse racing enthusiasts. Tipzone Pro provides professional tipsters with proofing service and collects professional tipster information for users. The Tipzone Pro SOAP API allows tipsters to automate their selections.

ITRPITRP API: ITRP is an enterprise-level cloud-based IT service management application service. In addition to providing user interfaces for service desk analysts and IT specialists, ITRP manages service agreements and facilitates collaboration between IT departments and external service providers.

Me2dayMe2day API: Me2day is a South Korean microblogging and social networking service. The service is built around users creating friend networks and communicating via messages and status updates. The Me2day API provides a RESTful interface for developers to integrate Me2day. Responses are XML or JSON formatted.

ProPublica ForensicsProPublica Forensics API: ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsgroup with the aim of producing investigative journalism in the public interest. Post Mortem: Death Investigation in America, is a ProPublica investigation into coroner and medical examiner systems nationwide. The ProPublica Forensics API provides RESTful access to the Post Mortem data.

ProPublica Free the FilesProPublica Free the Files API: ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsgroup with the aim of producing investigative journalism in the public interest. Free the Files is a ProPublica project to detail political campaign ad filings and track outside interest groups’ ad spending. The Free the Files API provides a RESTful interface for a variety of GET calls, allowing free developer access to the project data.

RBK GamesRBK Games API: RBK Money is an eCommerce company providing payment solutions for online games, primarily focused on the EU, Eastern European, and Russian markets. The RBK Games API consists of a Site API providing game developers with user data, and a Payments API providing access to user balance data and payment functions. Data may be XML or JSON formatted. API: provides real-time race tracking and timing services for running events. The API provides developers with RESTful access to event details, participant data, and real-time results information including runners’ pace, speed, and more. Responses are JSON formatted.

SONoMASONoMA API: SONoMA was designed to perform complex network measurements, handle heterogeneous measurement devices, automatically store results in a public database, and protect against malicious users. Its purpose is to characterize the structure, dynamics, and operational state of the Internet via distributed measurements. SONoMA combines the flexibility of mature network measurement infrastructures such as PlanetLab or ETOMIC with the general accessibility of public services like web-based bandwidth measurement or traceroute servers. SONoMA is a functional prototype system designed to demonstrate these capabilities. API: is an online postage vendor that also provides a SOAP-based API for generating USPS shipping labels. Users can make and print labels themselves or e-mail labels to customers for printing. The API also supports address cleansing, calculating USPS rates, package tracking, and more. These services are recommended for integration with web-based e-commerce systems or other web-hosted applications.

TTS-API.COMTTS-API.COM API: TTS-API.COM is a simple and free text-to-speech API. Users can input a string of text on the website and have it converted to an mp3 file. The service returns a downloadable link to the mp3. The service is currently free for use.

XboxLeadersXboxLeaders API: XboxLeaders is an unofficial Xbox LIVE stat tracking site, providing game session hosting, and community forums and chat, in addition to achievement and stat tracking. The XboxLeaders Xbox LIVE API provides read-only access to gamer data. Results can be returned in JSON, XML, or PHP format.

YouTargetsYouTargets API: YouTargets is a web based CRM system. It offers customers all of the traditional functionality of CRM systems such as management of up to 30,000 contacts, tracking deals, setting up tasks and grouping contacts on a per project basis. An API is available that allows developers to integrate the functionality of YouTargets with their existing websites or applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML or JSON.

Zeevex Game WalletZeevex Game Wallet API: Zeevex is a virtual currency sold on gift cards in retailers across the USA, and designed to be used for online games and other digital content. The Zeevex Game Wallet provides a RESTful interface for merchants to interact directly with purchase requests.


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