Today in APIs: Tranxition Launches User Persona API

Tranxition has announced the release of its User Persona API. Retail Week will host its first 24-hour hackathon this September. Plus, Gmail’s API is bigger than you think.

Tranxition Announces User Persona API

Tranxition, user persona management software provider, has announced the release of its User Persona API (UP). UP enables apps, software providers, and other services to restore the personas of personal computers. Prior to the API release, computer personas were solely used for migration. The UP release will expand potential uses.


Kelly Mackin, Tranxition founder and COO, commented:

Enterprise software vendors can now deploy services that support disaster recovery, backup and restore as well as computer migration between and within systems. Until now, people could only retrieve their files. Now they can retrieve their personas as well. For ITAM and ITSM vendors, personas can now be managed as an asset associated with policy.

The API is aimed to support organizations of all shapes and sizes. To learn more, visit Tranxition’s UP announcement.

Retail Week Launches First 24-Hour Hackathon

Retail Week, retail industry news outlet, has announced its first 24-Hackathon to take place this September as part of the its larger Technology and Ecommerce Summit. The theme of the hackathon will be to create the ultimate customer experience. Retail Week and its partner retailers find that hackathons are becoming commonplace in the retail industry to discover new ideas and drive innovation.


Nick Lansey of Tesco, and chair of the hackathon judging panel, commented:

If you want to stand any chance of keeping up with the fast pace of change, you should be doing hackathons….All good retailers are looking at this now, as they want to transform the experience for their customers as much as we do with ours.

Teams of up to five are welcome to join. The 24-hour event will kick off at 1 p.m, September 17th at Emirates Stadium in London, England. The top three teams will be selected to present to a broader expert audience. To learn more, visit Retail Week’s announcement.

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