Today in APIs: Tropo, Huawei & China Telecom Partner on API, and 9 New APIs

Tropo and Huawei partner to deploy Tropo API on China Telecom. CoverMyMeds releases API for supporting electronic prior authorization. Plus: there's an API for building a low-volume hardware product, Google wants developers to go to school for Drive, and 9 new APIs.

Tropo, Huawei Deploy APIs to Bring Suite of CaaS to China Telecom Enterprise Customers

Real-time API provider Tropo has teamed with Hauawei to deploy it on the China Telcom network. The API opens up services to third party providers. This is the first time the API is available in China.

As the companies commented, enterprise customers will have new capabilities:

As a part of Communications as a Service (CaaS) Platform, Tropo allows developers and businesses to quickly develop and deploy real-time voice, text and video applications using a simple API. China Telecom enterprise customers using the CaaS platform will, for the first time, have access to a robust suite of communications services, including automated inbound and outbound telephone calls, speech recognition and text-to-speech in multiple languages, multi-party conference calls, text messaging and more.

The groundbreaking partnership gives enterprises in China the ability to use China Telecom's IMS network, offering access to cloud-based communications combined with economies of scale.

CoverMyMeds API Allows EHRs to Support Prior Electronic Authorizations

Some simple steps have surprising impacts on health, and CoverMyMeds specializes in one of the important ones: getting patients to comply with their doctor's instructions. One aspect of that is making things easy with electronic prior authorizations (ePA). This will eventually be supported throughout the industry as it becomes a named HIPAA standard, but CoverMyMeds is out front.

The company explained how their API was key, in a press release:

CoverMyMeds is the only company that has automated drug prior authorization at large scale, and is now powering many millions of PAs per year across a deeply integrated network of pharmacies, physicians and health plans. Their API harnesses this platform into a single Integration that can be completed by most clinical systems in only a few weeks of work. NewCrop, a leading provider of electronic prescribing services, was the first to use the API to enable its more than 160 Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

Three features make this especially convenient: It implements the NCPDP ePA standard transaction right when prescriptions are written, works for all plans including ones that do not yet support ePA, and can turn faxes and prone calls received from the vast majority of pharmacies in the US into task lists.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a bahraini sms messaging service, a bulk sms service, an engagement database and a nigerian bulk sms service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Bahrain Center SMSBahrain Center SMS API: Bahrain Center SMS allows users to send both English and Arabic text messages. English messages can have up to 160 characters, and Arabic messages can have up to 70 characters. The Bahrain Center SMS API allows users to integrate the ability to send SMS messages and view their SMS points into their own application.

Everyday Bulk SMSEveryday Bulk SMS API: Everyday Bulk SMS allows users to send bulk SMS, schedule SMS for future delivery, customize their sender IDs, view sent SMS, send SMS from a Facebook account, and resell SMS. Lists of recipient numbers can be uploaded in different file formats, and any repeated or invalid numbers are removed automatically. The Everyday Bulk SMS API allows users to send single or bulk SMS and check their SMS balance programmatically.

IsaaCloudIsaaCloud API: IsaaCloud is a cloud-based gamification Stack. The IsaaCloud Engagement API is public. The IsaaCloud API Documentation is public. A developer IsaaCloud account with limited computing, bandwidth, storage capacity is free of charge and available following a simple registration process. Supplied sample engagement scenarios enable small projects to launch without any coding.

Large Bulk SMSLarge Bulk SMS API: Large Bulk SMS is a Nigerian provider of bulk SMS messaging services. It offers a variety of features, including two-way SMS, a reseller platform, and more. Users can integrate their own site or application with Large Bulk SMS's online gateway via API. This allows users to send messages and check their account balances programmatically.

MSG91MSG91 API: MSG91 provides users with bulk and voice SMS services. A single request can send up to 10,000 messages. MSG91 can be used for one-way or two-way communications. Users can connect to MSG91 programmatically via REST or SMPP, and Sample Code is provided ready to use in PHP, ASP.NET, and Java.

Odds24Odds24 API: Odds24 provides sports betting lines from major bookmakers across the internet. The Odds24 API provides programmatic access to updated odds, live scores, standings, and matches. The API initially covers 100 soccer leagues and odds from 27 bookmakers.

RandomProfileRandomProfile API: RandomProfile is a profile generation service where users can create profiles for use in testing and software creation. The RandomProfile API uses REST calls, returns XML, CSV, or JSON. On each call the API generates two random user profiles from the countries a user selects. These profiles are designed for testing a database in a project such as a dating website, social network, forum or professional network. The results include randomly generated name, surname, address, zip code, country, occupation, date of birth, bank account number, credit card number, height, weight, clothes size and other characteristics.

SEO On The Fly SMS MarketingSEO On The Fly SMS Marketing API: SEO On The Fly provides SMS marketing services and can send two-way SMS to mobile phones in over 200 countries. SEO On The Fly SMS Marketing supports GSM and Unicode characters so that users can send texts in any language. Messages may contain up to 459 characters. Users can create custom sender IDs to display for recipients, and delivery success notifications are available for all sent messages.

StockVizStockViz API: Stocks an investment trading platform that uses algorithmic trading to provide tools to trade in equities, options, as well as provide futures prices, technical analyses and fundamental data. The StockViz API provides users with access data, news and analytics for stocks, etfs and indices in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. An account is required with service and REST calls are used.