Today in APIs: TVTY's API

TVTY launches an API to connect TV ads to online ad campaigns. Lincoln Labs annual conference July 18-20th, will include hackathon. Plus: SoftKinetic helps kick off the Augmented World Expo, and predictive analytics tools and APIs.

TVTY API Connects TV Ads to Online Campaigns

TVTY is a French start up with a simple premise: people watching TV are often watching another screen at the same time, one of their digital devices. To heighten the impact of a TV ad, an online ad should be visible at the same time. Turn away from the TV during a commercial and there is a similar commercial on your device. The API is a tool for ad companies to make that possible

As Romain Dillet writes in Techcrunch, this could be a powerful tool:

To do this, the company monitors hundreds of TV channels, has an ad database in order to detect when a particular ad is playing in just a fraction of a second. You can even track ads from competitors. When a competing ad is playing on the TV, you can retaliate by showing your ads on the web.

Currently, the API analyzes 120 channels in 16 countries. The next stage is tracking events, not just ads, so that ads can be displayed that relate to those events. Live events hold particular promise because ads can be adapted as they unfold.

Lincoln Labs to Host Conference July 18-20, Announces Speakers

Lincoln Labs, promoters of using technology to further liberty, are holding their annual conference at the W Hotel San Francisco. Featured speakers are Senator Rand Paul and Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

The company also commented that they will hold a hackathon simultaneously:

In conjunction with the conference, Reboot will host its latest hackathon at Causes in California – bringing together technologists to devise and develop working tools over the course of a 24-hour period. Lincoln Labs is offering a $10,000 prize for the winning team. Participants may register for the hackathon.

Hackathon dates are July 18th & 19th. Judges are John Burke, Jessica Dahl, Evan Baehr, Katie Biber and Paul Martino.

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