Today in APIs: Twilio available on Google Cloud Platform, eBay Commerce Network

Twilio announces partnership with Google to power Voice and SMS Apps hosted via Google Cloud Platform. eBay relaunches as eBay Commerce Nerwork. Plus: Twitter Ads API expected to boost its revenue to $1 billion.

Twilio to power Voice/SMS Apps on Google Cloud Platform

Twilio has announced a partnership with Google, where it will be the first voice and messaging platform integrated with Google Cloud Platform. The service will be available via Google App Engine, which is used to power thousands of web applications. Developers will receive 2,000 free voice minutes or SMS messages, when they sign up for a Twilio account via the AppEngine promo link. The App Engine developers site has published developer notes on how to start integrating Twilio using either Python or Java.

eBay launches eBay Commerce Network

eBayeBay, which acquired, an online comparison shopping site 8 years back has relaunched it as eBay Commerce Network. The network is targeted more towards publishers who would like to advertise about their products on the internet. The key to driving this whole process would be the Commerce Network API that will help publishers to manage all its services, products, features, listings and merchants. The publishers ill get access to real time inventories of over 4000 merchants who are already on the eBay Commerce Network and will share revenue not just based on traffic they generate to the merchants but also on the quality of traffic.

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