Today in APIs: Twilio Integrates Ducksboard, SocioCast Funding Grows API and 13 New APIs

Twilio tasked Ducksboard with creating a preconfigured dashboard for usage analytics. Sociocast will use recent funding to grow its Prediction API. Plus: Codecademy adds more API to its learning Platform,  Amazon to hold AWS Summits in 12 cities, and 13 new APIs.

Twilio Integrates Ducksboard

DucksboardTwilio, the company that brings you cloud communication and the Twilio API, has teamed with Ducksboard in order to bring the Twilio Usage API to life. Ducksboard is a company that believes, “form and Function are basically the same thing.” Since 2011 Ducksboard has been providing developers with tools that allow for the monitoring of key metrics in a visually appealing way. Yesterday, it was announced on the Twilio blog that Ducksboard had:

“built a preconfigured dashboard for twilio where users simply enter their Twilio Account SID and AuthToken and the dashboard will automatically be created to reflect their Twilio Usage.”

The Twilio blog included a video that shows the dashboard in action, check it out below:

Sociocast Plans to Grow its API With Help From New Funding

Sociocast is a small company that is doing big things. The company intends to, “empower enterprise developers and data scientists by providing simple, predictive analytics that are easy to plug into any application or project.” One way to achieve their lofty goals is by expanding their Prediction API. Recent funding of over $1M will help in this endeavor.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

13 New APIs

Today we had 13 new APIs added to our API directory including an international shipping service, a genetic structure matching service, a genetic research data service, a swiss government learning management service, a video calling and document sharing service, an e-commerce platform service and a new south wales government data service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Bongo InternationalBongo International API: Bongo aims to help with International Cross Border eCommerce transactions by both Consumers and Businesses. Bongo services 95,000 International Consumers and over 3,000 Businesses globally with a team spanning 3 continents speaking 12 languages. The Bongo API allows users to make a variety of calls to check order information and status including: ConnectOrder, ConnectLandedCost, ConnectProductInfo, ConnectOrderRemove, ConnectOrderTrackingUpdate, ConnectSkuStatus. The API can use several protocols and will return XML or XML- RPC.

GeneCoDis2GeneCoDis2 API: The service provides analysis of genetic sequence data to identify those associated with biological features, known as annotations, that frequently appear together. It then ranks these sets of genes based on the statistical significance of the frequency of co-occurrence. The results indicate the strength of association between biological annotations and a research project's identified set of genes.

API methods support analysis of statistical relationships between genetic sequences based on multiple repositories of data documenting statistical relationships. A request can specify the organism genome to be the focus of analysis along with the statistical algorithm and method to apply plus the gene sequence and set of biological annotations to consider. Results suggest statistical associations between those annotations within the specified sequences for the specified organism.

GeneProfGeneProf API: The service provides data to support genetic research. Its data analysis functions help with processing of genetic sequences in RNA-seq and ChIP-seq formats, and a database of previously processed experimental results provides points of comparison for newly collected datasets. These resources help researchers to evaluate expression and regulation of genes developed in their experimental work and in similar results from other studies.

API methods support retrieval of a catalog of datasets already logged by the service along with search-based access to data for individual genes, experiments, datasets, or public samples. Methods allow selection of transcription factors and TFAS scores for a target gene or an experimental sample. The API gives access to genomic data files in BED or WIG format.

GlobalTeach LMSGlobalTeach LMS API: The service provides learning management system (LMS) functions for e-learning courses and online instructional components. It helps with creation, updating, and accessing educational content for use in courses sponsored by educational institutions and organizational training programs. Other functionality includes student rosters, attendance, assignment submissions, and grading.

API methods support search against the course catalog, review of course listings, and selection of individual courses. Methods support course registration and enrollment along with student interactions such as access to the syllabus and instructional materials, interaction with classmates and instructors via chat and forum posts, and posting assignments. The API also tracks course completion and performance with longer-term credential planning.

Indiligo InsideIndiligo Inside API: The service provides a platform for online interaction via real-time video, chat, and document sharing. It is intended as a service for remote meetings and presentations as well as other applications that emphasize rich customer and colleague contact. Custom call scripts allow applications to integrate online interaction functions with other processes like customer relationship management (CRM) and sales management applications.

API methods support initiating a hosted video call with access via a specified URL available to specific users. Methods support chat messaging and uploading documents to a collection hosted by the service and shared with all users accessing the call. Methods also support management of contact lists and access credentials for accessing shared calls..

Oonetic BuyBoxOonetic BuyBox API: Oonetic BuyBox is a French E-Commerce software-as-a-solution (SaaS). Oonetic features E-Commerce solutions for online stores and websites.

The Oonetic BuyBox API allows developer to access and integrate the functionality of Oonetic BuyBox with other applications and websites. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should contact Oonetic for more information:

OpenGov NSWOpenGov NSW API: OpenGov NSW is a repository for data, publications, and records of the New South Wales government. Users can search for publications and records on the website.

The OpenGov NSW API allows developers to access and integrate the data of OpenGov NSW with other applications. Some example API methods include searching for publications, retrieving publications, and searching by keyword.

PushBulletPushBullet API: The PushBullet API allows developers to engage customers through the PushBullet Android application. This service makes it easy to write software that can push to devices through PushBullet. What you would push and why is up to you; PushButton provides the tool. This API utilizes RESTful calls and JSON responses.

SDSS CasJobsSDSS CasJobs API: The Catalog Archive Server Jobs System, or CasJobs, is an online workbench for large scientific catalogs. It is designed to emulate and enhance local free-form query access in a web environment.

CasJobs provides both synchronous and Asynchronous query execution, and a 'History' function records queries and their statuses. Each user gets a personalized, server-side database called 'MyDB', which enables persistent table, function, and procedure creation. MyDB data can be downloaded in a variety of formats and shared between users via the 'Groups' mechanism.

CasJobs provides multiple interface options, including a browser client and a java-based command line tool. It also offers SOAP-based web services for managing user accounts, jobs, user groups, and servers.

ServiceUServiceU API: ServiceU is web-based software designed help churches, schools, and non-profit organizations manage their online processes related to events and donations. It offers online event registration and ticketing services and can also accept donations made through a website or mobile device.

ServiceU provides REST APIs that allow users to access their data for use in calendars, web pages, and mobile apps. ServiceU also provides a SOAP API for customizing its EventU Public Calendar.

Sierra Stanford HIVSierra Stanford HIV API: The service provides access to a database developed by Stanford's HIVdb project to detail resistance of human immunodeficiency virus to established drug treatment regimens. Data provide scores according to the Stanford HIV Drug Resistance Algorithm for 17 protease and RT inhibitor compounds approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as treatments for HIV. Data also provide comments to guide evaluations and applications to form judgments of likely levels of drug resistance.

API methods support submission of nucleic acid sequences to retrieve algorithmic scores predicting resistance of the described virus strain to known HIV treatment drugs. An XSL transform template is available to render the XML Web Service results as human-readable HTML.

Spell OutSpell Out API: Spell Out is a voice procedural alphabet translation tool to aid users in spelling words over the phone. Users enter text and choose from a list of phonetic and spelling alphabets such as the ICAO spelling alphabet. Spell Out provides the translated spellings with audio examples.
The Spell Out API provides a RESTful interface for developers to access the list of available alphabets, extract an alphabet’s information, and convert text using a given alphabet. Responses may be JSON or JSONP formatted.

TopruralToprural API: Toprural is a rural accommodation search engine built to promote rural tourism throughout Europe. The Toprural API provides users with GET requests for accommodation listings information, including the ability to search within specified geographical parameters. Responses may be XML or JSON formatted.