Today in APIs: Twilio Launches New API-Twilio MMS

Twilio has launched a new API: Twilio MMS. Beyond Verbal has announced a Wellness API to create emotionally-aware apps, devices and services. Plus: Shippo lands new funding.

Twilio launches Twilio MMS

Twilio, communication as a service provider, has announced a new addition to its ever growing API portfolio: Twilio MMS. The new API enables developers to integrate media rich messaging into business applications. Twilio believes the two-way API will empower MMS as a more broadly used method of communication. 

Twilio MMS

Twilio CEO, Jeff Lawson, commented:

"This opens up innovation for something that used to be very difficult by making it very easy....We made it so that any developer will be able to use our Platform to start sending and receiving photos. It enables innovators to build."

Traditionally, adding MMS communication to an app required expensive, cumbersome coding and development. The time and the expense presented a major hurdle to broad scale adoption of MMS. Twilio MMS greatly simplifies MMS implementation and costs of Integration are reduced dramatically. With upfront costs as low as a single dollar, receiving a single photo starts at a single cent and sending a photo is a mere two cents. 

Beyond Verbal Launches Wellness API

Beyond Verbal, the emotions analytics company, has announced the Wellness API aimed at empowering apps, services, and devices to sense a user's emotions. For instance, wearable computing devices (e.g. FitBit, Jawbone, etc.) can track a user's emotional state throughout the day after integration with the Wellness API.    

Yuval Mor, Beyond Verbal CEO, commented:

"Wellness and fitness applications have advanced tremendously in recent years through technologies that quantify our exercise, our diet and our behavioral patterns. With the launch of Beyond Wellness API, we’re about to take another huge leap forward by enabling emotionally-aware wellness and fitness applications and devices."

To engage the Wellness API, the app or device must have a microphone. The user speaks into the microphone for at least twenty seconds. The Wellness platform collects, decodes and distributes emotions accordingly. To learn more, visit the Wellness API site

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