Today in APIs: Twilio Scores Big With AT&T Partnership, Facebook Releases SDK for iOS 6, and 11 APIs

Twilio and AT&T finalize a deal that has been in the works for quite some time. Facebook announced the release of it's SDK for iOS 6. Plus: Google launches underwater Street View, AppFirst Launches New Partner Program, and 11 new APIs.

Twilio Scores Big With AT&T Partnership

TwilioTwilio provides advanced voice and SMS communication applications that provide developers with an efficient way of integrating communication into their services. Today, Twilio scored big when AT&T announced that they would resell the company’s voice and SMS API. TechCrunch posted a great article today that stated:

“The partnership has been a year in the making and will get Twilio in front of a big potential client base of AT&T SMB and enterprise customers. Along with its $34 million in funding, the AT&T deal will continue fueling Twilio as it rockets to the top of the emerging cloud telecom industry.”

The deal looks to be a lucrative one for both parties involved. Twilio receives the obvious benefit of exposure and revenue; AT&T scores a fantastic service that will provide added depth to its Platform.

Facebook Releases SDK for iOS 6

FacebookDevelopers can now access the Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS. This means that it is now possible to tap into the resources that came along with iOS 6 Facebook Integration.

In an announcement made yesterday by Facebook:

“We’re happy to announce the Facebook SDK 3.1 for iOS that adds support for the Facebook integration in iOS 6. This integration opens up new opportunities for mobile app developers as you can easily build the foundation for a social app, Facebook Login and sharing functionality, into your product.”

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a security markets data and trading model provider, a firearm auction site, a software monetization service, a hosted shopping cart application, an employee satisfaction analytics and an online subscription service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

EmpirasignEmpirasign API: Empirasign acts as an indexible stock ticker for the Asset and Mortgage Backed Security Markets, delivering data and proprietary trading models. The Empirasign REST API returns JSON results, requires an API Key, and allows developers to embed Empirasign’s market data into in-house systems. API: is a website that gives visitors a way to purchase guns as well as promoting responsible gun ownership. Gun auctions and sales are conducted with licensed firearms dealers as transfer agents. Users can also find hunting and shooting accessories for sale. In addition, the site provides resources on purchasing a gun, selling a gun and getting protection for purchases. The API allows users to retrieve the information on the site and integrate it into third party applications. The API uses SOAP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

InishtechInishtech API: InishTech, from Software Potential, is a cloud based software monetization service. The service lets users manage and control their software in the marketplace by providing the ability to license, package, protect the code and view usage analytics. A set of APIs is available that allows users to integrate license management and control capabilities with their application. Functionality exposed via the API includes the ability to control and automate tasks such as example license request, license activation, license query, feature checks, license updates and more. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information.

Mal's e-commerceMal's e-commerce API: Mal's e-commerce is a hosted shopping cart application for ecommerce providers. Users can add a "Buy Now" button next to the products on their websites and when a customer clicks those buttons, they are taken to their shopping cart that is hosted on the Mal's e-commerce servers. Service features include no limit on the number of products, online credit card support, the ability to issue gift or discount coupons, compatibility with mobile devices and more. The RESTful API uses XML responses and is only available to Premium accounts.

Malvee JobberMalvee Jobber API: Malvee Builds apps for small business and enterprises. Malvee’s Jobber app is a tool that helps managers and human resources officers gauge employee satisfaction. Jobber has multiple functions that allow small businesses or enterprises to customize the app’s scale and questionnaire. Enterprises can, for instance, set quizzes to different languages for their locations in non-English speaking countries. Jobber provides an analytical dashboard that compares data from the quizzes. The Jobber API exposes group, questionnaire, and answer options functionalities. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

SaaSySaaSy API: Saasy is an all-in-one subscription and recurring billing e-commerce solution for companies that sell downloadable software. SaaSy provides a hosted subscription order page that can be customized to look like an existing website. The API exposes functionality including Get Subscription, Update Subscription, Cancel Subscription and Renew (for "On-Demand" subscriptions). The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Serko OnlineSerko Online API: Serko Online is Asia-Pacific's first and only integrated online corporate booking engine, expense management system, and real-time financial reporting tool. It allows corporate customers to handle their own travel bookings and covers the full cycle of travel-based transactions including flights, accommodations, rental car bookings, and insurance. Serko Online is a browser-based system which integrates with any TMC (Travel Management Company). Its features are available programmatically using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

ShipOnlineShipOnline API: ShipOnline is a provider of integrated, online shipping solutions to help businesses automate their shipping processes. With ShipOnline users can generate shipping documents, track, trace and obtain proof of delivery, and send notifications to clients. The XML API lets developers provide their users with mutli-carrier shipping capabilities by integrating the platform's functionality into existing systems. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

SkolportalenSkolportalen API: Skolportalen (Education Portal) is a service run by the Local Authorities of Jämtland County. It provides a collection of software and services for the Association of any school system. These are IT-related services, representing a variety of tools that can help streamline daily work. Such as by creating questionnaires, enabling distance learning, and providing e-mail services. The Skolportalen API enables users to programmatically retrieve informational documents from the site.

StrongspaceStrongspace API: Strongspace is an online storage service that allows customers to gather, store, back-up, and share files. The Strongspace API provides a RESTful interface for customers to automate Strongspace functions, including file uploading and downloading, and managing SSH keys.

VeratadVeratad API: Veratad Technologies, LLC is a provider of real-time online and batch identity verification, age verification and knowledge based Authentication solutions. Age and identity can be verified with as little information as a name and address while allowing the user to ability to input as much information as necessary. An API is avaialble that allows developers to integrate the solution into a branded website. Public documentation of the API is not available.