Today In APIs: Twilio SMS powered Art Auction, Private API security concerns and 11 New APIs

Twilio SMS powers an Art Auction. OKCupid App fixes security issues in private API. Plus: Google Adds Reviews to Places API, testing the API backend of your mobile solution and 11 new APIs.

Artist Makes Silent Auction SMS App powered by Twilio

In yet another great example of how people use Twilio comes this post, that describes how artist Alex Ember and hacker Dan Kaminsky came together to create, a web site that launched Alex's Gallery online. The application allows interested buyers to visit the site and place anonymous bids via Twilio SMS on any of his art pieces. You can notified via SMS if you get outbid and at the end of the auction, winners are notified and financial transactions are done via Square, PayPal or Venmo.

OKCupid Blind Date App fixes private API

We list 8000+ public APIs and believe that there is a much larger number of private APIs in use, especially in mobile applications. It does not take much for developers these days to sniff your private API and investigate the data moving to and fro.'s Crazy Blind Date, a mobile app available on both iOS and Android had to put in an emergency security fix to their private API after they found that they were not scrambling the data Feed, thereby allowing access to private information like an users email address, date of birth and even their photograph. The fix is now in place but should be a good reminder to all API providers to build secure APIs.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

11 New APIs

today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a live chat with advertising company's receptionist, a genetic structure prediction service, a genetic structure comparison service, an electronic waybill creation and management service, a local product search and a genetic structure prediction services. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Brand Content ChatBrand Content Chat API: Brand Content provides advertising services to companies trying to build their brand. They construct advertisements for all sorts of media channels including television, print ads, and social media. On the Brand Content website, visitors can engage in a live chat with Brand Content receptionists.

This live chat capability can also be accessed programmatically using the SOAP-based Chat API. This service can be used to connect or disconnect to the chat service as well as send and receive messages.

DSC protein secondary structure predictionDSC protein secondary structure prediction API: The service provides predictions of secondary protein structures by assigning a test sequence to one class of such structures based on statistical measures of probability. This method decomposes the sequence prediction decision into basic elements, then combining those found in a sample to predict the overall secondary structure. This method adjusts for relevance of particular structural patterns to a sample submitted for analysis.

API methods support submission of a protein sequence to initiate and analysis job. The API generates a prediction of secondary structures based on probability of combinations found in the submitted sequence, weighted for the varying importance of different elements within the specific analysis.

FastA protein similarity searchFastA protein similarity search API: The service compares a protein sequence submitted with a request against a database of protein structures. It reports matches with known protein sequences, indicating genetic relationships between the sample under analysis and sequences already documented and supporting conclusions about the sample's biological heritage.

API methods support submission of a protein sequence to trigger analysis based on the FastA algorithm along with the specific reference database for the comparison. The API returns matching sequences found in the selected database to allow further analysis of genetic relationships with known proteins structures.

Georgia Revenue Service WayBillGeorgia Revenue Service WayBill API: The Georgia Revenue Service is a part of the Ministry of Finance that supports businesses in Georgia and manages the tax system. The Revenue Service also provides the WayBill API, which enables users to create, manage, and retrieve waybills online. A waybill is a document that gives details and instructions relating to the shipment of goods. It usually shows the names of the consignor and consignee, the point of origin for the shipment, its destination, and its route. Users can access the WayBill API using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The Georgia Revenue Service website is provided in both Georgian and English.

Goodzer Local productsGoodzer Local products API: Goodzer's API will enable your mobile or web application to find products in local stores (large AND small) all over the U.S. It provides the most comprehensive coverage out there with more than 2,5 BIllion (yes, Billion) inventory items in 500,000 brick-and-mortar store locations.

GOR protein secondary structure predictionGOR protein secondary structure prediction API: This collection of three services -- GORI, GORIII, and GORIV -- provide predictions of secondary protein sequences using methods based on the information theory of Garnier, Osguthorpe, and Robson. It evaluates checks for 17 residues to determine scores for four possible conformation states, with correction for known decision constants. The highest score is taken to indicate the protein conformation.

API methods support submission of a protein sequence from experimental data. The API returns predictions of secondary sequences associated with the input data based on estimates of conformational states.

MemjoggerMemjogger API: Memjogger is a web application for spaced repetition learning.

The API makes it possible to perform progammatically most of the operations available through web interface. All operations are fully documented.

PREDATOR protein secondary structure predictionPREDATOR protein secondary structure prediction API: The service predicts secondary protein structures by analyzing amino acid sequences submitted and detecting hydrogen-bonded residues within those structures. Potential for hydrogen bonds is associated with resulting secondary structures, providing a partial indicator that may be used in combination with outputs of other services.

API methods support submission of amino acid sequences to generate a job request and begin processing. The API returns indicators of hydrogen-bonded residues detected within the input data for use in secondary structure prediction. Methods also allow for control of the service, including status monitoring and cancellation of current processing jobs.

SeQR PaySeQR Pay API: SeQR Pay provides a new way to purchase products. The basic concept is that products, product packaging, and advertisements have unique SeQR Pay QR codes on them so that anyone may scan that QR code and purchase the product using the SeQR Pay app. As a results, users no longer need to go to a store or website to make purchases. The user's payment information and shipping address are stored on SeQR Pay's secure server and only needs to be entered once.

So far, only a few brands have incorporated SeQR Pay technology. However, the SeQR Pay API still appears to be functional. It includes functions for both customers and merchants who want to integrate the SeQR Pay functions with other application or services.

The Mar-a-Lago Club Photo AlbumThe Mar-a-Lago Club Photo Album API: The Mar-a-Lago Club is a private club owned by Donald Trump. It is located in Palm Beach, Florida. The club website hosts a photo album, which can be accessed programmatically using the Photo Album API. This API enables users to load all or some of the images from the photo album onto their own websites by using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Where's it up?Where's it up? API: Where's it up? provides a network of servers that allows users to make sure that their websites are up wherever a server is located. Locations include cities around the world with a focus on North America and Eurasia. Each server is capable of local DNS resolution. Where's it up? can follow a reasonable number of redirects and will report back IP and timing information. Users can access Where's it up? programmatically by issuing JSON-formatted POST calls to the server.