Today in APIs: Twit Cleaner Gone and Google Reader Workaround

Twit Cleaner doesn't survive Google's new API. Feedly API to Save Google Reader Clients. Plus: Google kills CalDAV API support and Deploymate helps developers detect unavailable API calls.

Twit Cleaner Swept Away by API Update

The popular app Twit Cleaner, identifies accounts you are following that could be spam. But as Paul McNamara reports on Buzzblog, changes to Twitter's API have killed the app,

"Twit Cleaner, a popular web app used by hundreds of thousands to clear deadwood from their Twitter accounts, is the latest victim of Twitter's controversial API changes, as the site's sole proprietor, Si Dawson tells me: "It's simply technically impossible for me to continue."

Si Dawson, founder and sole coder at Twit Cleaner put the lesson in a pithy way to McNamara: "Being a share-cropper (building something on someone else's Platform) is a fool's paradise. Fun while it lasts, but ultimately doomed."

Rise of the Clone: Feedly API to Save Google Reader Clients

Google App EngineFeedly has a way to save Google Reader, being shut down July 1. As Sam Byford reports in The Verge, this could cause big problems for the developer community that relies heavily on the site,

"Popular news aggregation app Feedly thinks it has a solution, though — it's been working on a project that clones the Google Reader API, and says that users will see a "seamless transition" once Reader shuts down."

Feedly calls the clone Normandy, and has it running on the Google App Engine. If you're using Feedly, you're all set; the transition will be seamless.

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