Today in APIs: Twitter adds Six New Ads API Partners, Microsoft Introduces 3D Printing Support API, and 10 New APIs

Since the release of the Twitter Ads API in February, 11 partners have been added to the Platform. Microsoft announced that Windows 8.1 will feature a 3D printing API. Plus: new boundaries for the Districts API and 10 new APIs.

Twitter adds Six New Ads API Partners

TwitterBack in February Twitter announced a new Ads API and 5 partners to go along with it. These companies included: Adobe, HootSuite, Salesforce, SHIFT, and TBG Digital. Today Twitter has released the names of 6 new partners: Kenshoo Social, Optimal Social, SocialCode, SocialFlow, Unified Social, and Voxsup. Twitter obviously believes that these enterprise-focused social media marketing companies will help them expand moving forward.

Microsoft Introduces 3D Printing Support API

Windows 8.1 will offer developers 3D printing capabilities through a native API. With this tool applications will have the power to print 3D designs seamlessly.

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10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including an industrial technology retailer's news and product information, a pcc funding award location finder, a financial asset trading service, a flight simulation game logbook service, a free clip art service and a multichannel it notification service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AdvantechAdvantech API: Advantech is a company that sells industrial computing, machine automation, surveillance, and networking technology to buyers around the world. They expose their site's contents and product information via API. This allows users to retrieve product specifications and ratings, product info by part number, corporate events, pressroom news, and more. The API operates over SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Broadband USABroadband USA API: The BTOP (Broadband Technology Opportunities Program) works on expanding broadband access across America. The BTOP API provides access to information on places that have been awarded PCC (Public Computer Center) funding or assistance by the government. This information can be viewed through a map on the website or retrieved programmatically by state, zipcode, or coordinates. The API is capable of retrieving this information in both JSON and XML format.

CME ConfirmHubCME ConfirmHub API: CME Group provides futures and options trading services to help investors manage their risk. One of their services is CME ConfirmHub, which allows users to send trades to multiple firms over a single connection and in a standard format. It also provides electronic access to brokered trades and CME-cleared transactions. These functions can be accessed programmatically using the CME ConfirmHub SOAP API.

FalconLogFalconLog API: Falcon 4.0 is a video game and combat flight simulator that provides a realistic simulation of piloting an F-16 Fighting Falcon jet fighter. The FalconLog website provides Falcon 4.0 pilots with a place to upload their logbooks. The site stores the data online so that users can see their progress over time along with detailed statistics that go beyond what the simulator itself shows. The site supports multiple versions of Falcon 4.0, including Allied Force, Benchmarksim 4+ (BMS), Free Falcon, and Open Falcon. The logbook service can be accessed programmatically via SOAP API.

OpenclipartOpenclipart API: Openclipart provides original, royalty-free clip art for commercial use. Art available through the site includes images, graphics, templates, and icons. Unless otherwise stated, all clip art on Openclipart is waived of copyright and similar rights. The Openclipart API allows users to search for clip art and access RSS feeds for the most recent uploads, the most popular clip art for the day or week, top contributors, and more.

OpsGenieOpsGenie API: OpsGenie is an IT notification system that allows developers to send messages to users via email, SMS, phone calls, and mobile push notifications. Unlike some systems, OpsGenie does not limit alert messages to a few simple characters. Alerts can contain free form text, tags, additional fields, and even files. OpsGenie monitors the entire notification system from end to end using "heartbeats", which are analogous to pings. The OpsGenie APIs allow users to manage alerts, users, groups, schedules, heartbeats, and more via REST calls.

PokelogPokelog API: Pokelog is a personal analytics service that can be used to track almost any kind of metric. Users could, for example, track their car's mileage, the heights of their children, or their own weight. Data submitted to Pokelog can be displayed graphically using charts. Pokelog is still in alpha, so user feedback is encouraged.

The API allows users to create, read, and update their pokelogs and pokes. Pokelogs are the data records for specific metrics that the user wants to track. Pokes are data points within a pokelog.

Public Insight NetworkPublic Insight Network API: The Public Insight Network helps connect newsrooms with public sources. It gives editors, reporters, and producers access to thousands of people and helps them find those with knowledge relevant to the story at hand. Members of the public are invited to become public sources with the assurance that nothing they share will be published without explicit permission. The Public Insight Network provides a RESTful API that allows users to push and pull data to and from the Network programmatically.

roondooroondoo API: Roondoo is a free Web Service allowing users to create free profile pages. Pages can include a short bio, a profile picture, and links to social network profiles. The Roondoo API provides developer access to profile data via HTTP GET calls. Exposed data include contact information, profile content, and social network usernames. Responses may be JSON or XML formatted.

Visit EstoniaVisit Estonia API: Visit Estonia is the official tourist information website for the country of Estonia. The site includes information on destinations, accommodations, travel and transportation, and travel planning. Visit Estonia offers a RESTful API in order to share their data with other sites and institutions. The site has two web services, one that returns public entries and one that returns domain values.