Today in APIs: Twitter Buys an API, New Klout Scores Hit API and 27 New APIs

Twitter is adding a mobile A/B testing suite to its collection of APIs-turned-employees. The Twitter-derived Klout API is rolling out a new scoring algorithm and site. Plus: Flickr highlights a cam-sharing app, TD Ameritrade API starting to bear fruit and 27 new APIs.

Twitter Buys API, Tries to do it Right

Twitter has acquired mobile A/B testing company according to a Developer Tech post:

The two-man staff, Eric Florenzano and Eric Maguire, has been acquired by the social media giants, alongside the IP, and will commence work as part of Twitter’s growth and international team.

The duo was previously with chat app Convore, a Y Combinator alumnus.

Alongside the ability to add A/B testing to a mobile app,’s cornerstone product is the Clutch Framework, which incorporates both HTML and native code to develop hybrid mobile apps, enabling developers to update their apps instantly.

While the technology will be folded into Twitter itself, the microblogging Platform is trying not to leave developers in the lurch. The guys at Clutch are apparently working on a way to let developers use Clutch on their own servers.

Which Way Did Your Klout Score Go?

KloutThe most visible difference to the Klout API is that the algorithm behind the score has changed. But there's a lot more coming as part of the changes to Klout's site itself.

As part of its move to Klout V2, the old version will be officially deprecated at the end of the year. Features such as True Reach, Network Score, and Amplification Probability will no longer update after September 14. Klout is quick to point out that your apps won't break--the data just will no longer be updated.

Flickr Gets Back to its Photographer Roots

The latest addition to Flickr's app gallery is an app for sharing your camera... and the photos taken with it.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

27 New APIs

Today we had 27 new APIs added to our API directory including an online payments service, mobile SRM, real-time advertising platform, stock quote service, electronic luggage tagging service, cloud based telephony service and print shop management service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Accuity IBAN ConnectAccuity IBAN Connect API: IBAN Complete offers a single solution for IBAN (International Bank Account Number) conversion, validation, and routing BIC (Bank Identifier Code) identification. The IBAN is an international standard for identifying bank accounts across national borders with minimal risk of propagating transcription errors. The latest version of IBAN Complete is designed to enable banks and corporations to comply with European mandates. The IBAN Connect API provides programmatic access to the functions of IBAN Complete via SOAP calls.

AdyenAdyen API: Adyen provides hosted payment pages for merchants. Their solution supports multiple currencies and accepts over 100 payment methods across Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America. Some of the functionality of the service includes one-click payments, single screen payment pages, A/B testing of payment pages and more. This functionality is supported by the API as well as using single-click without the need to store payment details, alternative payment methods, support for hybrid models in combination with hosted payment pages, and full 3D-Secure support. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

AppboyAppboy API: Appboy is a mobile CRM SDK that assists developers in boosting app usage, increasing downloads and interaction with their users. The internal on-line share API also included with Appboy's SDK allows developers to integrate sharing throughout their app. Behind the scenes, mobile developers put the Appboy SDK directly into their apps and recieve data, insight, and diagnostic information about their users served through Appboy's web dashboard.

AppNexusAppNexus API: AppNexus is an open and customizable advertising platform that specializes in real-time advertising. AppNexus offers a proprietary gateway to premier ad exchanges and ad inventory aggregators as well as an online auction infrastructure and technology for data management, optimization, financial clearing and support for directly negotiated advertising campaigns. This platform is exposed via a set of RESTful APIs. Documentation is available to customers.

CampusCash MobileCampusCash Mobile API: CampusCash Mobile is a mobile marketing service that combines SMS mobile text, Email, Myspace, Facebook, Instant Message, and Twitter. The CampusCash Mobile API allows users to synchronize a contact list or database with a user account. Functionality also includes two-way SMS communication, the creation of marketing keywords, and contact management. The API uses HTTP POST and GET and returns XML. To obtain an API Key for use, users must have a full, non-trial, account with CampusCash Mobile and submit a request through the support dashboard.

Canada PostCanada Post API: The service provides delivery services from Canada Post that can be integrated with e-commerce and retailing applications serving Canadian customers. In addition to basic shipping of purchases, it allows online stores to incorporate rate discovery and package tracking. Applications can specify a number of shipping options to customize delivery services.

API methods support specification of shipping location and delivery address, determination of shipping charges, and completion of documentation to send a package through Canada Post delivery services. Methods also support specification of available shipping options and package tracking while en route.

CDYNE Delayed Stock QuoteCDYNE Delayed Stock Quote API: The CDYNE Delayed Stock Quote API allows users to retrieve stock information using a number of SOAP-based calls. Users may retrieve a stock's price, a current stock quote, or a dataset containing information on multiple stocks. For all calls, developers may use a license key of 0 for testing.

Connxys ReClaimConnxys ReClaim API: The ReClaim service offered by Connxys provides customers with an electronic tag to add to their luggage to prevent mishandling. The tag is highly durable and enables airline workers to quickly confirm a bag's ownership and itinerary, even if the original airline tag is missing or unreadable.

ReClaim customers may update their travel information by e-mailing the service or by logging into their profile and updating the information themselves. The ReClaim API provides another option, allowing users to add, update, or retrieve itinerary and flight information programmatically.

CrossriderCrossrider API: Crossrider is a multiplatform, cloud based extension development tool for the creation of interoperable extensions in a variety of online environments. Utilizing JQuery, users are able to create extensions in minutes with a rapidly growing developer base. Monetize the online experience with a customized browser button or extension.

The appAPI allows for the creation of cross-browser extensions using simple JavaScript. Through the API you can utilize features such cross domain requests, local databases and browser buttons. In conjunction with the CrossriderAPI, you can check on the status of the extension online and ensure its proper functionality.

Daleeli MobileDaleeli Mobile API: Daleeli is a Saudi Arabian directory for all sorts of businesses and services. Visitors can look up restaurants, hotels, contractors, garden supply stores, car dealers, doctors, and more. Business information is not limited to Saudi Arabia; international businesses are represented as well.

The Daleeli Mobile API allows users to integrate access to Daleeli into applications for mobile devices. The API is accessible using SOAP calls in XML format. Relevant webpages and documentation are provided in both Arabic and English.

DerpibooruDerpibooru API: The website is for uploading and sharing My Little Pony fan art. Derpibooru is an image booru (sharing/commenting/voting system) for fans of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A JSON API for major site functionality can be freely used by those who want to produce tools for the site or other ways to use the data provided within Derpibooru.

DigitalOceanDigitalOcean API: DigitalOcean provides a simple, cloud based virtual server (droplet) service. With over 13,000 cloud servers currently in operation, DigitalOcean is a well-established provider of online storage solutions with fast, realtime control. With a streamlined interface, users are able to create and start utilizing a virtual server in under a minute.

The API provides all the same services as the web control panel to allow full control over your Droplet virtual servers. Using a simple, REST interface you can make calls for: shutting down, power cycling your virtual server, show all active droplets, take a snapshot, rebuild your droplet, and more. The API supports all major droplet functions allowing you to effectively run your server through the API.

Eligible Health InsuranceEligible Health Insurance API: The Eligible Health Insurance API is a service that lets users lookup information on over 700 insurance companies. Information available includes patients active versus inactive status, coinsurance, copayment, deductible, health spending balance and specialty specific information such as MRI and diagnostic labs. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

GuardlyGuardly API: Guardly is a mobile personal safety application that lets smartphone users push a single button on their device to connect and alert friends, family and authorities in an emergency. The Guardly API gives developers the ability to integrate emergency response notification and collaboration functionality into their own applications. Interested developers should apply with the provider for access to the REStful API, developer key and documentation.

Hit The DealsHit The Deals API: Hit The Deals UAE Go Deal Crazy is a daily deal site offering vouchers for various products and services. Dubai is currently the only featured city. The Hit The Deals UAE Go Deal Crazy API was designed to provide developer access to local Hit the Deals information and present it to their users in imaginative new ways.

Jupix Jupix API: Jupix is a web-based estate agency management service based in the United Kingdom. The Jupix API covers three functions of the Jupix online management service. The API will provide property details, track property inquiries from external sources, and integrate contacts into property mailing lists.

Keen PrintKeen Print API: Keen is a Software-as-a-Service ecommerce and print shop management tool. Keen can be used to help find prospects, receive their orders and ship their products. Keen allows print companies to set up online storefronts, offer price quotes, tracking info and order updates to their customers. The Keen API lets developers integrate the service with their existing systems. Interested developers should contact Keen for more information.

Mackinac Center for Public Policy VotesMackinac Center for Public Policy Votes API: The Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Michigan is a non-profit, non-partisan, public educational institution whose intent is to expand the debate regarding the need of government intervention in daily life. Through this site's API, citizens are empowered and allowed the opportunity for a more active part in the democratic process, as well as being provided with resources with which to hold their elected representatives accountable.

Provided by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Votes is a free public service API informing Michigan citizens about ongoing and new legislation in their communities.

The API utilizes GET requests such as: VoteResult, VoteType, Bills, Category, ChamberSession and more. Interaction with the API requires a browser with the ability to send and receive SOAP messages. After successful registration, users may begin using the API's functions.

Monexa BillingMonexa Billing API: Monexa provides a subscription billing platform as well as offering electronic bill presentment & payment capability to supplement a company's current billing system. Utilizing a cloud-based, SaaS approach, Monexa helps to streamline a company's subscription billing and payments system.

Monexa Billing utilizes a variety of SOAP and XML APIs. The API allows for complete Integration with a client's store, CRM as well as financial services, providing end to end billing automation. The API is meant for users wishing to integrate a client program with Monexa. Requests must be sent using HTTP POST.

Network Solutions Public EcommerceNetwork Solutions Public Ecommerce API: Network Solutions provides the means to jumpstart an online business as well as aid clients in setting up and managing (independently or through Network Solutions) all aspects of an e-store. Services provided include: web hosting, design, ecommerce solutions, security, marketing and email. With constantly available and award-winning 24/7 customer service, Network Solutions provides reliable and simple solutions for clients so that their ebusiness can thrive.

The Ecommerce API is designed to work with the Network Solutions ecommerce offerings. It is designed for developers who care to create applications which utilize their customer’s online store, inventory, order as well as other customer data. Offered in SOAP or XML. CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete), are available,

Purolator eShipPurolator eShip API: The service allows applications to integrate the provider's E-Ship Web Services to estimate delivery cost and time and to complete shipping documentation. It implements rules and restrictions governing package shipping to allow an e-commerce site or retailer to quote delivery terms and arrange customer shipping upon completion of a purchase.

API methods support submission of a shipping location and delivery address, along with package contents and other details, to generate an estimate of delivery time and cost. Methods then allow booking of the shipment, completion of shipping documents, and scheduling of pickup. The API also supports tracking of packages en route and processing of returned merchandise.

RealSatisfiedRealSatisfied API: RealSatisfied increases the opportunities you have to make connections with your clients and customers. Future and present customers can view your testimonials and recommendations online. They provide a platform for gathering user generated testimonials and feedback in a straight forward, simplified manner. You can send your clients surveys, invitations, set up notifications and more.

The RESTful RealSatisfied API utilizes XML or JSON over HTTP using GET,POST & PUT calls. The API can be used to integrate your applications with RealSatisfied's services. The documentation also includes a developer's Sandbox for testing the API functionality and available tools.

RejoinerRejoiner API: Designed specifically for online retailers and merchants, Rejoiner is focused on creating customers by reestablishing connections with users who have abandoned their online cart in an online marketplace. Services include: Shopping cart abandonment capture in realtime, drip email remarketing, subscriber management, analytics, notifications, campaign optimizations and an easy, pain free setup for retailers.

The shopping cart abandonment API is written in Javascript with plugins and integration with other cart software available. Merchants can utilize the API to pass on a large variety of information to Rejoiner such as: cart information (values, number of items) image paths and other important information useful for analysis during a checkout. Available methods include: email, returnURL, totalitems, and value.

RingCentral RingOutRingCentral RingOut API: RingCentral provides cloud based phone systems which allow companies to break from legacy phone systems and utilize RingCentral's business phone system with fax and voice services. A few of the services offered include: auto-receptionist functionality, a flexible extension structure, multiple voicemail boxes, intelligent call routing, ability to use extension dialing, transfers, and enhanced smartphone integration.

The API allows customers to employ RingOut services from a third party application. Through a GET or POST call, four services: list, call, status, and cancel are accesible. HTTP Cookies must be stored by customers and used on future calls.

ServiceObjects DOTS Fast QuoteServiceObjects DOTS Fast Quote API: The ServiceObjects DOTS Fast Quote API allows users to retrieve stock index information, international stock information, OTC Bulletin Board Market stock information, or information for a given stock ticker. All stock quotes are delayed by at least 15 minutes, except for NYSE and AMEX quotes, which are delayed by at least 20 minutes. Users may also look up symbols for companies or indexes. All API calls are made in SOAP using the XML format.

StorenvyStorenvy API: Storenvy assists in developing online stores for clients as well as aggregating independent online stores into a web marketplace with over 18,000 stores at present. You can either open your own online store utilizing their tools and API or browse and shop through the growing directory.

The API is currently in private beta (request a beta invite).

Developers using the API can manage their storefront, monitor and control order fulfillments, and receive event notifications through a REST interface in a JSON format. The API fully supports OAUTH2 and allows you to create useful third-party apps for Storenvy merchants. Utilizing your store’s API key, you can also connect directly with your own store and augment its functionality as you see fit.

UniFlipUniFlip API: Uniflip is a self service publishing system providing epublishing and file conversion services for clients wishing to create and publish a PDF flipbook. Uniflip can convert your personal or company's print resources into an interactive media package that is flippable and can be hosted through UniFlip or the client's own, personal server.

The API allows developers to upload files, utilize publication lists, and gather publication information through a few, simple GET and POST HTTP-based API calls. The user can also create and post and edit publications to UniFlip, activate licenses, and more.