Today in APIs: Twitter Data Grants, and 11 New APIs

Twitter is opening its massive public and historical data to select research institutions. Re-Leased makes it possible to manage property in the cloud with an accounting API. Plus: a 5 steps webinar for mobile security, Google sharing map data with game developers and has an API in the works, and 11 new APIs.

Twitter Announces March 15 Deadline for Data Grants' Pilot Program

Twitter is opening its historical and public data to select research institutions in a pilot program, Raffi Krikorian announced on the company's blog:

"With more than 500 million Tweets a day, Twitter has an expansive set of data from which we can glean insights and learn about a variety of topics, from health-related information such as when and where the flu may hit to global events like ringing in the new year. To date, it has been challenging for researchers outside the company who are tackling big questions to collaborate with us to access our public, historical data. Our Data Grants program aims to change that by connecting research institutions and academics with the data they need."

Many readers will be familiar with possible uses of some of the data, from health-related information such as when and where the flu may hit to global events like ringing in the new year. But it has been difficult to access that data without Twitter's assistance. Instructions for submitting a proposal by March 15 are available.

Re-Leased Manages Properties with Xero's Accounting API

Cloud-based property management software company Re-Leased uses an API from accounting software vendor Xero to manage the financial end of its offering. From rent to invoicing to costs, the Xero API crunches the numbers for investors and property managers.

Results are then integrated through Re-Leased's cloud-based management system. As Xero explains,

"Re-Leased pushes and pulls all invoices, contacts, tax types, accounts and tracking categories from the Xero API. It can automatically generate rent and property expense invoices and send them to Xero via the API. “Our Integration has allowed our users to reduce their administration time by up to three days a month. We are about to hit $500 million dollars of invoices synced in the past 6 months.” – Tom Wallace, Re-Leased Founder & CEO."

Intended for both managers and owners, from investors to government agencies, Re-Leased is aimed at the larger end of the commercial and residential property market, from $1 million to $500 million portfolios.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a financial sanctions validation service, a cambridge museum collections service, a bin verification service, a lossless jpg file size reducer and a debt freedom community service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Financial-SanctionsFinancial-Sanctions API: Financial-Sanctions is a financial information verification service that helps U.K. based companies comply with government and FCA regulations. The company offers to check existing clients against HMT's list, check new clients prior to providing any services or transactions, check for updates to the HMT list, verify any changes to your clients' details, and do regular repeat checks on existing and potential clients. The Financial-Sanctions API allows users to submit checks for FCA compliance remotely. The service is restricted to 1000 calls per day.

Fitzwilliam MuseumFitzwilliam Museum API: The Fitzwilliam Museum is the principle museum of the University of Cambridge. The museum exposes the object records from its online catalog through a RESTful API. The API is able to query these records, delivering comprehensive metadata describing museum objects.

FraudAssetsFraudAssets API: FraudAssets is an online BIN database service that is designed to help card merchants identify and eliminate fraud risks from their business. The service manages a database of bank card data, and amalgamates information from a wide number of contributors and card handlers to maintain a comprehensive and accessible credit card fraud prevention tool. The FraudAssets API uses REST calls, returns XML, and allows users to submit BINs and get back the company information with which to verify the transaction. An account is required with service and an API Key is required for use.

JPG OptimiserJPG Optimiser API: JPG Optimiser is a simple tool that allows users to reduce the size of JPG image files without reducing the images' quality. Users can upload an image for size reduction on the website, or they can do so programmatically via HTTP POST. The maximum uploadable file size is 5MB. Images are removed from the site's cache after 10 minutes.

LawfulBankLawfulBank API: LawfulBank is a group of individuals focused on ending debt slavery for the average person. The LawfulBank API allows users to make calls to get lists of friends, get mail, get notifications, and get lists of users. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. SSL is used for Authentication when communicating with the API server.

Lion SMSLion SMS API: Lion SMS provides a tool to send SMS anywhere, anytime from computer, website, server and application. The company offers Bulk SMS is as a marketing media to communicate a user's business in an effective manner to a user's customers, and friends. The Lion SMS API allows users to integrate and automate bulk SMS in third-party systems. An account is required with service, and the API is free to use with an account.

NextMarkNextMark API: NextMark is a marketing management company that provides media planning, media operations, and media sales services to users across the country. The NextMark API was designed to allow users to integrate third-party system with media planning Platform provided by NextMark. An account is required with service. The API uses REST calls and returns XML.

Nordea MarketsNordea Markets API: Nordea Markets is an international capital markets operator and investment banking service. The Nordea Markets FIX based API is primarily designed for FX and equity brokers, asset and hedge fund managers, and small and medium sized banks. The API provides up to the minute pricing in Scandinavian currencies, as well as easy connectivity, low latency and extensive post-trade capabilities. The API allows users to access FX trade data as well as automate trading activity. An account is required with service.

NYXdataNYXdata API: NYSE Technologies market data is a financial information provides live data across a variety of exchanges. The NYXdata API provides users access to data subsets they are interested in. Users can access real-time and historical data, reduces time for deployment/building of front end applications, functions as a spot check for price validation, and eases integration of back testing requirements. An account is required with service.

Tap-toTap-to API: Tap-to is an enterprise tool for capturing data and viewing information outside of the office the service utilizes modern smart phones and tablets to extend the accessibility of business information. Tap-to offers mobile Forms, Docs, Tasks and Lists. The Tap-to API provides users with integration tools to incorporate the Tap-to tools into third-party applications. The API uses REST calls and can return JSON and XML formats. An account is required with service. API: us a United States Treasury information provider that makes the data reported by the treasury on a daily basis readily available. The API provides users with access to the treasury's Operating Cash Balance , Deposits and Withdrawals, Public Debt Transactions, Adjustment of Public Dept Transactions to Cash Basis, Debt Subject to Limit, Federal Tax Deposits, Short-term Cash Investment, and Income Tax Refunds Issued. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON.