Today In APIs: Twitter Mobile Event and Facebook Ads adds Tracking

Twitter to demonstrate Platform Integration features at developer event on April 2. Facebook Ads API now adds tracking specs. Plus: Documentation gets its own conference.

Twitter Mobile Event To Showcase New Features?

Twitter is scheduled to hold a developer event on April 2 at its San Francisco HQ to demonstrate upcoming features in its platform.

As per the NextWeb report, Twitter platform Lead Jason Costa has dropped the hint that the event will focus on “how developers can best integrate Twitter into your mobile experience.” Given the recent spare of developer uneasiness with the Twitter API, we hope that this could be a new beginning. The Event will be held on April 2 and starts at 6:30 PM with limited seats, so hurry and sign up.

Facebook Adds Tracking Specs to Ads API

FacebookFacebook Ad Campaign managers now have a new way of keeping a tab on what actions users perform while interacting with Ad campaigns, as per the AllFacebook blog post. Tracking Specs are now available via the Ads API and as per official documentation "Tracking specs allow you to track what actions are taken by users interacting with your ad. Tracking specs will only track — it will not optimize for that action, nor does it charge based on that action."

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