Today in APIs: Twitterrific Tweets Today and Tomorrow, Facebook changes it's App Dashboard and 11 New APIs

Twitterrific announces that it will be moving forward with it’s update. Facebooks announced changes to it’s “App Dashboard”. Plus: Mendley’s open API changes academic publishing, Plivo takes on Twilio, and 11 new APIs.

Twitterrific Tweets Today and Tomorrow

Recently Twitter announced the changes that will be a part of v1.1 of the twitter API. Thankfully, these changes will not be a problem for Twitterrific, who announced that they will move ahead with their new version despite the restrictions that are being put in place. Gedeon Maheux, Co-founder of Twitterrific, stated that:

“For the past several months, we’ve been working on a major update to Twitterrific that we’re very excited about. There were concerns that this new version might end up on the cutting room floor prior to Twitter’s announcement, but after reviewing the new restrictions and speaking with the team at Twitter, we’re pleased to report that our development plans remain unchanged.”

It will be interesting to see what these restrictions mean for future growth of the Twitterrific App. If you would like to check out more ways that developers are using the Twitter API, check out ProgrammableWeb’s list of Twitter Mashups.

Facebook Changes it's App Dashboard

Facebook announced changes to it’s App Dashboard that are designed to “make it faster to integrate with Facebook”. Some of the primary changes are to the settings page:

  • Canvas settings are consolidated in Basic Settings
  • Auth Dialog is now Permissions, which lets you configure permission settings for App Center and Auth referrals
  • Android Integration fields are easier to use
  • Contact info is consolidated in App Details

Other changes include an “App Details” section that replaces the previous “App Center” section. The App Details section allows you to change promotional details like: promotion text, images, descriptions, icons and contact info.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a cloud based data archiving and backup service, an information management service, a video advertising Platform and network, a fix routing and normalization service and a personal health platform. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Customer Service Transformed - Radish Systems Release ChoiceView Visual IVR API

Amazon GlacierAmazon Glacier API: Amazon Glacier is a cloud based storage service that is optimized for data archiving and backup. The service is meant for data that is infrequently accessed and for which retrieval times of several hours are suitable. Amazon Glacier functionality is available via an API. With the API users can create vaults to organize the archives uploaded to Glacier, upload and retrieve archives, monitor the status of Amazon Glacier jobs and configure a vault to send a notification via the Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) when a job is complete. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

Astroboa Resource Astroboa Resource API: Astroboa is an information management service that provides a data services platform. Astroboa aims to cover the complete lifecycle of information management, from dynamic modeling to automated exposure of information as web resources. Astroboa makes its services available through JAVA, REST, and SOAP protocols. The API currently uses HTTP Basic Authentication but future releases will also consider OAuth.

BrightrollBrightroll API: BrightRoll is a video delivery platform and network. Its solutions are designed for advertisers and publishers to streamline their content delivery means. For advertisers, BrightRoll offers analytical tools and an extensive network of publishers to work with. Publishers can use the network to leverage their position with high-volume content creators. BrightRoll offers an API that exposes integrative functions. It is a RESTful API that can return XML or JSON-encoded data.

EZX iServerEZX iServer API: EZX is an online trading platform that offers integration into proprietary trading screens, excel spreadsheets, or the EZI applications. The EZX iServer API is designed to facilitate algorithmic trading. The API enables FIX normalizing, FIX routing, excel integration, and a low latency connections. EZX supports tool kits in Java, .NET, COM, and RTD.

HealthJibeHealthJibe API: HealthJibe is a personal health platform. It allows users to track conditions, assess progress toward health goals, and more. Users can register through participating employers to create a personal information center called a HealthVault. Users add and monitor pertinent information as they go. HealthPoints are accumulated and can be redeemed for incentives from employers. The HealthJibe API is a RESTful service that exposes functionality for integration with other health services and devices. It returns JSON-encoded data.

Markit DataMarkit Data API: Markit is a pricing and valuation service focused on providing end-of-day services that aggregate valuation information on credit default swaps. The Markit Data APIs give developers access to the data collected by Markit. Currently, there are APIs available for Company Lookup, Stock Quotes, and Timeseries data. The APIs are available in REST and SOAP protocols and will return XML, JSON, or JSONP. Full Documentation, code samples, and demos are available on the site's GitHub page.

MEDgleMEDgle API: MEDgle is a Big Data solutions provider. They deal specifically in data from medical and health sciences fields. Their service acts a platform between consumers and vast amounts of medical and health data. Patients find information about their symptoms, medications, and more. Health and medical enterprises can build services off of MEDgle’s information platform to improve their health-care delivery. The MEDgle API is a RESTful service that exposes the information and expert search to enterprises. It can return XML and JSON-formatted data.

Radish Systems ChoiceViewRadish Systems ChoiceView API: Radish Systems is the maker of ChoiceView a service that allows businesses to share visual information in real-time during smartphone conversations. The service has the capability to send pictures, graphics, or text to users' smartphones while they talk. With the ChoiceView API, developers can create a fully functional visual IVR and integrate it with live assistance or existing IVRs. The API is available in RESTful format, full documentation is not publicly available.

Trail Trail API: The Trail API allows developers to get access to thousands of outdoor recreation points of interest including trails, campgrounds, and ski resorts. Developers can also pull photos, ratings, and descriptions into their mobile app or website. The Trail API uses JavaScript requests and receives callbacks in JSON with the option of using JSONP.

TwitscoopTwitscoop API: Twitscoop is a real-time Twitter-trend visualization tool powered by an algorithm that parses tweets into tags and ranks them by frequency of use versus normal usage. The Twitscoop API allows a selected number of partners to integrate Twitscoop’s data to integrate with their own applications.

YuMe AFPYuMe AFP API: YuMe is a video delivery platform and service. Its extensive infrastructure offers opportunities for advertisers, publishers, app developers, and more. YuMe connects them in network that shares their mutually supportive assets. Content providers and advertisers can use YuMe’s delivery platform and Relevance Engine to put their content in the right place at the right time. Advertisers and publishers can use the network and delivery platform for streamlined media management. YuMe provides an API for video metadata management. It is available through their ACE for Publishers platform.