Today in APIs: Ubidots' API Powers Internet of Things

Ubidots's API makes capturing sensor data easy. Hacker League bought by Intel, to merge with recently acquired Mashery. Plus: Instagram blocks competitor Mobili from its API, and Senzari launches the first music knowledge engine.

Ubidots Launches API for the Internet of Things

Raspberry Pi's and Arduinos are the everyday hardware for the Internet of Things. But how do you collect the data, trigger custom events based on the data, and share insights about what has been captured?  The Ubidots platform brings all that together. Now, its REST API supporting both HTTP and HTTPS, makes Integration possible.

Documentation for the Ubidots API provides answers on how to get an auth key, python and java libraries, device tutorials, and authenticating API calls. Visual tools in Ubidots's Platform unlock the insights to your data. Pricing starts at free; cost beyond the free level has yet to be determined. Ubidots customers can be found in oil and gas, health care and the retail sectors.

Intel Buys Hacker League, Plans Mashery Merger

Intel has bought the company that powers hackathons, Hacker League. After acquiring he API company Mashery in April, as a way to connect with 170 brands and over 44,000 applications. Now it will be able to connect to the hackathon community through Hacker League, a company that has already powered 450 events.

Rachel King, writing for ZDnet, reports the integration of Hacker League will beef up Mashery's offerings,

"...the addition of Hacker League will mean that Mashery can speak even more to its developer community, which has since grown to more than 235,000 developers who have retrieved API keys with more than 88,000 active applications in development or in production."

Hacker League was founded just 24 months ago, according to cofounder Mike SWIFT in a statement about the deal.

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