Today in APIs: UK Police Release Crime API, Everplaces Recommendations API and 22 New APIs

UK Police Open Crime Database with API. Everplaces launches social recommendations API. Plus: UK gov opens anonymous crime data API, Machine readable rights statements, and 22 new APIs.

UK Police Launch API to Make Crime Data Accessible

Think: Prime Suspect's DCI Jane Tennison meets API. Just how well are the UK police doing? Although the data is anonymized, now you can look at crime and how it is responded to--with the equivalent of a magnifying glass.

The idea is to make what the police are doing more transparent. According to Gareth Corfield of the UK's The Register, has an app called "Crime Sounds" that can alert people as crimes are unfolding. The API itself covers data on neighborhood team members, crime stats, outcomes and nearest police stations.

Everplaces Launches API for Curated Travel Recommendations

What's the best travel guide you can get? Everplaces's answer: the one tailored to your interests and agenda. Think Instagram meets Pintrest on the road, curated just for you.

The API is for travel companies to provide user-generated content that is curated. Businesses can create their own apps built around the content. Martin Bryant of The Next Web explains how the whole thing fits together:

"...the new expert recommendations pull up what should be the most interesting and relevant recommendations and display them in a new ‘Explore’ section of the service. CEO and co-founder Tine Thygesen says that these recommendations are selected both “algorithmically and semi-manually” analyzing the quality of the post (does it include an images and address, for example) and the user (contribution levels, popularity of recommendations etc.). The top-scoring 5 percent are then passed to a human to pick the best to include in the Explore Feed."

Like every site, Everplaces has its testimonials. Theirs are insanely positive. ("Ive been dreaming about this product for years and now it's here." --Petter Palander) I view these over-the-top accolades with suspicion--who paid them? That was, until I saw the page about Montreal above. I've been to that city a gazzillion times (no exaggeration, honest). But I haven't been to ANY of these joints.

Exactly why do we need Everplaces when there are so many great travel guides out there? They put it best: "because it's not a lonely planet."

Travel bug's bit; I'm outta here.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

22 New APIs

Today we had 22 new APIs added to our API directory including a document creation service, a conversion service, an automation Platform, an italian tourism search engine and a remote support customer service platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AsposeAspose API: Aspose provides cloud-based services for document generation, conversion, and automation. It works with documents created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe, and OpenDocument. It is also designed to handle barcodes, optical character recognition (OCR), and email formats and protocols. The Aspose REST APIs enable users to integrate many document processing and management tasks into their applications. These tasks include, but are not limited to, document assembly, file conversion, text extraction, barcode generation, and email tracking.

CicerOOs Semantic GraphCicerOOs Semantic Graph API: CicerOOs is an Italian travel search engine and virtual tour guide. CicerOOs exposes its service through the CicerOOs Semantic Graph API.
The API provides a variety of search tools for accessing CicerOOs’ tourism data. Examples of supported methods include searching semantic content of major tourist websites and social networks, and searching for the best destinations as they relate to a specified keyword. The API accepts HTTP calls, requires an API Key, and returns JSON formatted responses.

Citrix Online GoToAssist Remote SupportCitrix Online GoToAssist Remote Support API: GoToAssist is a customer service platform provided by Citrix Online that comes with Remote Support, Service Desk, and Monitoring modules. The Remote Support module enables users to deliver live support to Mac, PC, and mobile devices as well as access and control unattended computers. It can also be used to manage tech teams and accounts.

The GoToAssist Remote Support API enables developers to integrate the module's functions with third party applications using JSON-formatted REST calls.

DFM Ticker DataDFM Ticker Data API: The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) is a public institution that operates as a secondary market for trading securities, bonds, investment funds, and other financial instruments. The DFM provides the Ticker Data API, which allows users to retrieve ticker data from the site using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The DFM website is provided in English.

DiscountMetricsDiscountMetrics API: Discount Metrics is a data provider that offers a broad range of service including promotion feeds, coupon feeds, search engines, a UPC database, a categorization engine, and other products and service. The Discount Metrics UPC Database API provides users with programmatic access to over 600,000 products each containing searchable information such as UPC, Brand, Manufacturer, Category, Size, Description, Product Image, Nutrition/Product facts, and other information. The information is available on a pay-by-use basis.

drngddrngd API: drng is a URL-shortening service that also enables you to track and view statistics for your URLs. The service is accessible through an open API, allowing developers to easily integrate and use drng to monitor URL popularity.

FaithlifeFaithlife API: Describing itself as a bible-centered community, Faithlife is a Christian social network intended for use by individuals, churches, and schools. Faithlife exposes its service through an API separated into two sections. The Accounts API provides developer access to user and group data. The Community API provides developer access to all social interaction between accounts. The API accepts HTTP calls, returns JSON formatted responses, and supports OAuth 1.0a Authentication.

ItemMasterItemMaster API: ItemMaster is a source for product images and data. The site aims to provide free, detailed information about products so that all vendors have the same information available. The ItemMaster API allows users access to the ItemMaster database so they can make calls to return a listing of manufacturers, listing of brand names, and a listing of items. The API uses REST calls, returns JSON or XML, and requires SSL to be used for all calls to the API.

LocalDealLocalDeal API: LocalDeal pulls data from multiple deal sites around the country to deliver up-to-date daily deals. Users can subscribe to an email that contains all of the best deals in their city or search the site for deals available in a specified area.

Daily Deal offers an API that allows developers to incorporate their deals into their own applications. Deals are targeted to fit audience and location. API Documentation is available by request.

MiniplayMiniplay API: Miniplay (AKA Minijuegos) is a website that hosts a variety of free, Flash-based games. It offers both solo and multiplayer games from a variety of genres, including action, adventure, racing, classics, sports, strategy, and board games. While the API documentation and developer information are given in English, the rest of the Miniplay website is in Spanish.

The Miniplay REST API allows developers to retrieve user information and high scores as well as send, retrieve, and reset users' game stats. It also provides functions for storing and retrieving up to three saved games and an unlimited amount of user-created content. Developers using the REST API can also manage game items purchased using Minicoins. The JavaScript and ActionScript 3 APIs give internal games interoperability with the site and allow users of external games to authenticate through their Miniplay accounts.

NetCom DataLayerNetCom DataLayer API: NetCom is a Norwegian broadband provider. Additionally, the NetCom website provides a mapping service that shows locations covered by various broadband providers in Norway. This map can be accessed directly through the website, or map information can be retrieved using the SOAP-based DataLayer API. The NetCom website is provided solely in Norwegian.

New Hope OahuNew Hope Oahu API: New Hope Oahu is a Foursquare Gospel Church and Christian fellowship. New Hope Oahu hosts an API providing developer access to several online services intended for church websites. Supported services include access to daily bible readings, daily online devotions, and an online self-evaluation tool allowing visitors to discover their spiritual gifts.

Notable and Quotable Random QuoteNotable and Quotable Random Quote API: Notable and Quotable is a free, searchable database of more than 30,000 quotations from over 6,500 persons. The database contains saying by famous people such as Jimi Hendrix, Mark Twain, and William Shakespeare. Notable and Quotable provides the Random Quote API, which allows users to retrieve a random quote from the site's database via SOAP calls.

Our Manna Daily VersesOur Manna Daily Verses API: Our Manna is a non-commercial online Christian magazine featuring articles, videos, audio sermons, and daily bible verses. Our Manna exposes its daily bible verses through an API. The API is freely accessible, requiring no authentication. Supported response formats include text, XML, RSS, and JSON.

PensioPensio API: Pensio is a payment management company that offers technical processing and complete end to end reconciliation of payments across Europe, Asia and the US. The Pensio technical payment gateway solution allows for the continuous addition of alternative payment methods and mechanisms, as well as certification into additional financial institutions across the world, allowing business to respond quickly to client requirements. Pensio offers an API for developers. Full documentation is available by request.

Queue-itQueue-it API: Queue-it is a virtual queuing system for managing website overload during peak times. Users exceeding website capacity limits are offloaded to a queue and then redirected back to the site in the correct order, preventing website crashes and slowdowns.

Queue-it's Restful API offers programmatic access for configuring and controlling queues. Full documentation is available by request. The API accepts both XML and JSON formatted data.

QuickpayQuickpay API: Quickpay is an online payment solution for merchants that allows the secure Integration of credit and debit cards with an arbitrary site on the Internet. The service works with all major credit cards as well as Paypal, Sofort Banking, and other e-banking facilities.

The QuickPay API enables merchants to handle payments in a simple manner. Based on SSL encrypted HTTP communication, all actions are performed by sending a HTTP POST request. Responses are sent as an XML document.

Tu.TVTu.TV API: Tu.TV is a video hosting and sharing site, similar to YouTube. Tu.TV users can post all kinds of videos including vlogs, music videos, tutorials, animations, parodies, news clips, and more. The Tu.TV API enables developers to retrieve user information and search for videos. It also allows them to retrieve popular videos, recent videos, videos by category, videos by URL, and more. The Tu.TV website and API documentation are provided entirely in Spanish.

UK Biodiversity Action Reporting SystemUK Biodiversity Action Reporting System API: The UK Biodiversity Action Reporting System (BARS) supports the conservation community by providing a place for people to post and search for information on work being done to benefit important habitats and species. This information includes the level of activity, where it is taking place, and the project's goals. BARS also maps action locations and produces statistical summaries of the data. The goals of the system are to help committees coordinate their actions and to help government agencies report on biodiversity loss prevention work for their various commitments and treaties. Developer can access and display BARS data using SOAP calls issued in XML format.

UpCloudUpCloud API: UpCloud is a european based Infrastructure-as-a-service company that provides server deployment and bills based on hours of use. The UpCloud API enables users to perform server Resource management programmatically communicating with the UpCloud Control Panel or through a mobile application. The API allows users to automate server resource management. An account is required with service and detailed API documentation is available with login to the user control panel or through a site search.

Voindo Barcode GeneratorVoindo Barcode Generator API: provides the "Ultimate Barcode Generator" to allow users to generate BarCodes, QRCodes, DataMatrix, and PDF417. The Voindo Barcode Generator allows users to submit barcode information through the API, and receive a barcode image in return. No account is required, the API requires no authentication, and the API uses AJAX queries.

Zmags PublicatorZmags Publicator API: Zmags is a digital publishing solution for companies that want to offer their customers a consistent brand and commerce experience across all digital channels. A Zmag is an online catalog, a brochure, a magazine, or an interactive publication, all delivered via today’s digital media platforms.

Zmags offers a RESTful API to their CommercePro customers. The Product service provides access to information in the product database. The Product Image service provides access to image information in the product database. An API key is required for all requests.