Today in APIs: USDA Farmers Market Directory API, Google Play Games Services API and 9 New APIs

The USDA has announced the release of a new farmers market API. Google gets serious about gaming with a cross- Platform gaming API. Plus: the Mirror API for Glass is 'awfully prohibited and closed' and 9 new APIs.

The USDA Farmers Market Directory API

The USDA directory of farmers markets includes over 7,800 listings and receives nearly 2 million page views a year. With numbers like that it is about time that the department has provided access to the Resource. The newly announced USDA Farmers Market Directory API is RESTful and returns data formatted in JSON. Image Credit:

Google Launches iOS and Android Play Games Services API

At Google's I/O developer conference, the company just announced a new Play Games Services API. The API allows true cross-platform gaming without the worry of losing achievements. Users will now be able to seamlessly move from their cell phone to their tablet while enjoying the same great gaming experience.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a league of legends game information service, a new zealand events service, a harvard faculty information service, a URL shortening service, a global minecraft banning system and a gesture and motion control technology service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.
ElophantElophant API: Elophant is a service for League of Legends (LoL), a free online game in which players take on the role of a summoner who can summon champions to fight for them. Elophant provides information on summoners (player stats), champions, and items within the game. Developers can retrieve information from the Elophant database programmatically using REST calls.
EventfindaEventfinda API: Eventfinda is an online calendar of cultural events for New Zealand. Users can join for free and customize a weekly newsletter featuring information on the types of events and locations that they're interested in. Users can also create and manage a list of their favorite events, post their own events, submit reviews, and notify others of which events they're attending and whether they're looking for people to go with them. The Eventfinda API allows users to access the events database programmatically using REST calls issued in XML, JSON, or JSONP. Harvard Faculty FinderHarvard Faculty Finder API: The Harvard Faculty Finder (HFF) provides a method by which students, faculty, administrators, and the general public can search for Harvard faculty members based on their research and teaching expertise. HFF is not a database of faculty profiles. Rather, it indexes and links existing information sources, making it possible to search and browse for faculty information across schools. Currently, only members of the Harvard community can make use of HFF, but that is expected to change later in the year.
itty bitty URLitty bitty URL API: Itty bitty URL is a free service for creating short, trackable URLs that can be used anywhere on the internet. Users can create URLs that expire after a certain number of uses or require a password for access. Detailed statistics on the number of unique visitors, visitors' countries, and browsers used are readily available for any URL created by itty bitty URL. The itty bitty URL API allows users to provide URL-shortening functionality on existing websites.
MineBansMineBans API: MineBans is a global banning system for Minecraft servers. Server admins can publish their player bans to the MineBans database to help the owners of other servers decide whether to allow a player who recently joined their server to stay. In the MineBans banning system, ban reasons are fixed, all bans are rated by severity, and the ban command itself is short. The MineBans API allows developers to retrieve a list of users with moderator access to a given server, a list of all bans that a specific server has made, and a list of all bans and their supporting evidence.
MYO by ThalmicMYO by Thalmic API: MYO by Thalmic is a gesture control device. MYO is a band that users can wear on their arm or hand that allows them to interact with technology around them, using gestures and motion. The MYO by Thalmic API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MYO with other applications and technologies. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email for API access.
PopyoularPopyoular API: Popyoular is a review-based recommendation and discovery platform that has been optimized for movies, music, books, and related media. Website owners can use Popyoular to help make their websites' best content readily available to visitors by using review data to create toplists and playlists. Popyoular can also filter product selections and highlight certain products based on review data. Developers can integrate Popyoular into a website using its RESTful API.
RebtelRebtel API: Rebtel is a mobile telephony service. Rebtel offers international calling services at varied rates. The Rebtel API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Rebtel with other applications. Some example API methods include creating calls, managing calls, and managing account information.
SayRoomSayRoom API: SayRoom is an application that allows users to voice and share their reactions to online images. SayRoom powers several kinds of feeds featuring images along with users' emotional reactions to them. SayRoom analyzes each post for speaker sentiments in order to determine how people feel about a given subject, place, or object. SayRoom provides an API that allows developers to access the audio messages left by users via REST calls.

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